What Is Really Real – The Persistent Illusion

In order to begin to understand the true nature of what is really real, the experience that most humans regard as “reality” or “life”, we must first take a completely dispassionate look at how perception of “reality”, from the perspective of a human “living” on Earth – personal experience – is collated and ultimately perceived and recognised from perspective.

In a previous blog post we discussed The Experiential Loop, so let us first briefly summarise how what is believed to be “reality:

  1. The five physical senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – continuously send data in the form of millions of tiny “packets” of electrical charges, collectively “sensory inputs” representing an impression of immediate surroundings, every second to organic brain.

Note: The organic brain is not the Mind and neither is the organic brain the so called “seat of consciousness” – an erroneous idea in and of itself. The organic brain is best likened to a powerful “supercomputer”, but which still relies completely upon its programmer and systems analyst – the subconscious sphere of activity of the Mind, most often referred to as the “subconscious mind.

  1. The organic brain continuously collates and assembles the stream of sensory inputs received from the sensory organs from which it compiles a composite image or impression as a “best guess scenario”. This composite “image”, which actually encompasses all available sensory information, is then sent as a stream of data to the subconscious sphere of Mind Principle – subconsiousness – “subconscious mind”.

Note: This is an entirely mechanical, programmed process with no inherent intelligence applied or present, in and of itself

  1. Subconscious sphere of Mind – subconsiousness – then applies a wide range of learned “filters”, acquired over the duration of the physical life experience to that point, based upon ongoing ideas, feelings, emotions, fears, self esteem, prejudices, beliefs and belief systems, religions, expectations of family, friends, society, perceptions on “money” and sense of security, concerns for family and much, much more, all received from the conscious sphere of Mind Principle – generally considered to be the conscious mind – during the process which the conscious mind recognises as the ongoing experience of “life”.

Note: The subconscious mind Principle is sublime, and simply accepts these messages from the Conscious Sphere of Mind activity as “preferences” without question, as own preferred “self-image”, “ideal self” – how you “see self”..

The subconscious mind then applies these “preferences” to the composite image it has received from the organic brain, and then forwards it to the conscious mind. conscious mind duly accepts the image without question as own particular impression of current “experience” in that moment. Keep in Mind that this is a continuous process.

This impression or image is always accepted by the conscious mind as “real” because the subconscious mind has already processed the image to ensure that it is in exact alignment with how you already perceive own situation and “life experience”, and therefore there are no contradictions, and you have no reason to Consciously doubt it.

Now the important point to note at this stage is that personal experience is constantly being shaped only by Conscious observations, experiences and associated thought processes, feelings and emotions, simply reacting to, and engaging in, what you sincerely believe to be “real” experience, “life” but with little or no control, or even remote awareness of this process.

It is a very common human trait to focus much more upon the “negative” aspects of their own perceived experience, with all the corresponding worries, fears and negative expectations arising, which are being constantly received by, and impressed upon the sublime subconscious mind, thereby reinforced by feelings, moods and emotions.

So subconscious mind is dutifully and immutably ensuring that own unique perception of own unique experience accurately reflects own perception of experience and expectations, thereby perpetually satisfying own learned and programmed self-reinforcing perceptions, prejudices and beliefs.

If these beliefs are negative in nature, because they are self-enforcing , they can spiral out of any “control” that may have existed, very quickly being perceived as a “hopeless situation”, as so very often happens.

Now it should and must be noted at this point that this process has absolutely nothing whatsoever to with this concept of “attraction” as suggested for example by proponents of the “Law of Attraction” There is no “attraction” and there can never be “attraction” which is an entirely erroneous concept as it is generally presented. “Attraction” implies a duality – “attracting” “something” “to you” that exists independently “outside” of self. In truth there is no “outside” of self, there is no duality, ergo can never be any “attraction”.

Nothing can exist “outside” of “The All”, within the context of The All. The One.

Every human, no matter what “picture” the physical senses, organic brain and conscious mind conspire to present, is an inseparable aspect of All that Is, concurrently existing wherever The All Exists – and there is “nowhere The All does not exist otherwise The All could not be The All, encompassing The All, so it is completely erroneous to think in terms of “attracting” something from “somewhere” “outside” of you when in fact there is no “outside” of you – you are already The All, and therefore whole.

