What Is Astral Projection Or Astral Travel

Over the last few decades interest in the ability known as “Astral Projection” ,”Astral Travel” has escalated dramatically and is still doing so.

So why then is interest Astral Projection or Astrall Travel continuing to increase so dramatically?

There are many reasons, many unique to aspirants, but one of the most compelling of which is that Astral Projection is excellent preparation for the next phase of life after physical death, which of course everyone will experience sooner or later.

The main difference between the two is that with an “Astral” Projection, the point of conscious awareness is focussed at the energy vibratory frequency of the Astral Planes, sometimes known as “the Afterlife” and by many other names.

With Astral Projection therefore we can experience in accordance with the level of vibration of the projection, which in turn usually corresponds with where you will find yourself after naturally leaving the physical world at the time erroneously known as “death”.

It should be noted that there is never an actual “projection” of the astral body. As eternal aspects of The One, Source, The All, we already encompass the whole universe of “all that is” within us, therefore Astral Projection is a projection of conscious awareness to focus at a higher vibratory frequency of energy beyond that of Earth.

Those who can “project” from their physical body by the process of Astral Projection or Astral Travel in order to explore the inner realms of reality, the next home for most, never fear “death”, knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever from firsthand experience that in reality the finality of so called “death” really does not exist, and is in fact no more than a completely natural transition from the dense, lower vibratory energy frequency of the physical world of matter, to a much higher energy vibratory frequency.

It should be mentioned that the Astral and Spiritual worlds are not actually “higher” relative to the physical world, but are in fact “inner” dimensions with The Source, Our Creator, God at the very centre of all creation at the very highest vibration of Energy.

“Death” not only no longer holds any sort of fear or trepidation for people who learn and engage in Astral Projection or Astral Travel, but indeed the change known as “death” usually becomes something to be anticipated and embraced with excitement, and with it a knowing beyond all doubt the true nature and reality of the life of peace, tranquillity and harmony awaiting beyond the restrictive confines of the physical world.

There is actually nothing at all new about Astral Projection, even the most ancient cultures for example the ancient Egyptians and many others were totally familiar with, and made maximum use of these completely natural abilities. Many cultures, for example the native American shaman, still use Astral Projection or “Soul Travel” extensively today for many purposes benefiting their people as part of their culture.

There are many references, albeit in symbolic form to Astral Projection and Astral Travel in the books and bibles of the popular world religions. Highly advanced, no longer visible ancient civilisations of thousands of years ago used Astral Projection extensively to “manifest” things required on Earth.

Even very earliest humans of hundreds of thousands of years ago at the very dawn of civilisation engaged naturally in Astral Projection, very often practiced by the tribe shaman or “medicine man”. Indeed, the entire tribe would often participate in the Astral Projection process by drumming, music and other methods and rituals designed to invoke the required altered state for Astral Projection.

It is now thought that paintings found on the walls of caves around the world, many of which are very similar indeed despite the vast distances separating them across entire continents, are actually pictures depicting experiences of Astral Travel, and more importantly such depictions relate important information bought back from the Astral worlds by the shaman for the benefit of the tribe. However, as with so many inner abilities such as clairvoyance, humanity has largely lost the instinctive ability to Astral Project due largely to millennia of religion, creed, dogma and materialism.

So what is Astral Projection or Astral Travel?

First of all it is most important to keep in Mind that Astral Projection is a normal and natural ability of all human beings. Every night when we achieve a certain stage of sleep the Etheric and Astral bodies are automatically “projected” out of phase with the physical body, often associated with rapid eye movement, abbreviated to “REM”, signifying the onset of a type of low level Astral Projection. Most people who are untrained in remembering dreams and sleep activities will have no recollection of this process, except as perhaps a dream.

As previously discussed, humans fundamentally comprise three distinct energy “bodies” at progressively higher vibratory frequencies. These are the physical body, the Astral Body and the Mental or Spirit body. There is also an intermediate body effectively acting as an “interface” or “transformer” between the physical and Astral bodies, usually known as the Etheric or Energy Body.

Under normal circumstances most people are only aware of the existence of the physical body, entirely focussed on the five physical senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, through which the three dimensional world of matter is experienced. The inner, more subtle bodies are always very much present however, albeit existing beyond the range of the perception of the five physical senses.

Eastern traditions often refer to the physical world of matter as “maya”, illusion. Although the Astral Spheres seem much more solid, “real” and vibrant than the physical world, the Astral worlds have been and are still being created by the Minds of human beings in accordance with recent experiences and beliefs within the physical world. The Astral worlds are therefore in and of themselves not true reality as such, being based on the concept of form and structure. This has been discussed extensively in another blog post “What are the Astral Planes”.

“Astral Projectors” or “Astral Travellers”, like those who have passed on after the change known as “death” do not find themselves in some sort intangible “dream world” but rather experience a very solid, vibrant, intense environment where all senses seem greatly magnified. The senses involved of course are the inner Astral Energy senses and not the five mundane physical senses so much taken for granted in the physical world of matter. Thoughts can actually be seen to take shape instantly and anything desired can be instantly manifested by means of the powers of the imagination in the very process of creation. This is also why the Astral worlds are known as the “desire worlds” and the Astral Body known as the “desire body” or The Soul..

