What Is Energy In Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics demonstrates that energy, in its native form, does not manifest as discreet “particles”, each oscillating or vibrating as for example a water molecule, the frequency of oscillation or vibration of which increasing with heating or reducing with cooling, but rather propagates as a continuous wave, or more specifically waveform.

This continuous waveform of energy originates only from Source beyond “time” and “space”.

This quantum waveform exists until it is “interrupted” by observation which causes the energy waveform to notionally “collapse” and behave in the form of particles, the same particles that constitute what humans think of as “matter”. This is demonstrated for example in the “double slit experiment”.

If we look then at energy in its native state, what then may we say about it.

Well in order to make this discussion meaningful, we should first look at a wave in the context of the physical universe, where we may introduce the concept of “measurement” – a concept that does not apply beyond the apparent temporality and locality of the physical universe in the absence of “space” and “time”.

A waveform, whether it be light, water or energy as it manifests at the temporal, local level of the physical universe may be observed to exhibit these characteristics:

Wavelength: Distance between the peaks and troughs of the wave.

Amplitude: Strength, height of the waves.

Resonance: The measurement of oscillation or “vibration” of the wave, in other words how often the waveform with its characteristic “length” and “height” actually happens – is renewed in order to perpetuate it.

There are other characteristics of waves that we could also take in to account such as harmonics, describing how waveforms relate to each other.

Now as mentioned earlier, it is not necessary or helpful to get too deeply in to the actual physics of waveforms, because the physics immediately breaks down beyond the physical universe.

In the absence of “space” and “time” “measurements” become completely meaningless.

We will therefore confine ourselves to the qualitative rather than quantitative nature of energy, waveforms and particles where appropriate.

Wavelength then measures the distance between the peaks and troughs of waveforms, when “tuning in” to an energy source, as for example tuning your radio in to an energy in the form of “radio waves” transmitted by a radio station.

Human beings behave in the same way as a radio receiver, with the ability to “receive” information, knowledge, feelings, emotions, and in particular “ideas” that are being “transmitted” by another sphere of activity of Universal Mind through Source Mind.

If such a transmission propagates between two humans on the same Vibratory frequency, this transfer of energy on the same frequency is known as “telepathy”.

However, humans can also tune in to “transmissions” from much “higher levels of frequency” within and beyond the confines of the physical universe. These transmissions can be received from beings an entities located at much higher vibratory frequencies, a process generally known as “channelling”, or even from causal energy levels where “information” is stored as energy that may be conceptualised as a “library” such as the “akashic record”, or even directly from Source through the Higher Self, in which case it is “Inspiration”.

Moving on to amplitude. This is the “strength” of the energy “transmission” travelling along on its waveform, and accordingly its ability to be “received” both in terms of depth and quality.

If for example we make use of our radio transmitter-receiver analogy, if the transmitter sends a weak signal, the reception of that signal may be very difficult to hear, and may “break up” or “crackle”. If on the other hand the transmitted signal is very strong, it will be received “loud and clear”.

Amplitude is therefore very important to a human at all levels. The more powerful the transmitter, and more efficient the receiver, the more of a signal may be received and understood.

It is far from this simple however, because in fact the subconscious sphere of mind activity intervenes, by adding a whole series of “filters” to the “reception”, which can substantially or greatly change its nature.

From a transmission perspective, all humans are transmitters as well as receivers, the transmitter being the Subconscious Sphere of Activity of Mind under the control of the Conscious Sphere of Activity of Mind, ultimately through the only Source of Power – Source Mind.

These energy transmissions are known as “thoughts”. In other words, “thoughts” are Mind energy encoded upon a waveform.

The strength of the “transmission” will determine the corresponding nature and persistence of the thought as a “thought form”, which may be very “fleeting” or transient in nature, or may be very resilient and persistent.

Thoughts are energy, so therefore the amplitude of our thoughts determines the quality of the corresponding thought form, and in turn the experience related to the thought.

Most people proceed through the day “radiating” thousands of “thoughts”, the vast majority of which are “scattered”, transient and weak, with no persistent Mind Power behind them. Such thought forms are very transient – they coalesce and then dissipate in a moment.

Many of course engage in more focused and “persistent” thinking, to which they commit a much greater amplitude of “thought energy”.

It tends to be human nature however to focus such though upon perceived negative situations such as for example “debt”.

This higher amplitude of thought energy in the direction of “debt” for example will result in a much more persistent “debt” thought form, the harmonic of which will strongly resonate attracting corresponding “debt” energy forms of the corresponding vibratory frequency which will then “realise” the experience of dept on a temporal level.

The truth is that positive thoughts and therefore positive energy resulting in positive thought forms are of a much higher Vibratory Frequency, and accordingly much more power. So instead of focusing on debt a person focused to the same degree on Wealth, then Wealth would be the Experience in a much more powerful way.

So to summarise thus far – every human being is both a receiver and a transmitter of thought energy, and therefore originator of thought forms. The same of course applies to all forms of life, whether “animate” or “inanimate” – all are mind and all are Spirit.

Transmissions give rise to thought forms – collapsed energy waveforms – which resonate and harmonise with corresponding “ideas” and “experiences” on a temporal and local level.

