What Is The Origin Of Ideas And Beliefs

Most believe that “thoughts” and “ideas” originate from the human organic brain which is generally deemed to be “intelligent”.

In fact, the organic brain has no intrinsic consciousness or intelligence in and of itself. The organic brain has no ability whatsoever either to receive or to originate ideas or receive “thoughts” and neither is it the organic brain “seat or origin of consciousness”.

The organic human brain is completely inadequate when explaining consciousness, intelligence and intellect as well as the associative retention of a lifetime of memories.

Ideas and thoughts are received directly by the subconscious mind, which acts in a similar way to an “antenna”, “receiver,” in the same way as a TV or radio receiver for example, tuning in to thoughts and ideas on the same vibratory frequency.

When someone focuses on a thought or idea it vibrates at a unique energy frequency corresponding to that thought or idea which is then transmitted and received upon the mental plane of the corresponding vibratory frequency This thought form, which is a unique energy signature, then attracts “ideas” of the same unique vibratory energy “signature” from the corresponding human mental plane shared by all humans of similar level of evolution and accordingly vibrating on a similar energy frequency.

There are no “original ideas”. The Universe is eternally complete and perfect in the Eternal Moment of Now, and can never be changed. Therefore all ideas already exist and are not created. Ideas therefore can only be received from the mental plane of the corresponding vibratory frequency.

Famous scientists, Edison for example, freely admit that they never invented anything at all or originated any unique ideas or concepts. They say that their ideas and inventions “came to them” while in an altered state of consciousness.

Edison would relax in a chair and place himself in a trance like state while holding metal balls in one hand over a metal bowl. If he fell asleep his hand would relax and he would release his grip on the metal balls which would fall in to the bowl making a loud noise which woke him up. In this way he learned to maintain himself in a trance state where all his inventions and ideas would just “come to him”, upon which he wrote them down and took action, resulting in a new invention.

Of course the “invention” was not “new” at all, it already existed in the mental plane in the Eternal Moment of Now. Edison had simply acted as a receiver of the idea based upon a specific thought form of a specific vibratory frequency which “retrieved” an idea of the corresponding vibratory frequency from the mental plane of ideas. It should also be noted that the reason the inventions of people like Tesla and Edison were so profound, advanced and valuable to humanity is because they did not “think” them up with the conscious ego mind, but rather that everything of value to humanity already exists within the mental plane, and these scientists are simply “receiving” and acting upon them.

As previously mentioned, many famous scientists freely admit that ideas, inventions, theories and so on were all received in a very similar way, in a trance like state, and not through any intelligence or effort on their part. This is why the greatest inventions are so significant – they came from the Universe and were available for use by humans. Inventions on the other idea that are simply contrived by the conscious ego mind are never as significant.

During this process the subconscious mind applies all the learned and programmed belief “filters” received from the conscious Sphere of experience of Mind activity as previously discussed, and then forwarded on to the conscious Sphere of Mind itself which accepts the “idea” in accordance with its current mental capacity, biases, beliefs etc to do so. So the idea is only as precise as the ability of the person to receive it without the ego mind influencing it based upon existing beliefs, expectations and so on.

The idea is then received as a modified thought form in the same way as an impression originating from the sensory inputs of the physical senses, mechanically processed by the organic brain and forwarded to the conscious mind as being an “original idea”.

So human beings originate thoughts from the conscious mind which are forwarded to the subconscious mind for processing and transmitting to the mental plane as a thought form with a unique energy signature and vibratory frequency. This is then received upon the mental plane which then forwards to the subconscious mind the corresponding thoughts and ideas which are forwarded to the conscious awareness of the conscious mind, the ego.

As with all subjective experience, the very nature of the original, pure, undiluted “idea” is filtered through the subconscious mind and then biased and skewed in accordance with the specific beliefs, expectations, “hopes” and so on of the conscious mind.

So, for example, a very religious person might think about metaphysical concepts, but will invariably reject them as being “outside of his or her belief system”.

Human Beings can and do therefore originate thoughts, or “thought forms”, but cannot originate unique “ideas”. Humans can only “receive” ideas and corresponding thoughts from the “mental plane of the collective human mind which they can “tune in to”, in accordance with their mental capacity to do so, a thought form being a vibration that is transmitted and corresponding response received.

Again it should be noted that when we speak of thought forms being “transmitted” and “received”, these are not being transmitted or received to and from “out there” somewhere – All Is One ,- but are rather vibratory frequencies of energy within the context , continuum and Oneness of the Whole, The All.

If the ego mind cannot conceive of, or believe in a level or quality of idea received, then it will simply reject such an idea as “wrong”, “nonsense” even “heresy”, instead choosing only to accept whatever it chooses to believe – again as is frequently the case of religion for example.

Of course “beliefs” extend to every sphere of experience including for example about “money”, relationships and social “status”, but these are always learned or programmed over a lifetime.

A baby is a Spiritual marvel of consciousnesses, a perfect, uncorrupted, wonderful Being with infinite potential and the latent capacity to achieve anything at all without limitation.

A baby from birth is uncorrupted, inherently knowing no limitations. All perceived limitations are programmed in to the child from an early age by well meaning parents, teachers and society as a whole.

Babies are born with a very low alpha brainwave frequency and accordingly highly “expanded sphere of consciousness”. Babies and young children accordingly have the inherent potential to “absorb” and learn a vast amount of information, extremely rapidly.

The “imaginary friends” of the child are actually very real indeed, but the conscious ego influenced mind of parents cannot perceive and therefore accept these “friends” of the child as “real”, through their learned and programmed belief filters which tell them it is not real, the so the child is told to “quit imagining” as if the child is guilty of some form of misbehaviour which of course is simply not the case.

From the very outset well-meaning and genuinely loving parents present their child with all sorts of fluffy, tactile and sometimes noisy toys, often hanging “mobiles” over the crib which the child has little choice but to stare at, thus reinforcing the concept of the nature of material conscious duality oriented “things” from birth.

As a child gets older they are often given toy versions of “adult” material possessions to “prepare” the child for the “real world”. In the case of boys, these “toys” and later video games become increasingly violent in nature. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is intended to be of value and that which is a game, and so can consciously externalise the game as real, causing the child to believe violence is acceptable and even causing the child to take action on it later in life by joining the military and so on.

Female children are prepared for domestic and later reproductive “roles”, expected by their parents, through increasingly realistic domestic toys, dolls and female role playing games.

As a child becomes “older”, brainwave frequency increases, as does natural conscious sphere of perception and with it capacity and speed of learning slows as is the connection of the child with Higher Self and inner spheres of life and reality.

Parents, as soon as their child is old enough to understand, continue their well meant indoctrination of the child in to the “ways of the world”, imprinting the child with their own choice of religion, prejudices, including racial and societal choices, biases and of course their expected “station in life”.

By the age of 7 to 10 years at the most, the child has thus been heavily programmed, true, pure Spiritual connections buried under many, many layers of ego generated material, religious and prejudicial beliefs. The child will in most cases be running on that early childhood programming for the remainder of their physical experience, unless the person, as many do, come to realise the truth of a lifetime of programming and choose to “unlearn” these and progress to living in the moment, in harmony with the Universe and following inner guidance from the Heart, open to full inner potential, ,which is unlimited.

In conclusion then there is no such concept as an original idea. All ideas and anything that can be imagined, already exists in Universe as an Energy Form waiting to be attracted by a Though Form of correspond vibratory frequency.

And So It Is.

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