What Are The Spheres Of The Mind

The entire “Universe” in all Spheres of life and reality is fundamentally Mind, Spirit And Consiousness, all of which are Principle.

Although there is nothing “outside” of Mind, within the context of Universal Mind there are various “qualities” or “Speres”, The harmonious activity of Mind is regulated by an immutable set of Universal Principles.

In this blog post we will address the Spheres of Mind, the understanding of which is highly relevant to the way we experience, and as we will discuss in further blog posts, consciously express our own experience.

Universal Mind

Universal Mind is the The One, Source, Supreme Intelligence, First Cause, “God”, is the Supreme Expression of All That Is.

Universal Mind exists at the very epicentre of all Creation, the Whole, The All, at the very highest Vibratory frequency of Energy.

All in Existence, all creation exists as an infinite and eternal projection projection of Universal Copiousness of The All. The Universe Is One. There is no duality or separation in the context of Universal Mind Principle.

You, I, everyone, every animal, every plant, every Being and every “thing” is an integral aspect, and One with Source, Universal Mind.

Our very experience is determined by the extent by which we Express Source Mind. The more we can Realise and Consciously Express Source Mind, the more Influence we exert over our personal and individual Experience.

Within the context of Universal Mind there are qualities,further or aspects as follows:

Superconscious Mind

Superconscious Mind.is that aspect of Personal and Individual Consciousness that is fully aware of the Consciousness of the Whole. Most people on Earth are not inherently Superconscious, but may achieve Superconsciousness through Enlightenment.

Collective Mind

Although most people on Earth identify with themselves as “thinking” and “being” separate, or “individual”, at a “higher” or more specifically “inner” level the Human Mind behaves as, and is One upon the collective Mental Plane of the human mind.

Thus unity specific to the human Mind takes place at a range of closely related Vibratory Frequencies, the collective Mental Planes of the Human Mind.

Every aspect of Superconsciousness, in other words all Life encompassed by Universal Mind – which includes “inanimate” Life – rocks for example – and animate Life, has its own Causal Plane or Planes of Collective Being, each at a unique Vibratory Frequency.

It is on this Collective level that humans “agree” on a Collective Experience which includes, but is not limited to neighbourhoods, districts, villages, towns, cities, countries and ultimately all human Experience on Earth.

If Human Mind Principle, which is independent of “time”, collectively refused to acknowledge the existence of a particular city, then the city would not exist in human consciousness.

Subconscious or Subjective Mind

Subconscious or Subjective Mind is a sphere of activity of the personal human Mind, being a sphere of activity of Mind as a Whole It is actually erroneous to consider Subconscious Mind as an autonomous entity. We should rather think in terms of “Subconsciousness”.

Even the term Subconsciousness is erroneous to the extent that it is an anomaly of Human Consciousness in and of itself. The native human state is Consciousness, full awareness in absolute terms. However, during the course of evolution more and more of native human consciousness has been rendered below, or “sub” conscious.

The greatest anomaly is that popular but erroneous self-improvement thinking is to “program” the Subconscious Mind as if it is a computer that will execute the program “for” its programmer.

Consciousness and Subconsciousness must be approached as One, as a symbiotic relationship.

The Subconscious Mind is immensely powerful, being fully Superconscious and Source Mind aware, amd upon which it draws creative or expressive energy, but is nevertheless sublime and immutable within its sphere of activity.

It is the main function of the Subconscious Sphere of activity of the Mind to regulate all bodily functions such as breathing, blood flow, heart beat, digestion, temperature and many other vital functions, which it does so fully automatically.

It is also the sphere of responsibility of the Subconscious to accept “instructions” from the Conscious Sphere of activity of the Personal Mind, and to execute them without question and to perfection – which is what Subconsciousness always does. This is extremely important to understand as it forms the basis of consciously expressing our experiential reality as we will discuss in further blog posts.

It is not the responsibility of the Subconscious Mind to “decide” whether the Conscious Mind is “right”, “wrong” or to consider the consequences in any way, but rather simply to immutably execute the instructions of the Conscious Mind.

Such instructions from the Conscious Mind however are rarely, if ever “conscious” in nature with most people. “Instructions” are in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions over which most people exert little or no control, instead simply reacting to what they perceive as “real” or “true” around them.

Humans currently little or no control, indeed awareness even over the this process, or ultimately control over their own Minds, which is why “situations” seem to happen “unexpectedly”, over which it is perceived there is little or no control. Some even ascribe these “situations” to such notions as “luck”, “chance”, fortune, and other superstitions.

In order to progress, it is necessary to become aware, and subsequently take control of this process.

Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind, or Consciousness is the natural waking state of humans, though which they interact with what is perceived as the physical environment.

It is the Conscious Mind that subjectively experiences “life”, and makes “decisions” based upon those subjective perceptions.

I will not address this in depth here, because it is a subject which is both complex and extensive, and will be fully addressed in further blog posts.

Suffice it to say that what most perceive as “reality”, “life”, “experience”, is a “conspiracy” of the five physical senses, organic brain and ego Mind, which provides the expected experience, but beneath that, at the quantum level, only exists to the extent of that experience. This is what is refer to as the “Experiential Loop”, which gives rise to a safe “container”, a “sandbox” for the evolving human Mind.

Another name for the human Mind is the “Ego” or the “Soul” which only exists in the physical state, and after passing during the transition known as “death” in the Astral state, after which it dissipates and we exist purely as Eternal Spirit, a subject of a further blog post.

Unconscious Mind

In concluding, I would like to mention what is often, and erroneously referred to as the “unconscious Mind”, most often seen in the context of hypnotists for example.

“Unconsciousness” is not a sphere of Mind, it rather a state of conscious awareness relative to the Conscious Mind. In broad terms, Conscious Mind may be aware or unaware, or if you prefer awake or asleep.

If something happens around us that we may not aware of, then you may be “unconscious” of the event. When we are asleep we are “unconscious”, just as you may be as a result of a heavy blow over the head, or consuming a chemical of some kind.

“Unconsciousness” therefore possesses no intrinsic powers, but is rather “lack of consious awareness awareness”.

In further blog posts we will be looking much more closely at the conscious and subconscious, or sujective spheres of Mind in the context of expressing our own experiential reality, also known, erroneously, as “the law of attraction”.

And So It Is.

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