The Paradox Of The Human Condition

The vast majority of people in the world today still fail to achieve full potential due to a complete lack of understanding of the immutable perfection of the Universe, or of the relationship between themselves and the Universe, Source, The Divine, and our infinite potential.

This is in no small part due to the pervasive influence of the ego.

When the Higher Self, chooses to incarnate a personality, an “experiential lifetime”, into the so called “physical world”, it does so by choosing who the parents will be, location, what circumstances will be encountered and potential challenges faced. These are chosen with the objective of providing for the best possible opportunity for that personality to gain the specific life experience required during that lifetime, which ultimately goes to the overall perfection of Higher Self. The personality has the freewill to live that life and Higher Self cannot intervene or influence unless specifically asked to do so by the personality.

The personality is born intuitively knowing its purpose and the challenges to overcome. If the personality fails to fulfil that purpose during a lifetime, then Higher Self will send, incarnate, another personality to repeat the process until it succeeds.

Every lifetime is fully experienced as “self” so there is no getting away from this responsibility or leaving it to “another” personality. Humans fully and consciously experience countless “lifetimes”, although, in reality, all “lifetimes” take place within the context of the Eternal Now..

We are all equal aspects of Source, First Cause, Divine Love, God, with the natural, instinctive desire to evolve to Source Divinity as a fully realised and perfected aspect of God.

Over the years, however, the Divinity of humanity has progressively become buried deeper and deeper by the pervasive influence of ego, giving rise the human condition as it exists today.. This has caused humanity to turn its back on the sacred path, the true meaning of life, and towards an ego oriented alternative existence centred on gross materialism, dogma, indoctrination, and the desire for power, control and recognition, all of which can bring more misery and suffering.

From a very young age most people are influenced by such erroneous factors as what “other people” think of them, the desire to conform to the expectations of family, friends, neighbours and “norms of, society”, living in strict accordance with “the way things are done”. The “way things are done” is rooted deeply in ego driven duality which generally can only bring more and more misery, suffering and discord as is generally reflected in the world and life today.

It is only when an individual has the self-awareness, courage, strength, fortitude and determination to break free, to live independently as a free Spirit, beyond the influence of others or society, and to face the truth that he or she is truly free to fulfil his or her own true destiny with joy, meaning and real purpose that life can truly begin.

In order to achieve this Divine state of awareness, it is necessary to consciously become an open channel through which Source can express through Higher Self, the Eternal Spirit, the Immortal “I”, in the “physical world”. Although every human being has the full infinite, power of Source within, the majority succumb to the ongoing demands of the ego and “fall” in to a duality oriented life.

Source, God provides for all our genuine needs, necessary for genuine life experience, and thereby, through us, as us, Source experiences and expands, and thus the entire Universe expands.

But again, most people today are living in exactly the opposite way by striving to conform to the expectations of others and society, pursuing money and material gain and personal recognition as a first priority, forcing things in a perceived direction by physical means, instead of being an open channel of expression of Source, and are therefore existing contrary to the natural immutably perfect flow of the Universe, all of which contribute to the human condition as it is now.

The Universe is already immutably Perfect in the Eternal Now and can never be changed. The “work” of Source, God, is already complete and perfect.

To the extent “freewill exists, humans only have two choices:

  1. To be in full alignment with Source, Divine Love, and experience, peace, harmony, health, abundance, joy and fulfilment through the Heart..
  2. To succumb to the relentless demands of the ego and duality, thus experiencing misery, suffering, discord, lack, frustration, poor health and more.

At this moment, in the early twenty first century, “society” as a whole is still operating in a paradigm, a human condition, through which people are trapped from a very young age into a system that often prevents joy, happiness, fulfilment and above all Spiritual evolution.

From the very first day a child is born into what should be a glorious, joyful and fulfilling life on Earth filled with Love, joy, fulfilment and progression, the indoctrination of the child into the “trials and tribulations” of the material world commences.

A child, from birth, is taught to focus upon the five physical senses and to behave in a certain way, in accordance with their gender and future “integration” into society.

The child is taught to covet material things, such as toys, as a prelude to coveting larger material possessions later in physical life, often as a first priority over everything else.

Later, young children are expected to go to kindergarten and then school in order to obtain the “qualifications” required to obtain a “job” that they may “work” at for the next 50 years or more, often in accordance with the wishes and expectations of parent.

Finally an adult “retires” often on a meagre “pension”, after which the person may live out what remains of the life in the hope of simply surviving in a generally non-caring world, which cares not about the lifetime contribution of the person or of late life needs.

From the moment of birth, the mind of most children are shaped by parents based upon their own perceptions of what life “is all about”, usually based in turn upon their own current circumstances, and the lifestyle, traditions and “values” of their own parents before them.

Very few people choose a religion or Spiritual tradition based upon their own research, needs and inner feelings and intuition. The vast majority of people today subscribe to the religion forced upon them by parents from birth, and expected to adhere to lest they “suffer the wrath” of the anthropomorphic deity they “worship”.

Many children are taught that it is wrong to aspire to anything outside of their “station in life” that they were born in to, and should instead focus on the lifestyle that their parents have always accepted and found to be quite “adequate” for them.

The mind of a child at both conscious and in particular subconscious levels is very highly impressionable. It does not take many years of such relentless indoctrination of the trusting child for the Subconscious mind of a child to accept whatever their parents, teachers and society have thrust upon them as “reality”.

