What Is Sound And Vibration In Energy

Everything in the Universe, The All, Source, The One,is in a perpetual state of Vibration, up to and including Source, which exhibits a vibratory frequency at such an infinitely high rate and of such infinite intensity that Source can almost be considered to be at rest.

Such levels of vibration are far, far beyond any current human comprehension.

Consider for example a wooden cart wheel, with spokes, observed from a sideways perspective, spinning ever faster. The wheel eventually reaches such a rapid rate of rotation as to appear stationary and not spinning at all, its spokes appearing to be invisible to the physical senses of the human eye.

As discussed earlier, science now recognises the fact that the “phenomena” with which everyone is so familiar such as heat, light, temperature and magnetism are all but differing frequencies of vibration, each exhibiting unique characteristics, and each of which everyone can readily recognise and experience by means of the five biological senses. Modern science however is nevertheless still struggling to fully explain such important characteristics as cohesion, molecular attraction and affinity, and in particular the very force keeping everything rooted firmly on the ground, thereby preventing things from floating off into space; the force of gravity.

Vibration plays an extremely important part in the everyday lives of everyone by way of normal thinking processes and states of Being.

Thought’s, emotions, desires, temperament indeed any mental state of Mind or Being are all ultimately degrees and aspects of Energy as vibration, as of course is thought itself. This is just one reason why in the collective plane of the human Mind thoughts can, often unwittingly or even intentionally be projected, and can affect other people by the process of mental induction. These are major factors in so called “paranormal phenomena” which people recognise as “telepathy” and other forms of Mind power. It is also the reason why a persons “mood” can affect those around that person, a “mood” simply being an energetic state of vibration.

It is a most important fact that every single thought, every single state of Mind and every single emotion is each characterised by its own unique vibration. In the physical world of matter these vibrations and “thought forms” are not readily apparent to the physical senses.

In the infinitely finer degrees of the Astral worlds and beyond, thoughts and thought forms can actually be seen to be instantly created and projected, and which thought forms will persist in accordance with the level of Energy with which they were originally projected by Mind.

Those who understand these Principles of vibration and mentalism can exercise a high degree of control over their own individual thought processes, thus gaining a high level of control over their own states of Mind, moods and emotions. In the same way, a person who is well practiced in these disciplines can also affect the Minds of others by applying the same Principles; very often people do this without even realising it.

On the Mental plane therefore, and in particular on the collective Mental Plane of the human Mind, people produce thought Energy, vibrations which can effect themselves and the people around them either unintentionally or at will. It should be pointed out that conscious and effective use of these abilities can usually only be acquired by the means of dedication and practice over some period of time, although there are a very few people in existence who can command these powers as a natural ability, often from birth.

The Principles we have discussed so far will explain many of the so called “phenomena” that have been demonstrated over the ages by the great Masters, Adepts, Guru’s, Yogis and others, often considered to be “miracles”. All these people are really doing is to consciously control completely natural Universal Principles, and in particular, in the case of physical manifestations, the Principle of Vibration, in order to alter or transmute one form of Energy,form of Energy at a different Vibratory Frequency, thereby altering the form of so called physical objects, which of course, in reality, do not exist. This would appear as miraculous to those who have yet to fully comprehend the lPrinciple of Vibration, and indeed comprehend all Universal Principles, but yet is an ability that everyone has the potential to realise.

But why Sound?

Sound is Vibratory Frequency, a fundamental characteristic of Energy,by far the most important creative Principle in the Universe in all spheres of life and reality.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God”. – John 1:1

In the original Ancient Greek text of the Bible, which is very often mistranslated or misinterpreted, “The Word” was Sound and Sound is Vibration.

Source created the entire Universe through Sound – Vibration.

It is ultimately Sound, Vibration, that fundamental characteristic and Principle of Energy from which the entire Universe is made that creates everything we experience and everything that we see around us. Without Sounds, Vibration, and ultimately Energy nothing can possibly exist.

“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made” – John 1:3

In other words – everything in creation was made by God, Source from and with Energy– through the Word of God – Sound – Vibration.

