What Is Reincarnation – The True Process

Reincarnation is one of the most misunderstood Spiritual processes, with a general perception that reincarnation consist of passing on from Earth to the Astral planes, heaven etc. and subsequently spending some “time” there before “returning” to Earth for “another life”.

In this blog post then we will take a closer look at of what is reincarnation and the processes involved.

So to begin with then, where then does reincarnation fit into the grand universal scheme of things?

The physical world, in our case the planet Earth, can be likened to a kindergarten, while the very highest, or Innermost Spheres of reality, can be likened to post graduate University. It goes without saying that no one cannot realistically attend post graduate University without first progressing through all necessary levels of primary and higher education, thus achieving the necessary qualifications to progress further..

The Astral planes where most transition after passing on from Earth are “Mind worlds” where anything desired can become an instant reality. Also within the Astral planes of life, everyone resides at exactly the same level of personal evolution in accordance with vibratory frequency.

Wonderful though these Inner Spheres surely are, or seem to be, they are not however an environment where important lessons, so vital for Evolution to the Inner Spheres of life can be easily learned. These initial lessons require the characteristics and density of the physical world of “matter” in order to be meaningful in Spiritual evolution. As we know only too well, the planet Earth is populated by people with an almost infinite number of characteristics; temperaments, characters, egos, personalities, beliefs and so on. Again, within the Astral planes this is not true, with all residents within any specific vibratory frequency energy level all being very similar characteristics, so the opportunities to interact and progress simply do not exist as they do on Earth.

The physical Universe is a school of learning where everyone must first attain the necessary degree of attainment , as determined by vibratory frequency, in order graduate and progress to the Inner, more blissful, glorious Spheres of life beyond the Astral worlds. Only when such a level of perfection and ennoblement is achieved can true progress be realised on the path to become truly One with Source.

Each life experience on Earth provides a vehicle of expression through unique personality, the sum of which contributes to the total individuality of Higher Self.

Each individual lifetime can be likened to a facet of a diamond. The full sparkling diamond with all of its many facets represents the entire self, the Individuality, Higher Self, the Etrnal Spirit, while each facet of the diamond represents each separate life or personality.

A diamond has many facets, the total of which constitutes the whole glittering gem.

Each life experience adds a new facet to the diamond until the diamond is ultimately complete in all of its sparking splendour. Life, Iidividuality, continues then in the Inner Spheres of Source as a complete glistening diamond, becoming ever brighter, more perfected and more beautiful as the ascent back to Source progresses.

The ultimate achievement and attainment of an incarnation on Earth is what has come to be called “Enlightenment”, recognised as the fulfilment of the cycle of all incarnations on Earth or other physical planets, which is reached through the subjugation of greed, desire, hate, anger, dduality iand other traits of the ego, n the process of becoming a fully Source Realised Spiritual Being.

During the course of each lifetime everyone is presented with all manner of trials, tribulations, challenges, situations and temptations, all of which are valuable opportunities necessary in order to potentially assist in ultimate progress on Earth.

Unfortunately, very few people at this time recognise these valuable opportunities for what they really are, ascribing them to such notions as “chance”, “luck”, “misfortune” or any number of other such dismissive explanations, often due to the various control systems on Earth such as religions, government, material temptations etc.

In order to progress, and again, absolutely everyone without exception simply must progress sooner or later, all life situations must be recognised both as valuable lessons and opportunities.

In the Astral worlds, also known as the “desire worlds”, everything desired can become an instant reality without the need for work, money or effort, contrary to the physical world where physical requirements are perceived to be obtained through physical means.

Selfless service to humanity and all life is also extremely important, as is living in harmony with the most important and powerful unniversal truth, that of Divine Love. Every single situation without exception presenting itself in Earthly life should be considered to be a most valuable opportunity for personal evolution, and we should always acknowledge these opportunities which should never go unrecognised or wasted.

Unfortunately in this day and age most people still prefer to complain, blame others and generally carry on through life with a material and often selfish outlook, where everything revolves around temporal, transient, illusory material possessions, in satisfying the relentless demands of the ego. Enlightenment is attained when these facts become self-evident, and the remainder of that “Life” lived accordingly.

So what is reincarnation, and how then does reincarnation actually “work”?

The process of reincarnation can be likened to a wooden cart wheel.

If we look at a wooden cart wheel, we see that it has a hub at the centre, many spokes radiating from the hub, the spokes joining the outer rim of the wheel.

Let us say that the components of the cart wheel are represented as follows:

Hub – the Higher Self
Spokes – time lines relative to Earth
Rim – the physical Universe

The hub, Higher Self, represents the total of all physical lives, “past”, “present” and “future” relative to the Earth concept of “time” . Higher Self, Individuality can be likened to the facets of a glittering rough diamond which becomes a perfect cut diamond once all of the facets have been polished. Each physical life adds more polish to the diamond as a whole.

