What Is The Nature Of Human Experience

In a previous blog post we discussed how human beings experience and relate to the physical world, through an “experiential loop” illusion, but how may we summarise the question of “reality” and human evolution as it relates to the human experience?

Well to understand the nature of human experience first we must understand that the entire nature of the “universe” in all spheres of vibratory frequency, exist only as an Infinite expanse of energy in the Eternal Moment of Now encompassing infinite potential, is infinitely fluid, responding to Mind Principle.

Mind, at a “normal” human experience level, encompasses two fundamental spheres of activity – Personal – within which are the conscious and Subconscious spheres of activity – and the collective or shared mind. This is still an over-simplification, but will suffice for the purposes of this discussion.

Universal Source Mind, First Cause, Divine Love, The One, The All, is the Only true ” Reality”, because only Source Mind, through the universal sphere of activity of that One Infinite Mind, encompassing The All, knowing The All and “Seeing” The All from an All Inclusive perspective.

All that Is exists may be conceptualised as an Infinite “ocean” of vibrant Intelligent Divine Energy of infinite potential, perpetually and subjectively experiencing It-Self through “individuations” – “fragments” – of It-Self, but which “fragments” are also concurrently integral aspects of The Whole.

There is and can be no “separation”, duality in any sphere of human experience. Such perception of separation is never actually “real” except to the extent that it seems real to the observer as demonstrated by quantum mechanics for example. Human physical experience is an illusion rooted in duality as previously discussed.

As “individuated” Energy fields, conscious and subconscious mind, Spirit, within the Great Energy Field – Universal Source Mind – under the influence of Source Mind, human beings and all life as Eternal Spirit and Expressions of Source, God, exist “everywhere” within the continuum of the full Sphere of activity of Universal Mind of The All, The Whole, with the same infinite potential to the extent it has been realised and assimilated. Every human being and all life concurrently exist “everywhere” in the greater Universe – there is “nowhere” where life does not exist.

All “projection” is a projection of conscious awareness, of the Mind only and never “physical”, being a vibratory focusing to a the point in the Universal Energy field of All corresponding precisely to that which is desired to be experienced, and which can be imagined.

“Movement” and therefore “motion” must be an illusion, because there is no duality, there is no “space”, ergo, there is no “here” or “there” to “move” “to”, “from” or “between”.

No one can experience any “thing” outside of their own existential sphere of imagination and comprehension, both of which expand during the process of Spiritual Evolution.

A “possibility” is only realised and becomes experiential as a “thought form” in the precise moment in which it is observed, “after” which it returns to transient native Universal Energy of Infinite Potential. This is conceptualised in quantum mechanics by Universal Energy natively existing as a “waveform” which has the potential to “collapse” in to “particle form” – notionally known as “matter” – under the act of observation, and conversely reverts back to a waveform once the observation has been withdrawn. Again, this gives rise to the so called scientific “measurement problem” in that as soon as an attempt is made to “measure” or observe something it changes its very nature from wave to particle, before reverting back to its native original non-physical waveform. This shows that nothing is actually “real” or can be measured in absolute terms, and that anything that is measured is only transient in nature.

That which each human being currently considers as personal existential “reality” simply represents a infinitesimally tiny subset of the Universe of possibilities that have been focussed on, observed and thereby rendered transiently “tangible”.

So again, what humans experience and perceive as solid “matter” in isolation, is simply a transient thought form in the context of an infinitely fluid energy waveform in which every component is intimately related by the same infinite potentiality, encompassing the “All”.

“Matter” is therefore never actually “real” in absolute terms.

“Matter” is always a transient composite experience in the moment an observation is made, regardless of how the duality of the conscious mind chooses to perceive it, shaped by a lifetime of learned and programmed belief filters within subconscious sphere of personal mind activity.

What humans experience as an “object” or may refer to as “objective” is actually just a very tiny fragment of Energy existing as a transient thought form, only existing to the extent and in the moment in which it is observed, while also existing as a waveform and integral aspect of Infinite Potential.

Expanding upon the question of what is human experience, we may conclude that:

Space” cannot and does not exist.

“Locality” cannot and does not exist.

“Time” cannot and does not exist.

Without these conditions, “matter” cannot and does not exist, except as an illusory human experience.

The physical world is therefore a persistent illusion perpetuated as previously discussed as a collaboration between the organic brain, and the conscious and subconscious spheres of Mind activity which has previously been discussed as the Experiential Loop.

There can be no duality implied “movement” between “two points”. A shift in experience is a shift in focussed conscious awareness in the context of The All.

In terms of physical human experience, each person as an individual point of conscious within Universal Mind may choose to place a different interpretation upon the same subjective sensory inputs from their own perspective based upon current experience. So when one person describes a “car”, another may perceive something completely different although both may agree, at a physical, temporal level of observation, and in accordance with their respective Subconscious filters, beliefs, expectations and perceptions, that it is still nevertheless a “car”.

The same applies to how humans experience “colours” for example. If we show someone a “blue” object they may recognise it as what we may refer to as “yellow” in colour, but because both observers consistently recognise the Energy represented by the object being observed by their respective colours. But it is always a constant relative only two the respective observers. Both observers are always correct, even though what they are observing may be completely different.

So again, when someone “looks” at something, although they will “see something”, there is no way of knowing whether what they “see” is actually the same as what others “see” because there is no “real” point of reference. Instead it is simply accepted as fact.

So regardless of how someone “sees” an object after it has been processed through layers of conscious and subconscious filters and organic brain, it nevertheless represents the same “thing” which other observes “both” agree on “seeing in that temporal moment.

“All that Is”, Universal Mind Principle, comprises an Infinite field of consciousness, vibrating Energy of limitless potential, perpetually and subjectively experiencing It-Self through Infinite “fragments” or integral aspects of It-Self.

Humans – indeed all Life – which means “All that Is”- are simply unique yet integral configurations of Energy – discreet Energy fields, “fragments”, within the context of the greater Energy field of Source, The One, God – Universal Mind. Each unique Energy field is identified by a unique but constantly changing vibration, the rate of frequency of which is entirely dependent upon state of evolution and perfection relative to the only true reference point – Source Mind. Each such individuated Energy field is still intimately and seamlessly connected to the whole Unified Energy field as One complete experience but with the context of infinite experiential potential.

This is why “life” as humans experience it – on Earth in this case – is an illusion, delusion – subscribed to and acted out by the ego, an individual and collective dream which anyone can consciously change if they choose to do so, and thereby change their life experience in any way they wish.

If “life” is an illusion what then does that imply about the change known as “death”?

As has been discussed in previous blog posts, the human experience known as “death” is also an illusion.

Yes physical life can be likened to a dream, all life is ultimately a dream, but a necessary learning experience in which every human being has chosen to participate at the start of the glorious journey of the Eternal Path of human experience and Perfection.

And So It Is

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