What Are The Astral Planes

I will begin this blog post by dispelling an unfortunate myth that far too many live their lives in fear of. There is absolutely no such place as “hell”. This a contrivance of certain organisations for their own purposes, and has no basis in fact whatsover..

Upon the transition known as “death” people will typically first transition to the Etheric plane before transitioning on to the Astral plane, the subject of this blog post.

As with all realms in the multi-dimensional continuum of the Universe, the Astral planes, or realms, are levels comprised of Energy existing at a specific vibratory frequency originating from Source.

The Astral planes are home to a very wide variety of inhabitants besides humans. There are many Beings and intelligences that have never incarnated on Earth, and whose task it is to assist in the evolution of humanity on Earth.

Within the mid-Astral planes, at the level of vibration where most people currently find themselves after physical death on Earth, life is one of peace, harmony and tranquillity, often in stark contrast to the previous physical existence. These Astral worlds also seem much lighter, solid and “real” to the residents living there, than the physical world, which seems to be a very dull, murky, oppressive place by comparison.

There are many levels of energy and vibratory freqency comprising the Astral planes, all of which exhibit their own unique characteristics. A human being will automatically transition to the sphere of the Astral planes equivalent to the vibratory frequency of the Soul, the Astral body. If a person is open-Minded and fully understands the true process of “death”, they will effortlessly transition to the light, peace and harmony of the mid-Astral planes. Those who have no preconceptions of “life after death” will likewise effortlessly transition to the Astral plane in accordance with the vibratory frequency of the Astral body, the Soul. Those who did not believe in a Life after death will likewise transion to a vibratory frequency of the Astral planes equivalent to the vibratory frequebcy of the Astral body, the Soul, but initially find themselves in condiitions relative to whatever they believed about Death” preceding the transition to the Astral planes. Such people will be helped by teams of Astral residents on arrival who will help them adjust and integrate to their new life in the Astral planes.

More Spiritually advanced people will transition to the inner Astral realms at a higher vibratory frequency, where conditions are even more blissful. Those who are advanced to the stage where they know the illusion of the Astral planes for what it is will transition directly to the world of Spirit, leaving the transient illusion of the physical and Astral worlds far behind.

As we take a closer look at the various Energy levels comprising the Astral planes, it is important to again stress that there are no actual definitive borders or boundaries between the various “planes”. The entire Universe is a continuum of conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy originating from Source, and extending to the outermost levels of the so called physical world of matter. All Astral planes form an integral aspect of this vast and infinite Energy continuum.

The Astral planes are a necessary aspect of the greater continuum of Energy comprising the Universe as a whole, and one that many people will become familiar with after the transition known as “death”. Words alone cannot fully describe the vastness and diversity of the Astral realms and the Beings living there, which is why Astral Projection is an ability well worth learning and practicing that you may visit the Astral planes in person, after which the concept of “death” will disappear forever, the next phase of life becoming something to anticipate and even look forward to, but only when your mission on Earth is complete.

We will now take a look more closely at the characteristics of the Astral planes.

The Outer Astral Planes

The lower Astral planes are not actually “down below”, as in “beneath the Earth”, but are rather the lowest vibratpry frequency levels of the Astral planes. These levels are still “inward” relative to the Earth.

These lowest or outer levels of the Astral planes are inhabited by people who experienced a particularly dark, or what would be regarded according to human concepts “evil” existence when living in the physical world. Such people might for example include murderers, rapists, criminals, terrorists, some dictators, and all those who otherwise lived a violent, hate-oriented life on Earth. After death, as previously discussed, a person will automatically migrate to the plane where, as with all forms of vibration, “like attracts like”, corresponding with the vibrations, beliefs and other characteristics of the Astral body of the individual. Murderers for example might therefore find themselves in a dark, dank, oppressive, misty, hate and fear-filled world that is a precise reflection of the vibratory frequency of their Soul, Astral body.

In this “murder world” level of the Astral planes, the residents will engage in the pursuit of murdering other people, who will, in turn, be striving to murder them. There might well be hundreds of thousands or even millions of such murderers from Earth’s past, present and future in any particular lower Astral “murder world”, all engaged in these same dark activities. The same situation exists in a multitude of similar worlds, where people of similar dark characteristics will exist at the same plane of Energy and vibration, all endeavouring to exert their own influence over the other residents as a continuation of their dark lives on Earth. In the Astral planes, it is impossible to physically harm anyone in the absence of a physical, material body, and the futility of their own thoughts and actions is one of the first lessons the residents of these dark, outer worlds will learn.

There will be many such “murder worlds” in the outer Astral planes, including every type of murderous, dark, low vibration groups that ever existed. These people will always find themselves in exactly those conditions that most closely matched their previous dark lives on Earth. As mentioned before, these conditions facilitate the lessons that will raise the vibration of the Astral body and allow them to progress to inner Astral planes at a higher vibratory frequency, where more peace and harmony can be found. Such is the immutable perfection of the Universe where balance and evolution are always primary principles.

