What Is An Out Of Body Experience

The terms “Out of Body Experience” and Astral Projection are often used interchangeably, but are however different.

The main difference between the two is that with an “Astral” Projection, the point of conscious awareness is focussed at the energy vibratory frequency of the Astral Planes, sometimes known as “the Afterlife” and by many other names.

With Astral Projection therefore we can experience in accordance with the level of vibration of the projection, which in turn usually corresponds with where you will find yourself after naturally leaving the physical world at the time erroneously known as “death”.

So what is an Ot of Body Experience? An Out of Body Experience is a projection into the lower, denser vibration of the “Etheric” energy vibratory frequency that exist just beyond the physical world and is therefore an “etheric projection”.

It should be noted that there is never an actual “projection” of the etheric or astral bodies. As eternal aspects of The One, Source, The All, we already encompass the whole universe of “all that is” within us, therefore an Out of Body Experience or Etheric Projection, and Astral Projection are actually projections of conscious awareness to focus at a higher vibratory frequency of energy beyond that of Earth..

An Out of Body Experience, or OBE is an Etheric projection into an environment that seems to be very similar to the physical world, sometimes erroneously called “the real time zone”. However, what is being perceived is not the physical world but an etheric “reflection” of it. This soon becomes apparent when the projector notices items that should not be there, or are in the wrong places, and can pass through wall, doors etc. that would appear to be solid in the physical environment.

A person in the out of body experience state, as can a person who is no longer in the physical world after passing on, can often materialise as an apparition before other people, often known as a “ghost”, especially with a high concentration of ectoplasm. Similarly, with sufficient etheric both a “ghost” and a person in the out of body experience state can influence objects in the material world by, for example, making them move or make sounds.

A person in the out of body experience state can also meet and communicate with deceased humans, and indeed this often happens. Deceased humans can either be people from the Astral worlds “visiting” the lower Etheric plane, or can be “ghosts”, passed over human beings still focussed within the lower Etheric planes for some reason.

Those in the out of body experience state can, and do visit the Moon, a nearby planet such as Mars or even distant star systems – there are absolutely no limitations to travel within the Etheric plane where space and time simply do not exist, everything occurring quite literally at the speed of thought. If you wish to move forward then simply imagine you have already done so. Likewise, should a person in the out of body experience state, wish to visit a friend or relative then all it takes to do so is form the desire and intent to do so and to imagine being already in their presence of that person, and it will be so.

Many experienced projectors will visit friends, relatives and others to see what they are doing, and then later verify it by telephone, email or meeting with them in the physical world.

Of course the people visited within the physical world will not usually be aware of the presence of the out of body person, in the same way physical people are usually completely unaware of being visited by a deceased person, and will therefore usually fail to respond to any attempts at communication. If however the person visited possesses medium, psychic or clairvoyant abilities they might well be able to perceive the presence and often even to be able to easily communicate. A pet such as a dog or cat are very often acutely aware of people in the out of body experience state just as they are of deceased visitors or ghosts.

Sometimes “tunnel” or “tube” like structures also appear while in the etheric plane. These are effectively “energy portals” to the Astral planes and entering such a tunnel will often result in travelling at a seemingly very high speed before very quickly arriving within the Astral planes. This is a similar process to the “tunnels of light” often reported by people during “near death experiences” or “NDE” as they are often called, and are also the same tunnels often encountered by recently deceased people when transitioning from previous physical existence to a new home in the Astral worlds.

Another popular activity is for groups of projectors to travel together out of body and even participate in meetings at famous landmarks, again comparing and verifying the out of body experience after returning to the physical world.

Like Astral Projection, the Out of Body Experience is one of the most profound events that anyone can experience, the benefits of which include, but are not limited to:

  • Verifying the truth about “death” once and for all, thereby eliminating the fear of “death” forever. “Death” is verified as a glorious event marking the end of one phase of life and the beginning of the next.
  • Discovering the truth about religious doctrines, including the truth about “heaven” and the threat of a non-existent “hell”.
  • A greater understanding of what your “life” is all about this time around, and the meaning of the challenges faced.
  • To observe, at first hand, the incredible power of thought and its effect on energy.
  • Experience the magnificence of our multi-dimensional, infinite Universe
  • Discover the freedom of instantly travelling anywhere you can imagine.
  • Understand the folly of “space exploration” when our true destiny is the journey within which we can explore at will without the need for vast and expensive “space programs”.
  • Verify once and for all our own immortal, Spiritual nature
  • Experience the joy of being an unbounded, unrestricted explorer beyond the constraints of the physical world and body..

Aside from consciously “projecting” many people find themselves in apparently “out of body” state.

If you have ever woken with a sudden “jolt” as if falling from a great height – you have just suddenly returned to your body. Many people have experienced a state of paralysis known as “catalepsy” upon waking which occurs when the vibratory frequency of the etheric body is out of phase with that of the physical body . Others have found themselves viewing their surroundings and even other beings with physical eyes closed. These are both due to the etheric body still being slightly out of phase with the physical body and is the ideal opportunity to consciously assume control of the etheric body to enjoy an Out of Body Experience.

In this blog post we have addressed the question of what is an Out of Body Experience. In further blog posts we will discuss Astral Projection and some methods by which both may be achieved.

And So It Is.

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