Duality and separation are simply illusions arising from the activity of physical senses, organic brain – again which has no inherent intelligence or consciousness – and the conscious sphere of activity of Mind, but which has absolutely no basis in fact.

But still nevertheless the conscious mind “sees” or more correctly “perceives” and believes itself to be a “separate” “person”, known as the Ego. This indeed is where many of the issues facing humanity today originate at this moment, and is accordingly the origin and cause of most misery, suffering and human conflict in the World.

“Conflict” can only exist as a concept when people believe in an “us” and “them”.

Conflict of is a uniquely human trait, only humans exceeding their own sphere of activity and harmony with nature. There is only one other organism that is both as invasive as humans, and uncontrollably exceeds its sphere or habitat – a virus.

Now then we can move on to examining the “bigger picture” of experience presented to the conscious sphere of Mind Principle in the form of an apparent “physical universe” of “matter”, to which Conscious human experience is inexorably related.

Most mainstream science today still subscribes to, and bases its entire philosophy and sphere of research around the model originally proposed by Isaac Newton, comprising a strictly 3 dimensional model of the universe, consisting of structures “comprised of” what scientists have labelled as “matter”, and which are governed by “laws” contrived by science based upon a purely physical reference point.

Mainstream science, be it chemistry, biology or any of the other “materially” based sciences rely substantially upon this traditional 3D Newtonian model of the universe, with its constituent sub atomic particles, atoms and molecules, giving rise to carbon/hydrogen based “organic” life, without which these science would have no basis. The classroom wall of every school laboratory is adorned by the ubiquitous “periodic table of elements”.

But there is also a fourth factor, sometimes considered as a “dimension ” – “time”.

Time is not always recognised as a “dimension” simply because it is not “tangible” – it cannot be “observed” as such – but is nevertheless inseparable from the three dimensions of “space”, generally considered to be “length”, “width” and “height”. This is why theoretical physicists often refer to this model more appropriately as “space-time”.

Einstein also encompassed “time” within the context of his “Special Theory of Relativity” which also takes accounts for associated factors such as “mass”, “velocity” and “gravity”. Ultimately of course “light” – in terms of photons” – must also be included.

However – “time” cannot be a constant, because the reference points for its arbitrary measurement are specific to Earth. On another planet, Jupiter for example, the basis for the measurement of “time” would be completely different.

Remove all of these reference points and “time” becomes completely meaningless, except in the context of a subjective experience, or illusion, which is what it really is.

A cornerstone of astrophysics and related sciences is the so called “big bang theory”.

But again, the “big bang theory” is based purely on the assumption that the entire “universe” is, and always has existed exclusively in three physical dimensions plus time, and that accordingly all “matter” originated within the context of this 3D environment as a direct result of this mysterious but highly energetic and explosive primordial event.

This model of the universe would therefore seem to imply that “in the beginning” – before the “big bang” – the universe was characterised by what amounts to a pre-existent “void” of three dimensional “nothingness”, or potentiality, which subsequent to the “big bang” event became populated with “matter”, with later its galaxies stars, planets, moons, comets, and other myriad residual cosmic material to the extent it has been identified, named and documented.

It should be noted that in seeking the true nature and origins of “life” and “reality” within the context of the three dimensional universe of matter, science is actually working with only a very, very tiny subset of the available data, and here is why.

This three dimensional Newtonian model of the “universe”, plus the arbitrary concept of “time”, completely fails to take to account the possibility or even probability of levels of higher Vibratory frequencies of energy, beyond the confines of the traditional 3 dimensional model and capability of scientific instruments to identify and measure it.

Most, if not all scientists, will happily accept the fact that the fundamental “medium” of the universe is energy, the primary characteristic of which is Vibration as measured by vibratory frequency.

But why then would Vibration suddenly not cease to exist beyond a certain frequency, that just happens to correspond with the outer limits of the anyway infinitely limited scope of “modern” physical scientific instruments and therefore ability to measure frequency?