Everyone upon passing over to the Astral worlds after physical death will transition to the precise vibratory frequency and therefore density corresponding to their unique character, beliefs, perceptions and level of Spiritual development. It is very important to remember however that all of these worlds, past, present and future, still exist concurrently within the Universal continuum of The All, The One. Unlike Earth however the Astral worlds contain everything from the past, present or even the future as relates to Earth time. This is one reason why the Astral worlds often seem so much like the physical world that some people who have passed on from Earth and why they often do not realise they have actually “died”, often taking quite some time before they can accept it. In addition to a familiar Earth-like environment and people, the Astral worlds are inhabited by numerous entities and beings who have never physically existed on Earth, including from the past and future of Earth, and some who will even originate from other planets in the physical Universe.

Within the Astral worlds a cause in the form of a thought will immediately result in a corresponding effect whether it is positive, neutral or negative. New residents and visitors very quickly learn this important principle. The Astral projector should always know and understand these laws before projecting otherwise it is very easy indeed to become caught up in undesirable situations that are in reality no more than the manifestation of his or her own Mind. For example if the Astral projector is afraid of meeting an “evil being” then he or she will upon projecting probably come into contact with that very same evil being. The evil being will however be merely a projection of the imagination and accordingly not at all real but nevertheless seeming very real and terrifying for those unprepared for such situations.

It is most important therefore within the Astral worlds for the projector to maintain a passive state of Mind at all times but with an air of mild curiosity. In this way everything will seem normal, and opportunities to explore and learn will rapidly present themselves quite naturally, very often by meeting other Astral residents or quite likely a guide. The guide might be a personal “Spirit guide” or one of numerous willing Astral guides who are only too willing and able to help all Astral projectors.

There are many aspects of Astral Projection or Astral Travel and the Astral worlds in general the projector using an Astral projection method will need to get used to very quickly indeed. travel is instantaneous; it is simply a matter of thinking where you wish to go or who you wish to be with, and you will instantly find yourself there simply by focussing on the destination. Of course a projector needs to know where they wish to go in the first place and this is where an Astral guide can be most useful. Meeting deceased relatives, friends and others is very straightforward assuming they are still dwelling at the same or lower level of the Astral worlds. A person in a lower Astral world cannot however project to a person in an inner Astral world due to the higher vibrations existing there, vibrations that cannot be tolerated by an Astral body of lower vibrations. By simply thinking about the person, by visualising them and by desiring and creating the intent to be with them as if you are already there, you will instantly find yourself in the presence of that person.

All communication in the Astral worlds takes place by thought transfer, or “telepathy”, and is therefore instantaneous. Such thought transfer can be basic telepathic communication to the exchange of entire packages of information in symbolic form including imagery. There is no problem talking as on Earth with the “mouth” of your Astral Body if that is what you wish to do, and indeed new arrivals within the Astral might instinctively do, but nevertheless actual communication is still carried out telepathically by words, images or symbols over any distance, and therefore speaking as with a physical mouth is superfluous.

Many people newly arriving in the Astral worlds will quite understandably speak their mouth as a matter of habit, but this still results in telepathic communication nevertheless, and they quite soon realise that communication is by pure thought transference and will learn to use that mode of communication. Although telepathic communication can be performed a word or symbol at a time, it is much more efficient, as the people of the Astral worlds soon discover, to send entire “packages” of thoughts which the recipient can absorb at will.

Is Astral Projection or Astral Travel safe? Yes, absolutely. No actual harm can come to an Astral projector by using a safe and effective Astral Projection method. A question often asked is whether another being can enter and take over the physical body of a projector while the projector is still away from the physical body in the Astral worlds. The answer to this is quite simply this situation cannot occur any more than it can happen while experiencing normal nightly sleep projections.

Another question often asked is whether it is possible to get “stuck” in the Astral planes and not be able to return to the physical body. Again there is no danger of this situation occurring whatsoever. While still possessing a physical body a fine silver cord, the Astral matrix, maintains a permanent connection between the physical and Astral bodies, and this connection is only finally severed at the point of physical death. In order to return to the physical body it is only necessary to imagine being actually being there at that moment and it will happen instantly regardless of your Astral situation at the time.

There have been numerous methods for achieving Astral Projection or Astral Travel used over the course of many thousands of years. Many methods require very considerable practice, discipline, patience, concentration, and very often even a high degree of natural ability.

Many of the methods often described today are designed to initially result in what is commonly known an “Out of Body Experience” or “OBE”. The terms Astral Projection, Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences, often abbreviated to “OBE”, are often confused or used interchangeably. In fact Astral Projection and OBE properly describe distinctly different situations. Astral Projection can be defined as a projection of consciousness beyond the confines of the five physical senses to assume control of the Astral Body, the Soul, which then becomes the principle centre of conscious awareness and the vehicle of travel while interacting with the Astral worlds.

Within the Astral Planes, thoughts can quickly cause what are often known as “reality fluctuations” where familiar surroundings and objects can suddenly appear, alter in appearance or even disappear completely.

It is quite possible and indeed common to convert an initial Out of Body Experience or OBE to a full Astral Projection simply by consciously raising the vibratory frequency of the etheric Body. This can be accomplished through the power of the Mind to form the definite intent to transition to the Astral, achieved for example by focussing on a particular Astral locale or a particular person residing within the Astral worlds.

Astral Projection or Astral Travel and OBE methods like all inner abilities require long-term commitment, dedication and mindset.

Everyone can succeed with Astral Projection, Astral Travel or OBE, but the mindset for success must be absolute, regardless of how long it takes. Likewise, the desire for Spiritual exploration must be absolute and most importantly for all the right reasons.

Astral Projection or Astral Travel is a completely natural ability to those open to it and willing to dedicate the necessary time to achieving it.

In further blog posts we will discuss methods by which Out of Body Experience and Astral Projection, or Astral Travel may be achieved.

And So It Is.

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