I should once again mention that my use of the word “God” and references to biblical quotes is in no way whatsoever religiously motivated. The great Mystic, Messenger, Healer and Metaphysician wwho came to be known as “Jesus” taught many very profound lessons for those with “the eyes to see and the “ears to hear”, in other words have the capacity to see and understand the deeper, esoteric meaning. The bible is the most esoteric book ever written, but these blog posts will help readers bring the esoteric to consious realisation.

God, Source, created the entire Universe with Sound as Energy at an infinite range of Vibratory Frequency.

But here is the most glorious and greatest Truth – we are all Divine aspects and Expressions of Source, First Cause, God and we therefore enjoy exactly the same powers of creation as Source, God which we have the potential to apply in our own lives at will.

It is therefore through Sound and Vibration influenced by Mind that everything you experience and ever have experienced is created. Just as in the beginning God, Source, created the entire Universe in the Eternal Moment of Now.

So let us get this absolutely clear before we continue – through Sound, as Vibratory Frequency we can create or change anything in oour life and experiential reality – anything at all.

Mind influences Energy which is Vibration. Mind over Vibration and Energy is therefore the creative force in your Life just as it is in the greater Universe.

Throughout the history of humanity, even from the very earliest days, Vibration, in the form of Sound in the physical plane, as perceived by humans is widely known to have a profound effect on consciousness – but only at certain frequencies and if presented in the right way.

Ancient and Spiritually advanced cultures have always known the secrets and powers of sound, and have been using sound for many centuries in the form of mantras, chanting and other vocal sounds as well as through musical instruments such as drums, pipes, stringed instruments and many others.

Our ancient ancestors were always able to have the food and other necessities they needed by performing rituals based on Sound and by focusing on images of their intentions that they had drawn on rock, pictures that historians call “cave paintings”.

Cave paintings are the representation and therefore intention of what our ancient ancestors wished to manifest, such as abundant food, and which images were focused on and then brought to life with Sound – Vibration.

In the case of mantras and chanting, it is not always the actual words in and of themselves that have the magical effect, it is the vibration that distinct and unique sounds invoke and the corresponding effect on our Mind, Consciousness and very Being.

The Yogis, Swamis and other great Adepts of India, Tibet and the Far East have made use of the secrets and powers of sound for many centuries in order to achieve the very deepest states of Meditation and Oneness with God – a state of Being known mystically as “Samadhi”. They make use of literally hundreds of specific sounds and groups of sounds, known as “mantras”, each of which brings a very specific effect.

Many tribal cultures today still use sound to invoke Out of Body Experiences in their Shaman, who then perform many tasks for the tribe in this state which would be otherwise almost impossible.

Sound as Vibration is the very basis of Consciousness, Creation and Reality at absolutely every level of the Universe, from Source, The First Cause, God to the physical Universe of matter.

The Vibration of our Spiritual bodies directly determines where we are focused, our ability to manifest our needs wishes and desires, our ability enjoy health and relationships and ultimately the reason we are here, our state of Spiritual Evolution – in other words Enlightenment and a state of Being that is pure bliss.

The Vibration of our Spiritual bodies even determines where in “Heaven” we will transition to after the change known as “death”. The higher our vibration, the higher and more glorious the spheres of inner reality we will transition to. This is not some sort of favouritism, these are fundamental, immutable Universal Principles based upon the Universal Principles of Vibration.

The higher the Vibration of our Being, the easier it is to manifest and achieve anything and everything we can possibly desire, and the more glorious will be our experience during and after the change known as “death”.

So, plain and simple – Sound and Vibration are extremely important for Health, Abundance, Happiness, Well-Being and Spiritual Evolution at every level, including what happens and where you will find yourself after “death”.

The Yogi’s, Swami’s, Tibetan Monks and other Adepts are living proof of these great truths. They dedicate their life to raising their own Vibration, expanding their consciousness and realising God within and Enlightenment. As a result they enjoy powers and abilities beyond the comprehension of most people in the mundane world.

The creative and healing power of sound is infinite and unlimited, because sound is the very basis of all creation which is Infinite.

And So It Is.

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