In appearance, these lower Astral “hell-like” worlds completely reflect the character of the residents and therefore might be experienced by the people living there as dark, damp, cold, misty and oppressive environments, with swamps, waste lands devoid of beauty, dark shadows, trees without leaves, and many other such characteristics. These dark worlds would most certainly seem like “purgatory” to these people, but are, in fact, “hells” they have created for themselves as a reflection of their own dark lives previously lived on Earth.

Contrary to religious dogma, however, none of these people are “stuck” in or condemned to these dark Astral “hell” worlds for all eternity. There is no “purgatory” or “satan” imprisoning people amid the “flames” for all eternity. The residents will rather remain at that level of vibration, regardless of how long it takes, (as measured in Earth time), until they can finally come to understand the negative effects of their past lives upon themselves and other people. They must first fully understand and directly experience the true and precise degree of fear, hate and suffering which their previous physical lives inflicted on other people. Then and only then can they understand and then reconcile their current situation and continue onwards, finally reuniting with their Higher Self with a unique package of experience to contribute the Whole Self.

Again, contrary to the belief of some religions, no human being, regardless of how “evil” they might have been perceived to be during Earth life, is ever condemned to these lower Astral worlds forever. Everyone has the fundamental ability by means of the very freewill possessed by every human, to progress to the inner spheres of life and onwards back to the Higher Self of the person. No matter how very dimly the Divine spark flickers in people inhabiting these lowest, dark Astral worlds, the spark is still part of the brightly burning flame of the Whole, and can and eventually will glow brighter as progress is made, even if such progress takes aeons as measured in physical in Earth terms.

The Mid-Astral Planes

Those who know the peace and harmony of the inner Astral worlds and beyond would never allow themselves to become trapped in a belief system of the lower Astral planes. Again this is one of the major benefits of Astral Projection. Those who travel to the Astral planes can see and experience these environments for themselves and with that knowledge live an open-minded and sincere quest for Spiritual evolution.

The mid-Astral planes or “worlds”, “spheres” or “realms” are, by comparison to Earth life clean, well-organized, and harmonious. These levels of the Astral are the ideal place for rest after the trials and tribulations of a physical life on Earth.

The mid-Astral planes are very similar in many respects to the most pleasant aspects of the physical world, without any if the less desirable aspects. This is because they were created by humans based on their own perception of an ideal physical world. The people of the Astral worlds have recreated the physical world within the Energy levels of the mid-Astral planes by imagining what they believe it should look like, and in turn based upon their experiences during physical life.

People at this stage of development still tend to be very much centred on the ego and focused on materialism, and accordingly perceive an “ideal world” consisting of the material things they previously desired but never realised in the physical world. In the Astral worlds, everyone can have anything they desire simply by focussing on it, which is why this level is often known as the “desire worlds”. It should be noted that the same Universal Principles also apply to the physical world, but due to the much lower vibration and higher density thought forms take longer to manifest, depending on the nature of the thought form.

This Astral planes at these levels of vibration meet the expectations of the people arriving there, therefore enabling them feel “at home”.

The Principles of Correspondence, Causation and Attraction are highly evident within the Astral planes with “like attracting like” and an immediate effect resulting from every action. Everything created as a thought in the Mind can manifest instantly, including negative and positive thoughts. New Astral residents soon learn to think only in a positive and constructive manner.

Residents will be attracted to like-Minded people of very similar characters, desires, and aspirations. People who were honest, sincere and friendly on Earth will find themselves in the presence of people of like nature in the Astral planes in stark contrast to Earth where people of vastly differing and contrasting natures co-exist, and hence the value of Earth as an intensive learning experience.

Within the mid-levels of the Astral planes are numerous realms consisting of all cultures from the past, present and future of Earth relative to the human concept of “time”. No matter what country, culture or tradition a person experienced on Earth, there will always be a corresponding environment waiting in the Astral planes once their phase of life on Earth is complete.

The usual trappings of the material world such as the need for “money” and “work” simply do not exist in these mid-Astral planes. There is simply no need for them. These are “Mind worlds” in every sense where everything desired can become an instant reality simply by using the powers of the Mind. There are no limits to these powers of instant manifestation. If a person desires a new home in the Astral, whether it is a castle, a mansion, a fortress, a hut or even a tent, it can be experienced instantly. If a different style, interior or furnishings are later desired, it is simply a case of imagining the new design, projecting it, and willing it to become a reality.

Due to their similarity to the material world, there are people who erroneously believe the Astral planes are “home” or even “Heaven”. The new residents are often so happy with their new “home” that they accept it as reality, often out of relief that there is after all a “life after death”, oblivious to their greater destiny of ascent to the inner, non-materialistic realms, where the great journey back to their Higher Self continues.