Let us now continue with another characteristic of energy by taking a look at “resonance” also known as “vibration”.

Firstly then, what is the difference between “resonance” and “vibration”?

“Vibration”, may be considered to be purely qualitative in nature, so we are simply concerned with its behaviour in broad terms and in the context of the greater picture.

“Resonance” may be considered to be quantitative, i.e. measurable.

Energy is universal in nature – encompassing All That Is, and not simply in the context of how energy manifests in the context of the space-time environment and framework.

Beyond “space-time”, “measurement”, in all its forms, is completely meaningless, and accordingly “resonance”, or at least its quantitative aspect, is equally completely meaningless.

So let us talk henceforth in terms of vibration – a terms which in any case is very familiar to many – much more so than “resonance”.

The most fundamental unit of energy may be considered to be a “quantum” of energy.

“Quanta” is considered to be the plural, but this is erroneous in that “quanta” implies “multiple” instances, when in fact energy is a continuum in the form of a single wave.

A quanta is considered to be the most basic unit, or more specifically “something” that cannot be further divided or sub-divided, so clearly Quanta can only be regarded as native universal energy, characterised by infinite potential – quantum potential within the context of the quantum field.

Even the word “unit” is erroneous, but in the context of quantum potential, it is the best description that the English language will facilitate and will have to accordingly suffice for the purpose of these discussions.

So a Quantum of energy may be considered to have a qualitative characteristic of vibration.

We cannot, as previously discussed, quantify or unitise vibration due to its universal nature, I will therefore instead refer to vibration as a characteristic relative to the only meaningful benchmark, the only absolute and true benchmark of Source.

We cannot make use of the physical universe as a benchmark, or indeed Earth, simply because cannot or at least should not be regarded as a constant – in fact they have no basis in fact.

The vibration of Earth, solar System, galaxies and so on is constantly varying relative to each. Also, without wishing to blur the concept of a “solid Earth” even further, there are numerous potential “versions” or “levels” or “planes of existence” of a “solid” Earth existing at vibratory frequencies just out of phase with each “other” – they still manifest as a continuum of the whole.

Vibration may be considered as a function of spiritual evolution. As a human being, the personal “I” as a “messenger” or “point of experience” – a personality of Higher Self – the “I” gains experience through interaction with the Earth environment, “Vibration” of the Spiritual continuum of “bodies” increases or decreases relative to Source depending on character traits, attitudes, selflessness and so on. This process in turn determines where our consciousness is focused. In the context of a human body, our consciousness can “expand” or “increase” while the physical shell – the body – keeps us firmly rooted to Earth.

However, once freed from the human body, consciousness becomes not only focused but also experienced in accordance with the vibration of the personal energy field.

So after the change known as “death”, as discussed in another blog post, everyone will automatically transition to a vibratory sphere of the Astral spheres – after lingering in the etheric for a while – that precisely corresponds to the vibratory nature of your Astral body. Here you will find that all residents of that vibratory sphere are of similar beliefs, traits, personalities, attitudes – in short level of evolutional characteristics – and accordingly, unlike Earth which is a complete “melting pot” of humanity – harmony is the order, and everyone lives in harmony with everyone.

That environment most certainly would be inherently “perfect”, but only in and of itself. There are a potentially infinite further “spheres of perfection” beyond, which will be experienced in alignment with volution.

There is only One Ultimate Perfection – Source Mind, First Cause, First Observer, Prime Expression – Supreme Intelligence.

Beyond the extremely limited and, in the context of The All, extremely minimal “space-time” bound framework of the Newtonian physical universe of matter, mathematics and physics derived concepts such as “dimensions”, “velocity”, “mass” are totally inapplicable and therefore equally meaningless.

We know this because, as previously discussed, quantum mechanics has demonstrated no particle actually exists until it is observed or measured in some way. We know that before such observation energy exists only as a waveform with infinite potential, but which potential can never be quantified or derived.

So no matter what “particles” on whatever “level” are “predicted”, including the Higgs-Boson, or “God particle”, will have no real existence because the very act of looking for such a theoretical particle creates a transient representation of the expectation of the “appearance” of the particle, without it ever being “real” or “true”.

So although numbers and equations, may be of academic and perhaps theoretical interest within the “space-time” environment, can never be of any tangible value when considering the nature of the universe, The All as a Whole, or of the relationship between humanity and all other Life in all forms, whether animate or inanimate, with the whole, or their true “meaning” and destiny.

Again “space-time” itself does not even exist, and therefore the entire space-time paradigm cannot and does not exist in absolute terms, because the native state of The universe as a whole is as energy waveforms with Infinite quantum potential. “space-time” is energy notionally collapsed from a wave to particles, which is a transient state.

The only factors of interest to people therefore are those help to explain, and/or directly or indirectly influence experience, because Experience, Evolution through Experience, is the primary and most fundamental “meaning” of what people regard as “life”.

For those who have difficulty believing that we “create” or express our own experience, once you understand that absolutely nothing you previously believed existed in the form of “matter” actually does exist, being rather a temporal, local projection of mind which changes the nature of the quantum waveform in that moment, you will know, beyond any doubt, that in any moment you can instantly experience anything you can Imagine.

And So It Is.

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