What Is Energy And Vibration

The entire Universe in all of it’s spheres is comprised of pure energy, differing only in vibratory frequemcy.

In this blog post we will take a closer look at the question of what is energy and vibration from a universal perspective.

Vibration is a well known characteristic in the sciences, so we will commence with a review of vibration as it pertains to what the sciences know as “matter”. “Matter” from a universal perspective does not actually exist as discussed in other blog posts, so first we will review what the sciences perceive as “matter”.

According to science matter is comprised of small units known as molecules, and still smaller units known as atoms. Yet smaller still we find sub-atomic particles which in turn are made up of still finer particles and so on all exhibiting the characteristic of vibration.

From a universal perspective, from Source out to the densest form of that which is known as matter there are an infinite range of vibratory frequencies. Quantum mechanics this with the realisation that sub-atomic particles are ultimately not “particles” at all, but rather progressively more subtle forms of energy, which appear to only “collapse” from a wave to a particle when observed, until ultimately existing as vibration, pure energy.

So in considering the question of what is energy and vibration, how then do we reconcile energy beyond the physical universe?

We need to look at vibration much more closely in order to understand this. Most people know sound for example is vibration, and a very powerful vibration at that. Loud noises cause windows and other structures to vibrate, and indeed a sound of a high enough pitch or amplitude can cause fragile objects such as glass to shatter completely.

Vibration is broadly characterised by the following:

A waveform whether it be light, water or Energy such as radiation, manifests at the temporal, local level with these observable and measurable characteristics:

Wavelength: Distance between the peaks and troughs of the wave.

Amplitude: Strength, height of the waves.

Resonance: The measurement of oscillation or “Vibration” of the wave, in other words how often the waveform with its characteristic length and height actually happens – is renewed in order to perpetuate it.

There are other characteristics of waves that we could also take in to account such as harmonics, which describe how waveforms relate to each other.

The frequency range of perception of the ear of the average human is from around twenty vibrations per second, up to around twenty thousand vibrations per second.

Moving up the vibratory scale we reach electricity at around one billion vibrations per second.

Moving up the Vibratory scale further still we encounter heat at two hundred billion vibrations per second.

Further still up the scale the spectrum of visible colours vibrate in a range of around five hundred billion vibrations per second, and yet higher still is the invisible spectrum of colour including infra-red and ultra-violet.

And so we can move further progressively up through the levels of vibration, still manifesting as energy known to science, until we reach the higher levels where we encounter “x-rays” which vibrate at around two trillion vibrations per second.

As we progress up still higher in the scale of vibration we reach levels which do not manifest any characteristics known yet to modern science, and are therefore largely still ignored, overlooked or deemed not to exist at all. In other words vibration is often deemed by science to be finite as it pertains to the physical world and can be measured by scientific instrumentation.

However the reality is fundamentally very different in considering the question of what is energy.

It is erroneous to conclude that progressively higher levels of vibration do not exist, simply because they cannot be observed or measured by scientific instruments.

Vibrating at rates completely beyond the comprehension and observation of science is a continuum of vibratory frequency existing at ever increasing vibratory ultimately extending from Source Which has infinite vibratory frequency.

Ultimately, if something or someone were to raise its vibration to a high enough level it would vibrate at the same frequency as Source. This indeed is the same ultimate destiny of every human being, progressivly increasing vibratory frequency of the Soul and Spirit through the ongoing process of Source realised Perfection.

It is due to the fact that a Soul or Spirit body of a human being vibrates in harmony, at the same rate or frequency, as the plane or sphere being experienced, that everything seems to be “solid” and real. This of course also applies to the physical world, which is also a range of vibratory frequencies, as is every person and indeed all forms of Life and everything else existing in the physical Universe.

Beyond the confines of the physical world of matter, energy is therefore the means by which all life exists within its own unique, individual, corresponding level, plane or state of Being. This also fully explains why humans, and indeed all forms of life upon passing on to the Astral worlds after the “death” of the physical body find a “world” which is every bit as “solid” and “real” as the physical world. In fact the Astral worlds, the “afterlife”, where most people transition to after the “death” of the physical body, are much more “solid”, “real” and vibrant than the physical world, and this becomes progressively more the case with the ascent to the ever inner Spheres. The higher the level of Energy, the finer are the corresponding Vibrations, and accordingly everyone and everything within that level of energy or vibration will be much more “finely tuned” with it. Physical matter by comparison, being at the lowest level of Energy and Vibration is extremely coarse.

So what is energy and vibration in summary:

Everything in the Universe, The All, every expression of Source, up to and including Source is in a constant state of vibration at a unique vibratory frequency.

As discussed earlier, science now recognises the fact that the everyday “phenomena” with which everyone is so familiar such as heat, light, temperature and magnetism are all but differing degrees of vibratory frequency, exhibiting unique characteristics, each of which everyone can readily recognise and experience by means of the five senses. Modern science however is nevertheless still struggling to fully explain such important characteristics as cohesion, molecular attraction and affinity, and in particular the very force keeping everything rooted firmly on the ground, thereby preventing things from floating off into space – the force of gravity.

Vibration plays an extremely important part in lives of every person by way of normal thinking processes and states of being.

All thought’s, emotions, desires, temperaments, indeed any mental state of Mind or being, are ultimately degrees and aspects of energy as of course is thought itself. This is just one reason why in the collective plane of the human Mind thoughts can, often unwittingly or even intentionally be projected, and can affect other people by the process of induction.

These are major factors in so called “paranormal phenomena” which people recognise as “telepathy” and other forms of mind power. It is also the reason why a person’s “mood” can affect those around that person, a “mood” simply being a state of Vibration which people can “tune in to” and begin to vibrate at the same frequency, much like a “tuning fork”.

This can happen on any scale, including the entire human race. It is a most important fact therefore that every single thought, every single state of Mind and every single emotion is each characterised by its own unique vibration.

In the physical world of matter these vibrations and “thought forms” are not readily apparent to the physical senses, however, in the vastly finer degrees of vibration of the Astral worlds and beyond, thoughts and thought forms can actually be seen to be instantly created and projected, and which thought forms will persist in accordance with the level of energy and persistence with which they were originally projected.

Those who understand these principles of vibration and mentalism can exercise a high degree of control over their own individual thought processes, thus gaining a high level of control over their own states of mind, moods, feelings and emotions.

In the same way, a person who is well practiced in these disciplines can also affect the minds of others by applying the same principles, indeed very often people do this without even realising it.

On the Mental plane therefore, and in particular on the collective mental plane of the human mind, people produce thought energy, vibrations, which can effect themselves and the people around them either unintentionally or in some cases at will. It should be pointed out that conscious and effective use of these abilities can usually only be acquired by the means of dedication and practice over some period of time, although there are a very few people in existence who can command these powers as a natural ability, often from birth.

In conclusion, energy and vibration are among the most fundamental characteristics of the greater Universe, without which nothing could exist.

And So It Is.

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