Although newly arrived Astral residents usually find themselves in very familiar surroundings, they are still free to explore the vast and limitless realms at these levels. They cannot exceed their own vibrational plane of existence and density of the Astral body, however. A person living in the Astral planes can travel outwards as far as a vibration close the physical world, and frequently do to visit loved ones, relatives, friends and others still living on Earth.

Initially, the sheer vastness and limitless array of realms, environments and variety of Beings encountered can be absolutely overwhelming for new arrivals. There are creations, environments, and ranges of colours and sounds existing far beyond the comprehension of the physical conscious Mind. To the new arrival, the mid-Astral planes can indeed seem like “Heaven” where everything desired can become an instant reality and where peace and harmony prevails in what seem like idyllic worlds of beauty far beyond the comprehension of those living on Earth.

The content and constitution of the Astral worlds have not only been created by Beings and intelligences who have originated on Earth including human beings, but also from every other planet in the physical Universe containing life at that level. Everything imaginable is available to the residents of the Astral worlds and more. For example, theatres, music halls, restaurants, huge libraries, technology, gardens, and everything that exists, has ever existed or ever will exist on Earth, and more. Everything a person could possibly wish for, need or desire is available, subject only to the ability of the person to comprehend it, and no Soul is ever alone unless they desire to be.

As previously mentioned, Beings existing within the inner Energy levels of the Universe, the inner Astral and the Mental planes can consciously lower their vibration to visit any level of the Universe with a lower vibration, but cannot raise vibration to travel inwards due to the fact they cannot tolerate the higher vibration. Advanced Beings, therefore, often “descend” to the level of the Astral and even physical worlds in order to assist mankind with its evolution to inner levels of reality.

As the great journey inward continues, the inner realms of life and reality are ever more glorious than the outer. In the absence of a physical body, Earthly needs such as eating, drinking, washing, breathing, sex and any other bodily functions are simply not required. However, to maintain the absolute stability, harmony and balance of these Astral worlds, all of these Earthly functions and activities can still be experienced according to the needs and desires of each individual, especially upon arrival where stability is desired.

Everything available and possible in the physical world is also possible in the Astral worlds and much, much more but without Earthly physical limitations. Although clothing isn’t necessary due to the lack of physical weather, most people still adorn themselves with clothing for perceived comfort and as a matter of habit. Needless to say, like everything in the Astral worlds, clothing can be “changed” in an instant. Although temperature does not exist, the “climate” is nevertheless always optimum.

The Astral worlds are the “desire worlds” where residents still think and express themselves in physical, material terms as they did on Earth. It is not until all perceived material needs are seen as the illusions they really are can true progress be made to the inner, more glorious spheres of life and reality. Some people are so materialistic in their thinking that this process can take hundreds or even thousands of years as measured in Earth time. Those who are more Spiritually advanced already recognize the illusory nature of the Astral worlds and might simply take a short, welcome rest in the Astral planes before moving straight on to the inner Spiritual realms of life, and onwards back to the Higher Self.

As material desires are satiated and realized for the illusions they truly are, the desire to progress to the increasing glories of the inner spheres of reality, beyond the concept of “form” becomes ever stronger. As this happens, the Astral body becomes increasingly less dense with a corresponding increasing vibrational rate as the density of materialism is shed, and increasing perfection is realised. Achieving this stage, a person will joyously and naturally depart the Astral worlds to make the transition to the next realm of reality, and to continue to the most sacred journey back to God.

The Inner Astral Planes

Not much need be said about the inner Astral planes, “worlds”, “spheres” or “realms” which to a great extend transcend the materialism of the lower planes. It should be mentioned that many people still regard the inner Astral planes as the “higher” Astral planes. Where this might be true from the point of view of Energy vibration levels, it is important to note that travelling to “higher” Energy vibration is actually to travel inward relative to the physical world and not “upwards” or “higher” as is frequently supposed.

Within these inner Astral worlds, people have finally satiated their Earthly material desires and are resting in a place of peace, light, harmony, splendour and bliss, although the experience is still created by the Minds of people and Beings living there. These inner planes are much more natural, an environment that can often be likened to the most idyllic summer’s day imaginable, with mountains, rivers, woodland and other areas of great peace and beauty, as well as intoxicating flowers and peaceful sounds. These inner levels of the Astral planes have been called many things over the millennia, including “Heaven” and the “Summerland”.

The inner Astral planes are the last stop on the way to the true Spirit worlds, existing beyond “form”, which are even more glorious, and onwards and inwards on the return to the Higher Self. Once experienced, there will be no desire to again return to the materialistic mid-Astral or physical worlds. Every Spirit aspires to the inner and more glorious levels of life. No person should ever fear “death”. The next phase of immortal life is one to be looked forward to with great joy, happiness and anticipation as an opportunity to progress nearer to God, our Divine Creator, Source, from Whence we came in the beginning.

And So It Is.

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