Is The Big Bang Theory Fact Or Fiction

Before commencing this article we should acknowledge the fact that the big bang “theory” is just that, a theory, and is not presented as a a fact.

That said, in order to understand the true origin of the so called “physical universe”, to the extent there even is a “physical universe” we must first take a closer look at what the “physical universe” actually represents.

When most people think about “the universe”, they often think in terms of the observable physical universe of planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies and other celestial bodies as studied by astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists and others. This is the universe that can be perceived through the mediation of the five physical senses, and through observational equipment such as telescopes, and other scientific equipment. Science even today tends to make the assumption that if something is not physically measurable by scientific equipment or the five physical senses, it simply does not exist at all, and therefore “out of sight and out of mind”.

In fact, the physical universe of matter represents only a very tiny percentage of the entire, greater universe as a whole. The majority of the universe exists at levels of Energy and vibration far, far, far beyond the measurement capability of existing scientific instruments.

An excellent metaphor for the universe is that of an apple. If we cut an apple in half we see the skin, which we will notionally represent as the physical universe of matter, the flesh, as the greater universe of Energy including the Etheric, Astral and Mental realms, and finally the core, Source, First Cause. Humans are focused within the skin of the apple at the level of vibratory frequency at which humans currently exist..

Upon passing on from the physical world at the time of the transition known as “death”, a person is in reality transitioning from the very low vibration environment of the physical word, the skin of the apple, to a much finer level of existence at a much higher vibratory frequency than the physical world of matter represented by the flesh of the apple in this metaphor.

The physical world seems very solid and real to humans living on Earth only due to the fact that the physical body is vibrating at the same frequency as the physical universe of matter, notionally comprised of molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles, bodies of matter equipped with the five physical senses through which the physical world is perceived and experientially interacted with.

The level of the Astral worlds to which a person will transition after transitioning from Earth will always vibrate at the same level of Energy as that of the Astral body – the subject of a further blog post. Due to the much finer levels of Energy of the Astral worlds and without the physical, dense characteristics of matter, everything seems so “solid” and so “real” that many people initially do not at first, even realize they have left the physical world of matter. This is particularly true when the transition to the Astral has been particularly sudden or has taken place during sleep, where, upon awakening, everything still at first seems “normal”. So, everything in the entire universe is experienced in absolute harmony with the relative level of Energy and vibration at which it exists in accordance with the perfect and immutable Universal order.

The universe in its entirety may be considered to be spherical like a planet, conceptualised as a circle with no beginning or end, with Source at the centre, existing at the highest vibratory frequency, progressing outward though progressively lower levels of energy and vibratory frequency, until finally reaching the physical world of matter forming the notional “skin” of the so called “physical universe.

Unlike the conventional science question of what is the big bang, quantum mechanics demonstrates that the so called “physical universe” only appears to exist at the point at which it is observed. The physical universe is actually pure energy with no “matter” actually existing at all, except through the mediation of the physical senses.

This is demonstrated by the “double slit experiment” of quantum mechanics, which shows that the entire universe exists only as waves of energy, originating from Source, but which notionally collapse from wave forms to particle forms due only to the act of observation through the mediation of the physical senses. In other words the physical universe only seems to exist through the act of observation, but in reality, like the greater universe as a whole exists only as pure energy at an infinite range of vibratory frequencies

Another metaphor that may be applied to the notional physical universe is that of a balloon which demonstrates that the universe is expanding outwards from a central Source within, and not as the question what is the big bang theory proposes, from some point in the physical universe.

Consider then a balloon consisting of a rubber skin filled with air, the rubber skin representing the physical world of matter. Scientists have recently noticed that the physical universe is still expanding very rapidly, but are at a loss to understand why. For example, it has been shown that the temperature of the universe is uniform throughout, and not, as scientists would expect, to vary in accordance with the distance from the point of the so called “big bang”, in accordance with the question of what is the big bang theory.

The reason is fundamental to all life and the existence of the universe. In the beginning, to the extent there is a “beginning” – “time does not exist – a subject of a further blog post. Source, First Cause sent forth from the Logos creative Thought Forms, thus creating the universe and everything in it within all of its spheres. Through these living, Spiritual creations, for example human Beings, Source experiences, and thereby expands. This expansion is therefore originating from from within as opposed to a notional point in the so called “physical universe of “matter”.

As the universe and everything in creation is in a constant state of experiencing and constant state of evolution through experiencing, the universe is in a constant state of expanding from within, but in an outwards direction. We can simulate this by blowing up the balloon. If we draw circles on the surface of the balloon with a black marker pen, the circles representing galaxies, and then inflate the balloon further, representing the expansion of Source through experience, we will note that the black circles representing the galaxies will move away from each other, which in fact is precisely what science is observing relative to the physical universe. So the universe is expanding from within by experience, thereby causing the outer elastic physical skin of the universe, to expand.

As previously mentioned, the physical universe is spherical and has no beginning or end, and, as with the greater universe as a whole is infinite, It would be entirely erroneous to think in terms of “the beginning” or “the end” of the universe. As with travel on Earth, if we were able to travel in a straight line within the physical universe, we would eventually arrive back at exactly the same point at which we started. So, notions of “traveling to the ends of the universe” are as completely erroneous as seeking a specific, physical place in the physical universe where all creation started with the “big bang”, or of the “flat Earth” of the scientists of a few hundred years ago.

The word “dimension” is also entirely erroneous, only having meaning relative to the concepts of “space” and “time”, which we know are illusions perpetuated only by the five physical senses. Ultimately, everything in the universe without exception is pure Energy differing only in vibratory frequency, and infinite manifestations of that Energy in the form of Quanta which have quantum potential, influenced by Mind which as we know is Principle cause. Ultimately, everything within the universe from Source, First Cause, to the physical world of matter is an inseparable aspect of everything else, all being conscious, intelligent, vibrating Energy within the Universal Mind of First Cause, Source.

Governments of the world are currently spending vast amounts of money on exploration of a tiny fraction of the physical universe at a time when millions of people in the world are suffering from disease, famine, war and other situations. In fact, the destiny of every human being is not to travel within the illusion of the three dimensional universe of matter, but to travel inwards through the glories of the greater universe on the back to Source, The One. It is the ultimate destiny of everything in the universe, without exception, including every human being, to evolve back to Source, God in a state of perfection. This is the true meaning of life – the subject of a further blog post.

While humanity continues to focus exclusively upon the physical universe as the only observable and tangible reality, no true progress can be made. Only when humanity understands the true nature of the physical universe, and its role in the grand scheme of things can long-term progress be made towards our true destiny, a destiny that will leave the material universe, far behind, once it has served its intended purpose akin to the first year of kindergarten.

So, to conclude, there was no “big bang” pertaining to the so called “physical universe” and so the question of what is the big bang theory is completely erroneous. The entire universe of which all humans, life and things are a part. is infinite and eternal, originating only from Source within.

And So It Is.

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