Is There Life After Death – The Natural Transition

One of the greatest if not the greatest fear of humans on Earth is the prospect of the event known as death and the question of Is death “the end” or is there a “life after death”.

So let us begin this article with an absolute truth – there is, in reality, no such condition as “death”. The completely natural process known by humans as “death” is as natural and effortless as walking through a door, in this case from one phase of life to the next.

The name is of no consequence however. The fact is, this phase of life really does exist and becomes the new home for most people after departing the physical phase of life of that Higher Self incarnation. Some people, will, their Higher Self having completed the cycle of physical incarnation, or who came to Earth on Earth on a special mission from the inner spheres of life and reality, the true realms of Spirit, will transition beyond the Astral planes, inwards to their rightful place of residence in accordance with their current state of Spiritual evolution.

After transitioning through the change known as “death, the next vibratory sphere of human experience, the next life after physical death,for most people is the Etheric sphere followed by the Astral spheres, the “afterlife”, existing at a much higher vibratory frequencies of Energy relative to Earth. “Experience” here is transient, fluid and dynamic in nature relative to the temporal “space-time” bound environment of Earth.

The environment of the Astral, afterlife vibratory spheres of life broadly consists of configurations of Energy, which are “decoded” directly through the Mind without the mediation of the organic senses and brain, but still with the same learned and programmed beliefs and filters applied, which are still retained after “passing”.

Even though “matter” as it is experienced on Earth does not exist in the Astral, the “afterlife”, the environment and life experience there seems vastly more “real”, “solid” and “vivid” than life experience on Earth could ever be. To those, living in the Astral afterlife realms, Earth seems to be dull, dreary, misty and, oppressive. This largely due to the very low vibratory frequency that the people living on Earth have descended to, and which, like the Astral realms, is reflected in the Earth environment as a whole.

The Astral body, the Soul, still includes and is under the control of the ego with all of its desires, which is why the Astral is often known also known as the “desire worlds”.

The Astral realms seem similar to Earth in many respects with the people there continuing their lives just as they did on Earth, including the desire for possessions, residing in familiar homes, continuing familiar hobbies, sports, activities and so on.

A major difference however is that there is no need whatsoever for “work” or “money” as all desires can be instantly realised. This is why people often, after sudden “death”, do not realise they have “passed on” and many did not believe in a life after death, and believe they are still on Earth until the people there succeed in convincing them otherwise.

Unlike on Earth where “material things” are made of “matter”, in the Astral, afterlife, everything consists of a “thought form”, which is an Energy field projected by the Mind. Nothing in the Astral therefore has to be “made” as it would be on Earth.

Most “thought forms” are transient in nature, arising from “fleeting thoughts” which manifest and then rapidly dissipate. However, when concentration and focus is applied, powered by desire, emotions, expectations and intent, the very nature of a “thought form” becomes less transient and therefore more “persistent”.

Everyone in the Astral spheres, the “afterlife”, believes in exactly the same material form and function they were so used to, and often indeed addicted to and dependant on while living on Earth. So when people “pass-on” and duly arrive in their new environment, often welcomed by various generations of previously “pre-deceased” relatives, they can subjectively “experience” anything that they can possibly imagine and comprehend.

This ego and duality driven propensity for Astral residents to recreate familiar Earth environments is the main reason why most recently “deceased” people immediately notice that the “afterlife” looks and feels remarkably familiar to their home “back on Earth”.

This is also why the Astral worlds are known as the “desire worlds” because it is here that people must remain until all physical desires and other traits of the ego have been satiated and transcended, thus increasing the vibratory frequency of the Astral body which then transitions to the corresponding vibratory frequency of the inner spheres.

Very often newly transitioned people do not even realise and believe they have “passed on” at all, especially in cases of sudden, violent and unexpected death, due for example to a sudden trauma or accident. These newly arrived “residents” consequently need to be “convinced” by other residents that they are in fact no longer “living on Earth”.

This is reinforced by the fact that the very nature of the beliefs and expectations of such a person has taken the newly “deceased” person to a sphere of Astral frequency of very similar vibratory characteristics as their recently departed Earth life, and accordingly populated by peoples with a very similar “mindsets” and beliefs, all living in a very similar and familiar environment. This is one reason why the “afterlife” is so harmonious compared to Earth.

It should be reiterated that there is not just one Astral plane – there is a potentially infinite “number” of “planes” or spheres of vibratory frequency, all very slightly out of phase with each other, “each” corresponding to every human character trait, belief, culture, history and so on as well as the non-human spheres.

As humans on Earth advance technologically and people “pass on” to their new life after death on Earth from these learned and programmed experiences, new spheres of Energy are generated by the Minds of these people based upon Earth experience. So again, everyone passing on from Earth life to “after-life” soon feels “at home” and usually blissfully happy.

