Who Is God or What Is God From Human Perspective

There can surely be no bigger or profound question than that of “Who or What is God”.

The absolute truth is that God is so Infinite that no person on Earth can possible answer this ultimate question. ONLY God KNOWS the true nature of God in absolute terms.

We will however take a closer look at what we can say about Who Is God or what is God from our human perspective.

Before we begin to look at the question of Who or What Is God, we should look at the term “God” more closely, a term used here only for recognition. and apply a more accurate description of What God Is.

The most profound and ultimate truth is “THE UNIVERSE IS ONE”.

There is no separation or duality. Everything and everyone in the Universe in all of its spheres is ONE, collectively and absolutely.

Therefore the most accurate definition and name for “God” is “THE ONE”. I also choose to use the name “SOURCE”, in recocognition of the truth that God, The One, is the ultimate, absolute and only Source of All That Is. I will also continue to use the name God for recognition only purposes.

Now in approaching this vast subject we can divide the question of Who Is God, or What Is God into two main questions, thus:

People still live their lives by the literal word of ancient texts, in accordance with religion of parents, and which over centuries and millennia have been greatly, mistranslated, misinterpreted, misunderstood and with large amounts being deliberately omitted and altered to suit the the religion.

Many still subscribe to a religion due to strong, historical family beliefs and traditions which have been handed down through generations, and which are accepted and followed religiously. Most simply accept that these doctrines are true, without question.

While we must always respect the religions and beliefs of others, we must also show people the glorious truth that we are all integral Aspects and Expressions of the same One True Divinity, Source, THE ONE from Whence we all came forth.

If humanity is to progress it must now fully understand the true nature of Who God Is to the extent that it can be understood and comprehended in human terms and the true relationship of God with humanity, all life, the Universe and All That Is in all spheres of life.

So what them can we say about Who Is God with absolute certainty?

God Is The Divine Source Of All That Is.

God, is Omnipresent and Within every human being and all life.

God is Omniscient having absolute presence and awareness of every human being and all life.

God Unconditionally And Absolutely Loves All People And Life.

God Is Infinite Source Mind, Consciousness And Perfection.

God Above All Else Is The Ultimate Expression Of Divine Love.

We Are All Infinitely Loved, Eternal Expressions And Aspects God Through Infinite Divine Love In The Perfect Eternal Now.

And again, the most profound truth of all is that Every human being and all Life IS God.

In answering the question Who Is God, it is to be understood and respected of course that the truth that We ARE God is a step too far for most to accept. Therefore it may be more acceptable to think of human beings as Children God or aspects of God.

So what then is our relationship with God?

Let us first then in addressing this question, take a look, at what the various traditions and Spiritual traditions say:

Christianity: “Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of Heaven is within you”.  — Luke 17:21

Islam: “Those who know themselves know their God”.

Buddhism: “Look within, thou art Buddha”.

Vedanta, part of Hinduism: “Atman (individual Consciousness) and Brahman (Universal Consciousness) are one”.

Upanishads, part of Hinduism: “By understanding the self, all this Universe is known”.

Yoga, part of Hinduism: “God dwells within you as you”.

Confucianism: “Heaven, Earth and human are of one body”.

Christianity: “On that day, you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you”. John 14:20

So the profound and glorious truth is this:

We are all, as is all life, at once One with the Universe, One with each other, One with all life, One with all things, and One with God.

The Divine power that created the Universe is within us all, and therefore we all have the same creative powers as God. The power to move the Universe is truly within every human being.

The subject of our creative and expressive powers is the subject of future blog posts.

And So It Is.

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