What Is Your Higher Self And Reincarnation

Two of the most misunderstood aspects of life are is your Higher Self and the process of reincarnation. So in this blog post we will discuss these further.

Our true “identity” is as a complete self-realized Spiritual Being of infinite potential beyond the earthly experience of “form”. Once we attain that level of Spiritual evolution we experience “self” only as a single “point” of energy and consciousness, far, far beyond comprehension of those living on Earth. There is no “point of comparison” or words in the hopelessly inadequate human language to even begin to adequately describe such a state of Being.

Yourr Higher Self however does know, which is why Higher Self strives to attain that Spiritual level, regardless of what it “takes” including “number of incarnations” on Earth and the nature of potential experience in the context of those incarnations.

This is also why our Higher Self always nurtures and guides every one of its earthly incarnations towards completing the “mission” on Earth that Higher Self may move on to experience the greater Spiritual reality, during the process of becoming fully Source realised.

Let us consider then the question of what is your Higher Self in the context of incarnation using a wooden cart wheel as a metaphor:

Hub – represents Higher Self.

Spokes – represents linear, temporal “time lines” relative to Earth.

Rim – represents Earth or other planet.

The hub, Higher Self, is the total of all physical lives and “future” lives relative to Earth. It can be likened to the facets of a glittering rough diamond which becomes a perfect diamond once all of the facets have been polished – each physical life adds a bit more polish to the diamond as a whole.

Each spoke represents an individual physical life experience which commences at the Higher Self which sends a personality along a “spoke” to a planet, for example Earth, represented as the rim, before evolving back up each spoke, returning to Higher Self – the hub.

Note: the process of reincarnation does not therefore consist of the same person living on Earth, transitioning to the Astral upon passing, and then returning to Earth for another life.

This is also a perfect reflection on a universal scale of life as a whole, each Higher Self ultimately being in turn, a “messenger” or expression of Source.

Before sending another personality down a spoke to arrive on Earth for another life, the Higher Self first needs to know exactly what “package” of experience is required for a certain aspect of evolution and therefore perfection.

Your Higher Self – Individuality – then sends a new personality down that spoke.

As previously mentioned, the rim represents the planet Earth and the rim is also circular – this means that the Higher Self can send a Personality down any spoke to arrive at any “time-line” in the “history” of Earth or any other planet in the physical Universe.

Your Higher Self also chooses which country, location and parents would best present the opportunities and experiences required for this particular “incarnation”. So the Higher Self could for example send a personality as a female in one incarnation, who will be born to a family of bakers living in London, England in the year 1862.

Another personality of your Higher Self might be a male born to a doctor and his wife living in India in 1999.

Another personality might be a son born to a noble family of land owners in early medieval times and so on.

It is important to understand that these personalities are not sent by the Higher Self sequentially, i.e. one at a time. All incarnations of a human being take place concurrently, i.e. simultaneously relative to the Higher Self – humans only experience the illusions called of “time” and “space” while on Earth.

So those who experience “hardship” in this timeline, another Personality of You may be enjoying a life of great wealth in another timeline. There is always perfect balance and harmony – no Higher Self can avoid any necessary type or means of experience.

It is therefore possible for hundreds or even thousands of “you” to be living in the Astral all at the same time, having departed Earth-life, although you might not know it. This is why the Astral is populated with countless trillions of people and Beings from other planets living in the infinite Astral planes all at the same time. This is also the origin of the concept of “previous lives” – they are actually simply “other lives” experienced by Higher Self concurrently, conceptualised as a “previous life”.

The Astral planes are transient however, having been created by the minds of Beings such as humans based upon experiences on Earth or other planets, believing it to be “reality” due to still being focused on, and believing in materialistic duality.

The Astral worlds are not “home” or “heaven”, they are simply a necessary environment created by, and for Humans and other Beings for “familiarity” and comfort. if a Human Being – other than those for another purpose than to gain Experience for Higher Self – were to transition directly from Earth to a Spiritual Sphere beyond material form – which is impossible – they could not handle it.

People transitioning from Earth after “passing”, Earth experience over, they expect to find a familiar Earth-like environment and people they knew and loved on Earth – which is exactly what actually happens. The mid-Astral has all of the “positive” aspects of Earth and much more, while none of the “negative” aspects. All illness, disease or disability experienced on Earth are gone, and most people there appear as an idealised version of how they looked at their best on Earth – usually between 25 and 35 years of age”. This is “residual self-image”, and why the “Afterlife” is conceptualised as “Heaven” – compared to Earth it is. But even this is transient. The Atral body, the Soul will dissolve”, dissipate to Universal energy to give way to experience beyond form as the Spiritual “I”, the Individuality.

I should mention that there is no “positive” and “negative”, “good” and “bad” etc. These are used to conceptualise earthly situations.

Now, not every Higher Self chooses to evolve to the next glorious level through the “hard” process of physical incarnation. Indeed many if most may not. So why does Higher Self choose to “put itself through this”.

The answer is that the route of incarnation is a “fast track” to Spiritual evolution. Only in the physical Universe do people meet countless different people and challenges of all types and magnitudes, across countless so called “timelines” as both genders, that must be overcome by an incarnation towards the Spiritual Completeness of Higher Self.

Within the higher levels of vibratory frequency these challenges and therefore opportunities to Evolve simply do not exist, and for these Higher Selves Evolution may take an Eternity compared to the Higher Selves who chooses the “tough route”. The challenges are great, but the ultimate achievement is highly beneficial to Spiritual evolution.

So as “difficult” as Life may seem, each person regardless of life situation facing different challenges, it is not only necessary but also the very nature of Human life as a whole.

Life is not intended to be easy. If it was, necessary experience and lessons would not be learned. Once Higher Self commits to this “fast track” path to Spiritual evolution, there is no “turning back”, no matter how many incarnations it takes to achieve the level of Spiritual Wholeness necessary to progress.

Now, when we are here on Earth we are never alone for two reasons:

  1. All Humans and life are One with each other and Source. Every human being is experiencing on Earth both for It-Self and for the collective consciousness of the human race and ultimately Source, The One.
  2. Higher Self always strives to nurture and guide each “aspect” – incarnation – of It-Self, but only if it can “get through”. As humanity has become increasingly materially focused around the ego, Higher Self finds it increasingly challenging to guide the incarnation, and even when Higher Self does, at some level “make contact”, the Conscious, Ego mind very often chooses to completely ignore it, thinking the guidance is not “real”, makes no sense or often just too difficult.

Those who do hear and act on the Inner guidance of Higher Self, without question, purely “following the Heart, always experience Love, joy and, fulfilment, with every genuine – not material or egotistical – need provided for.

The challenge therefore is not only recognise the Existence and Guidance of Higher Self, but also proceed, without question or doubt, irrespective of the “message”.

Higher Self guides, nurtures and inspire us. Ultimately, Higher Self, as all life, is an eternal expression of Source. Therefore all “power” and “wisdom” of Higher Self originates with and from Source.

We are all blessed with Divine freewill that we may make and live our own choices and to fully accept the consequences of the choices we make. Ultimately there is only two choices. To follow the relentless demands of the ego, or to live by, through and follow the Heart. Only those who choose and live by the latter can fulfil the perfection of Higher Self and move on to infinitely greater experiences.

And So It Is.

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