Each spoke of the cart wheel represents an individual life, incarnational experience which commences at the rim, for example Earth, and then progresses through the vibratory frequencies up each spoke eventually returning to the hub – Higher Self, with that unique “package” of experience to contribute to the whole.

Before sending another personality down a spoke to arrive on Earth for “another life”, the Higher Self first needs to know exactly what “package” of experience is required for a certain aspect of evolution and therefore perfection. The Higher Self will then send a suitable personality down that spoke to Earth.

Before progressing, it is also necessary to understand that “incarnation” and therefore “reincarnation” is not a sequential process, that is to say, each incarnation does not “follow” another incarnation in sequence, one after the other.

Higher Self resides beyond the space-time perceived environment of the physical Universe. Higher Self views and Experiences every incarnation concurrently, even though each incarnation on Earth or other planet experiences the incarnation as being subject to time and space.

So the rim of the wheel represents the planet Earth and the rim is also circular – this means that the Higher Self can send a personality down any spoke and arrive at any time-line in the history of Earth or any other planet in the physical Universe.

The Higher Self chooses which country, location, circumstances, gender and parents would most ideally present the opportunities and experiences required in order to fulfil the purposes of this particular “incarnation”.

So the Higher Self could, for example, send a personality as a female in one incarnation, who will be born to a family of bakers living in London, England in the year 1862.

Another personality of the Higher Self might be a male born to a doctor and his wife living in India in 1999.

Another personality might be a son born to a Saxon noble family of land owners in early medieval times and so on.

Again, it is important to understand, in the context of of the question of what is reincarnation that these personalities are not sent by the Higher Self sequentially in Earth history, i.e. “one at a time”. All incarnations of a human being take place concurrently, i.e. simultaneously relative to the Higher Self. The illusion called “time” and “space” are only experienced on Earth and physical universe.

As previously mentioned each incarnation is not a progression of lives whereby a person “lives”, “dies”, spends some tine in the “afterlife” before returning to Earth.

It is therefore possible for hundreds,thousands or more of of a persons Soul, to be living in the Astral Spheres all at the same moment, although a person may never be aware of this or interact with other aspects of self. This is why the Astral is populated with countless trillions of people formerly from all Earth and beings and life-forms from other planets within the infinite Astral planes at the same moment.

The Astral Spheres or “planes” are transient however, having been created by the Minds of Beings such as humans, based up on Earth experience, believing it to be “reality”, the only reality they can comprehend at that stage in their own Evolution.

Out true and ultimate Spiritual nature and experience is beyond all concept of “form” and materiality, where we ultimately Experience ourselves as a point of Consciousness but where Divine Love the only true reality.

The Astral Spheres are not “heaven”, but simply a necessary transient or intermediate step for most on their journey back to Higher Self with the package of experience gained on Earth or other planet etc. in the “physical universe”.

The “spoke” of each life therefore passes through the Astral and Mental levels of vibratory frequency of energy, before reuniting with the hub of the Higher Self to which it adds its unique package of experience.

Many people might ask whether they have any control over reincarnation, specifically whether it is by pure chance who and where they incarnate.

As we already know there is no such notion as “chance” in the Universe, “chance” being completely contrary to Universal Principles.

Again, every Higher Self must gain the benefit of an entire spectrum of experience in order to become complete and perfected at the level of vibratory frequency at which the Higher Self exists. As Eternal Spirit, Higher Self may then progress on the path to becoming fully Sourced realised with The One, God if you prefer.

This is why judging others is fundamentally innaprpriate. We are All One, All Expressions of Divine Perfection, and together represent Divine, Perfect Balance.

Of course, until people begin to understand these realities, they will continue to stumble through life, complaining about everything that does not agree with their status and ego, and of their lack of “luck”. It is not until such a person eventually passes to the Astral worlds will they see and understand the true meaning of the life just past, and the opportunity to reflect upon any opportunities not taken, by which time of course it will be too late thus necessitating a further similar Experience on Earth, hopefully to take advantage of the growth opportunities presented.

As with many things it is the cynical nature of humanity to demand proof of everything, and “reincarnation” or more specifically multiple lives or personalities are no exception.

Most importantly, All are Eternal, Immortal and Divine. The entire Path of Spiritual Evolution is to progressively Realise that Divinity so that ultimately we may Become that Ultimate Divinity. Reincarnations of the Higher Self are the crucial and necessary precursors to this process.

So again, when considering the question of what is reincarnation, each Earth Life is a valuable opportunity to gain Experience which adds to the Perfection of Higher Self, and ultimately the All.

Higher Self cannot progress onwards towards being fully Source realised until all necessary experience, a balance of Perfection has been realise at the vibratory frequency at which the Higher Self exists, no matter how many incarnations it takes.

And So It Is.

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