“Out of sight, out of mind” perhaps?

Absence of evidence does not equate to evidence of absence.

Vibration of course also encompasses scientifically measurable non-physical forms of energy such as photons of light, including the visible spectrum of colour, the non-visible spectrum including but not limited to ultra violet, infra red, radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays and so on, to the extent these can be detected and measured using physical instruments of some type.

When we look at this logically however, it immediately becomes apparent that Vibration simply cannot and does cease at the point at which it can no longer be scientifically measured, but rather simply reflects the limitations of human made physical scientific instruments in measuring Vibration beyond a certain frequency.

However, when honestly and sincerely seeking the nature of something as fundamental as “Reality” itself, an “out of sight, out of mind” approach is hopelessly flawed, quite simply because it only takes account of a very, very tiny fraction of the potential data, which just happens to be instrumentally measurable, while ignoring everything else.

This of course has always been the case throughout history, with scientific models and understanding always being strictly limited by the very nature of the instruments available. This is why a couple of hundred years ago diseases where attributed to all manner of causes, including but not limited to “witchcraft”, demons, “evil spirits”, but only because bacteria and later viruses had not be observed and identified, and therefore could not be factored in to the practice of medicine at that period.

In reality this is an ongoing process, with scientific models, educational and research framework and paradigm always being based upon the current technology available for measurement. So this is an infinite process that can never determine an absolute answer.

Plain and simple – to put it bluntly – to assume that the 3 dimensional universe of matter encompasses all “reality” with nothing beyond, simply because it cannot be detected by current technology, is no different at all to those scientists of just a few centuries ago who believed that the Earth is flat, and was also the centre of both the solar system and universe. Those scientists were no less correct than current science for the same reasons.

So what then can we say about the true nature of “reality”?

We can never know the absolute nature of “reality” as Source Mind, the Supreme Intelligence, until finally, through the process of evolution, the potential is reached and the decision is made to reunite, to “merge”, at which point All will become known and experienced.

We can however say this about the All Encompassing Nature of Subjective Experience in the context of reality of Universal Mind in Which “we” experience, evolve, love and have our Being, thus fulfilling reason for Being .

We may define this Subjective aspect of universally experienced reality thus:

A boundless expanse of Eternal, Mind, Spirit and Consciousness, subjectively experiencing Itself as Itself.

What may we say about the nature of the personal “reality” of humans focused on Earth.

Personal reality is simply subjective Experience in any moment of Now within the overall context of the greater reality and of a unique enclosed Experiential Loop.

The Moment of Now is eternal, encompassing Infinite potential, any aspect of which any personality has the potential to realise and experience through Mind Principle in the process of personal evolution – also an aspect of collective evolution.

There is ultimately One of Which we are all eternal aspects of Universal Mind.

Subjective experience, the reason or “meaning” of physical “life”, provides a limitless, self-regulating experiential environment through which Personal Evolution may progress through the Divine freewill with which we are all blessed, and the infinite power of Mind, within the context of a Universal Mind of infinite potential, always regulated through immutable Universal Principles and ultimately Source Mind – Supreme Intelligence, First and Only Cause.

Once Higher Self of a human has attained sufficient experience and evolution, all concurrent “incarnations” are released from the sandbox – the physical universe as a formless Spiritual “I” in the context of the greater Whole, All, of Universal Mind.

The objective and destiny of every Individual Aspect of Mind as Spiritual “I” is to attain the potential to reunite with Source Mind energy, Supreme Being and Intelligence, at which moment the absolute “Ultimate Reality” is instantly Realised in that Only Moment.

Most humans currently experiencing “Earth life” are just setting foot on this Eternal Path, during which life and experience becomes increasingly “real” and glorious”. There are no human words to even begin to describe these Divine glories but known to Higher Self – a primary motivation to continue, during which increasingly greater and more responsible roles are accepted with great joy, thus facilitating ever greater potential for experience, evolution and above all Perfection, while concurrently contributing to the eternal evolution and expansion of The All of Universal Mind.

And So It Is

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