The Influence Of Thoughts Feelings And Emotions

Most remain unaware of the profound influence of ongoing thoughts, feelings and emotions upon life experience. In this blog post we will take a closer look at this subject.

When we are born, regardless of our “birth situation”, we are born with infinite potential through the power of the same Source Energy, the creative force of the Universe flowing through us, as us.

This of course potentially makes us infinitely powerful except for the fact that most people today have no control over this process, thoughts, rather than being consciously directed, arising in response to perceived situations around them.

Every thought, feeling and emotion has an direct influence over our experiential reality.

Thoughts charged with emotion can be very powerful indeed. Providing we remain fully aware of this fact then we can either control or use emotions in our lives to consciously express desires. However, this is equally true of thoughts, feelings and emotions that are unintended and uncontrolled. We should always remain fully aware of our feelings, thoughts and Emotions, negating all those that are not consistent with that which we wish to experience. Awareness and control over thoughts, feelings and emotions can therefore be profoundly valuable.

The scale of Emotion ranges from the very highest vibration of all, the vibration of Source, that of Divine Love, all the way down to the very lowest vibration at the lowest end of the emotional energy scale of vibration, that of highly negative and destructive emotions such as hate.

It should be noted that the base level of emotions, and therefore of vibration have a profound effect on exactly where people find themselves after passing on from the physical world after the transition erroneously known as “death”.

in the context of the transition from the physical to the non-physical worlds everyone will transition to the Energy level of vibration of the Astral worlds that most closely match the overall vibrations of the Astral body or Soul. Those who have therefore lived a hate and generally negatively oriented physical life will transition to a correspondingly lower energy level of vibration of the Astral worlds that matches that level of Energy and vibration perfectly.

The same principles apply all the way down the scale of emotion from the highest vibration of Divine Love, through joy, passion, enthusiasm, positiveness, optimism, hope, contentment, satisfaction, boredom, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, disappointment, doubt, worry, blame, discouragement, anger, revenge, insecurity, jealousy, fear and hate.

It is well worth noting that “fear” is a level of vibration that is very far down on the Emotional scale and yet is an Emotion that many people increasingly project to their own detriment by creating a powerful fear driven reality for themselves. As the very true statement says “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Like worry, fear will always feed upon itself manifesting more of the object of that fear into the individual, experiential reality of the fearful person. Fear must therefore be immediately identified and transmuted to a higher energy level of vibration and emotion such as optimism, or preferably joy.

By always being consciously aware of emotions we can guide our experience in the desired direction instead of being swept along like flotsam on a river, by random thoughts, feelings and “situations” and under the influence and even direct control of others. As we already know, we are all open channels of expression of Source, enabling us to easily attract and share in the infinite abundance of the Universe.

By paying close attention to thoughts, feelings and emotions, accentuating the most positive powerful ones while neutralising or transmuting negative ones, we can align ourselves with Source as a free flowing channel of expression. we are all co-creators in the Universe, as well as our own personal experiential reality.

Emotions can have an extremely powerful effect on creating our personal Experience . The more positive, focused, Emotionally charged Energy we can focus upon our desires, the more we will attract from the Universe of Infinite Abundance.

Emotion is an extremely powerful catalyst to apply in the process of conscious Expression. The higher and more charged emotion is, the higher will be the vibrations and the more powerful it will be expressed in to experiential reality.

Another powerful emotion is Joy, which is very high on the energy scale of vibration. Those with a genuine passion for something almost always follow that passion with great joy and enthusiasm, which is why The Principle of Expression works so powerfully in attracting an unlimited experience in accordance with that passion.

Another very powerful emotion is gratitude. Taking anything for granted results in low vibrations, and experience will reflect that perfectly. Sincere appreciation and in particular genuine and sincere gratitude conveys a vibration that will bring more of the same into your life. Always convey thanks in your Mind with the highest possible sincere appreciation and gratitude for everything experienced from the Universe of infinite abundance and this will bring more of the same.

In conclusion them it is extremely important to remain fully aware of ongoing thoughts, feelings and emotions and their influence over experiential reality. All low vibration, negative thoughts should be discarded in favour of the high vibration thoughts, feelings and emotions such as joy, passion and Love.

And So It Is.

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