As previously mentioned, the “afterlife” generally seems much more “solid”, “real” and “vibrant” than Earth ever did, or could, due to the much higher, finer vibratory frequency of Energy providing a much higher “resolution”.

In the Astral there is a spectrum of colours and sounds far beyond physical human comprehension, and experience through the mediation of the extremely crude Earthly organic apparatus of the five physical senses operating through the organic brain.

When humans make the transition from Earth to the Astral Spheres they no longer have a physical body that is prone to ageing, health issues and so on. The Astral body does not require food or drink and does not have “bodily functions” to attend to.

In the afterlife, people experience themselves in accordance with how they most prefer to be thought of on Earth.

On Earth for example people tend to spend vast amounts of time, money and obsession on self image, vanity products, and so on, simply because they wish to remain what they perceive as “good looking”, “young looking”, and in particular attractive to the “opposite gender”.

Sex, vanity and self-gratification are also very major ego factors on Earth relating to human behaviour generally, and ones which the associated industries seek to exploit and therefore accentuate.

Once a person makes the transition, the conscious mind, the ego determines how the “Astral body” is perceived. People invariably appear in the afterlife as an idealised version of their previous physical body as it would have been experienced in their “prime of life, which is typically within the range of 25 to 35 years. This is why very often new afterlife residents do not recognise pre-deceased parents, grandparents and so on until they introduce themselves, because parents would have been remembered as much “older” as opposed to appearing a similar age.

So within the Astral environment, the “afterlife”, everyone experiences themselves, and are experienced by others as that residual image of their ideal appearance on Earth In due course this desire wanes, and a person “cares less” about the nature of how they perceive themselves, and the “Astral body” tends to “change” in accordance with experiences, not “residual self image”.

Far from being a “dreamy” sort of environment, life after death, the “afterlife” is experienced as being vastly more “solid”, real, vibrant and dynamic than Earth.

Comparing the experience of the Astral Spheres of the “afterlife” with Earth, may be likened to the visual sensory experience of viewing a very old tube based colour TV with its low resolution, curved, pixelated, “blocky” image screen, as compared to a modern High Definition Flat Screen TV.

When Astral residents visit Earth for example to see loved ones, it seems like a horribly dull, dreary, misty, oppressive sort of environment, likened to wading through a muddy swamp in dense fog and drizzle. Also, “afterlife” residents visiting Earth fully perceive the thoughts, feelings and emotions originating from the collective people on Earth, which, to them, is often like experiencing their worst nightmares, the only difference being that they are no longer part of that same nightmare.

Afterlife within the Astral, for most, is peace, harmony, tranquillity and freedom.

As all desires and influence of the ego fades, and vibratory frequency of the Soul increases, the Soul “fades out” of one vibratory frequency and environment of the Astral and transitions to a vibratory frequency that is precisely equivalent to that of the Soul. As this transition tales place the environment experienced becomes progressively more vibrant and ecstatic, and much more natural as the material worlds of the ego are left behind.

It should be noted that Souls on a higher vibratory frequency can visit realms on a lower vibratory frequency, including lower frequency Astral realms, the Etheric realms and Earth. The reverse is not true however – those on a lower vibratory frequency cannot move to a higher vibratory frequency due to the relative density of the Soul.

In due course, once the Soul with its dense Astral, “desire body” has satiated all ego desires within the Astral realms and the demands of the ego no longer being exerted, like the physical body, the Astral body falls away to leave the Mental body.

The Mental planes are the home of human beings who, having completely satiated their material desires and left the ego behind, have transitioned to the level of the Mental realms beyond form. The Mental realms are the Spirit worlds on the way to Higher Self.

As in the Astral worlds, everyone residing within the Mental worlds is on exactly the same level of Spiritual development for any level of Energy and vibration, the Mental planes being an inner extension of the Astral planes and an outer extension of the Cosmic and Celestial planes.

Having transcended the cycles of reincarnation, the Immortal Spirit as the Higher Self continues the journey ever inwards towards Source, First Cause, Pure Divine Love, God, through the outer and then mid and inner Mental planes, through the Celestial , Cosmic planes, where the ultimate and most sacred opportunity can be finally be realized, to become fully Source, Divine Love realized and conscious Oneness with God.

It will clearly be seen therefore that the change, transition known as “death” and life after death, is something to embrace fully and joyfully when the moment comes as simply the departure from one phase of life, on Earth, with all of its challenges, trials, tribulations and often misery, suffering and health issues, to a vastly more harmonious, vibrant, dynamic and real phase of life of joy, peace and freedom.

Every human being is on Earth to experience life to the fullest, living intuitively in the moment and not in fear of some future “death” which is inevitable, but should be joyfully embraced when the moment comes.

And So It Is.

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