Once the transition to the “afterlife” of the Astral worlds has taken place during the change erroneously known as “death”, the Soul will have every opportunity to reflect upon what might have been, what was not accomplished and why, eventually returning to Higher Self with an incomplete package of experience, resulting in the Higher self sending forth an alternative representative to Earth to repeat the life circumstances to have another go at completing the mission assigned.

Humans have been trapped in this paradox, a cycle of living a false existence that is inconsistent with their true purpose on Earth, which the Soul and subconscious mind are fully aware, but which is buried deep within the ego and many layers of life programming, and away from alignment with Divine Love. It is not until this cycle is broken, and people recognise, understand and exercise true freedom based upon their own reason for being here, and to live from the Heart, and not the ego, can they finally overcome their human condition, realise true joy, fulfilment and freedom, and the means by which to complete their true purpose on Earth this time around.

People might say that money is necessary to acquire the basics of survival, such as food, clothing and shelter. While this might appear to be superficially the case according to the ego, the truth is that we are here to experience freedom and enjoy unlimited, abundance health and happiness through our Divine connection with Source, God, not simply the basics for mere survival.

There is a very big difference between true “abundance” and “money”, and it is this distinction that has led so many people astray. “Money” is a human concept that largely does not even exist, except as a creation of governments and banks as an instrument of control, notional data created and stored on computers. True natural abundance is a fundamental Universal Principle, not about money.

The Universe has infinite, unlimited true natural abundance waiting to be delivered to each and every person. “Ask, and you shall receive”, every time, no exceptions. The Universe does not recognize favouritism, “luck”, “chance” or any other such superstitions. Most people simply do not know how to ask or to receive, or are aligned with the Source and they therefore fail to achieve true abundance, joy and happiness, usually blaming their “misfortune” on a multitude of erroneous factors.

Only those who can fully understand how the Universe expresses abundance through human beings may realise as much true and fulfilling abundance as they can possibly desire, along with the true joy, happiness and emotional freedom associated with it. This means throwing off the shackles imposed by family, friends and society in order to become a true channel of abundance for Source of all abundance. Those who can accomplish this will answer those who may be critical of their defiance of “societal norms” by virtue of an extremely abundant, joyous, fulfilling life on Earth, and one in which all genuine desires are realized, thus overcoming the paradox of the human condition.

It has often been noted that those who physically seem to “work” the hardest for all of their lives seem to have the least money, possessions and true happiness, while those who “work” the least often seem to enjoy unlimited abundance, joy and true freedom. Many people will jealously view such happy, joyous and fulfilled people with envy, often accusing them of achieving their riches through some sort of illicit means, or ascribing their success to such superstitions notions as “luck”, “chance” or “fortune” which simply has no basis in fact. In reality such abundant,, happy people are simply more in harmony with the natural flow of the Universe.

Many people cast blame on others and even revel in the failure of others instead of celebrating success. The simple and powerful truth is that those who have achieved such levels of true fulfilment have done so by overcoming the ego to the extent of casting off the shackles of society and the expectations and pressures of others to conform, instead becoming open channels through which Source can express and thereby experiencing fully in the physical world, thus being blessed with unlimited abundance, joy and happiness.

One of the most powerful and truest expressions is quite simply:

Let Go And Let God.

In China, a philosopher known as Lao-tsu said:

In the practice of the Way every day something is dropped. Less and less do you need to force things until you finally arrive at non-action. When nothing is done nothing is left undone”. ~ Lao-Tsu

These are very powerful and very true words, and once they are fully grasped and assimilated into your life, they will place you in a much better position to attract anything desired, without the need for physical action, money, or other human contrivance

If a person desires something, driven by the ego, for example, new car, clothes, electronic gadget etc – , they automatically assume that some sort of physical “plan” or “action” is required in order to obtain it. They thereby “force” things in their own perceived direction. Such force might bring about the intended result, but Universal Principles are immutable, and the force of that cause will always have a corresponding effect which will not always be positive.

People are generally still focused on “doing” instead of simply “Being”. In order to achieve anything, it is first necessary to “Be” rather than to “do”. “Being” always precedes “doing”.

This is not to say that we should never “do” things. Of course, action is often necessary in the “physical world”, arising from Being, but such action must always be aligned completely with the flow of the Universe and come truly from the Heart. It is only by being an open channel of expression the Universe, always receptive to intuition and inspiration from within, fulfilment arrives, sometimes requiring an action, but which action is always in alignment with the Universe.

So, herein is the true human paradox of the human condition:

Humanity still remains largely trapped within a “no pain, no gain” based society and its relentless expectations, often driven by money, materialism, vanity, craving for power, control, status and recognition, the desire to conform to the expectations of others and the uncontrolled demands of the ego. This is, usually brought about by a materialistic focus, largely as a direct result of programming, conditioning and indoctrination from a very early age, by a society which, at all levels, for the most part lost its way millennia before.

It is only when this human condition can be recognised and confronted for what it is and thus reconciled and transcended, can humanity as a whole once again fully align with Source, First Cause, The One, God, Divine Love, to finally become free flowing true channels of expression and experience of Source, God, with abundance, freedom and joy, the birth right of every single person as a true Child of God.

And So It Is

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