What Is The Power Of Positive Thinking

To many people, a thought is something intangible because it cannot be seen or measured by scientific instruments. Nevertheless, thought, like everything else in the Universe, is energy at a unique vibratory frequency, resulting in a cause which will immutably result in a corresponding effect. Thoughts originating from the conscious mind are received by the subconscious mind, which immediately acts upon those thoughts, in accordance with The Principle of Expression as discussed in other blog posts.

The Principle of Expression is always operating with thoughts creating experience through the subconscious mind in exact accordance with nature, persistence, frequency, belief and other factors previously discussed in previous blog posts.

So how does this relate to the question what is the power of positive thinking?

Many people become trapped within a vortex of negativity due to perceived negative circumstances in their lives which, due to the Principle of Expression have become self-fulfilling. For example, someone might have lost their employment or feel trapped in an unhappy relationship, spending their days worrying, thinking about and dwelling on their perceived “situation”. What this person does not realize is that by dwelling on the situation, constantly thinking about it and always imagining the worst, they will always attract more of the same into their experience.

Constantly thinking about a perceived lack or debt for example will always result in more lack or debt, while thinking in terms of abundance always results in more abundance, such is the power of positive thinking.. It is for these very reasons that wealthy who only think in terms of wealth almost always become wealthier, while the “poor” who always think in terms of poverty always become poorer. This must happen by Principle. Most people simply react to their circumstances as evidenced through the mediation of the five physical senses, thereby attracting more of the same, without ever realising that a simple change of focus, perspective and thought to a corresponding positive nature, focussing on what they actually do want instead of on what they believe their senses are telling them, they can turn their situation around completely.

Most people have heard of the sceptics and cynics phrase “seeing is believing”. In fact the exact opposite is true in accordance with immutable Universal Principles – Believing is Seeing.

It is particularly important therefore, no matter how difficult circumstances might seem to be according to your physical perceptions, to think positively at all times. For example, if you were to attend a job interview feeling negatively about your “chances”, you will almost certainly not receive the position. If on the other hand you go to the job interview knowing beyond any doubt that you will be offered the position, you will almost certainly be awarded the position. Your positive thought Energy will, through the level of the plane of the group human Mind, influence the Mind of the interviewer in your favour. This is why many successful business people almost always succeed in consistently winning large business deals, knowing, in their Mind, beyond any doubt, that the deal is already theirs.

Only through the power of positive thinking while excluding all negative thoughts, and by imagining the most positive things happening in your life with as much emotion, knowing and positive Energy as possible, will you attract only those most positive things that you truly desire to experience.

Someone might genuinely be currently experiencing severe financial issues and another with an unhappy relationship. Difficult though these situations seem to be, the more a person dwells negatively on the situation, the worse it will become by attracting more of the same.

The solution to these situations is to break out of the self-perpetuating vortex of negative thinking and to apply the power of positive thinking all times. It is particularly important to go to bed at night thinking only the most positive thoughts, never, ever dwelling even for a single moment on any situation in negative terms. Just before sleep, the link to the Subconscious Mind is particularly powerful, so thoughts are readily received by the Subconscious Mind and immediately acted upon.

Of course the resulting experience corresponding with the thoughts may not always happen immediately. The more positive energy behind a thought or desire, the sooner the desire will manifest as an observable and experiential effect. It is most important therefore to maintain positive state of Mind at all times.

If a negative thought ever enters your Mind, it is very important to be aware of it and replace it immediately with a corresponding positive thought, preferably a thought that is consistent with your desires. If you do not immediately have a positive thought with which to cancel the negative thought, it is still crucial to cancel the negative thought and not allow it to take root in your Mind. An excellent way of achieving this is to say to yourself, either aloud or in your Mind “cancel, cancel, cancel”, and keep repeating “cancel” until the negative thought has dissipated.

The power of positive thinking should become a mindset and way of life and not something to be forced in accordance with perceived situations. Recreate the feelings of great joy and happiness felt during previous events in your life and project them onto whatever you wish to experience, and that desire will be experienced in accordance with the Principle of Expression.

And So It Is.

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