The Experiential Loop And The Illusion Of Matter

Most people simply accept the so called “physical world of “matter” as “solid” without question, but what then is the reality?

In a previous blog post we looked at energy and vibration as it relates to “matter”. In this blog post we will look in depth of how the human experience of “matter” is actually experienced.

Look around you now.

Everything you see – your computer, desk, chairs, drink, food – everything in fact – seems very solid. After all, if you sit on a chair you do not fall on the floor.

Surely everything around us must be “solid” otherwise our hands simply would pass through objects and we could walk through walls- which most people cannot.

To look at this further we must look at what is generically known as the “material” of which “solid objects” are composed.

So what is “material”? How may “material” be defined?

Science informs us that material is comprised of Molecules and atoms”..

This is clearly true to the extent that “atoms” and “molecules” notionally exist. Assuming for now this is the case the question must be asked what do “molecules” and “atoms” notionally consist of?

If you know much about physics you might reply “sub-atomic particles”. You may even mention protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, leptons, gluons and so on.

But herein is the paradox.

None of these “sub-atomic particles”, including their derivative materials, actually really “exists”, in other words can be perceived, unless a conscious attempt is made to observe or “measure”, i.e. quantify or qualify them in some way. This is demonstrated by quantum mechanics through experiments such as the double slit experiment for example.

So then – do these “building blocks” of “matter” have any real sort of “existence” or basis in fact at all, if, only “appear” or more specifically are only perceivable, qualifiable and quantifiable during the act of observation?

If the elementary atoms form the basis of molecules which in turn form the basis of the material compounds used to “manufacture materials”, then the only conclusion that we can possibly arrive at is that every “thing” that humans currently perceive as “materially real”, only exists because someone chose to “subscribe”, or “opt-in” to its very existence through the process of observation through an act of intent, reinforced by life experiences and implicit belief in its reality or potentiality to actually “exist”.

In other words the sense of material reality is an entirely programmed, i.e. learned response, arising from previous expectations, experience, and beliefs aggregated over a lifetime, and many other factors deeply embedded in Subconsiousness.

This clearly adds a further level of factors to consider in the context of what is “real”.

So let us now review that which already know about the role of the sensory organs and organic brain in perceiving our apparent environment.

Millions of sensory inputs per second from the five organic sense organs are transmitted to the organic brain, which in turn, mechanically, without any sort of inherent intelligence or consciousness – the “brain is not the Mind or the seat of Consciousness – collates these electrical impulses to produce a composite “image” or more accurately an impression, in accordance with quality of the information received.

If the brain is damaged in some way, through physical, trauma, condition such as an apoplexy or cerebrovascular incident, or for example through toxicity of some kind, then its capacity to mechanically process the data presented by the five physical senses is compromised, along with its ability to assemble an accurate impression of its relationship with its environment to forward to the Subconscious Mind.

As the computer programming community saying goes “garbage in, garbage out”.

So the data sent for the attention of subconscious mind, which is infinitely intelligent but can only act upon what it receives or perceives, is “scrambled”, along with any necessary output processes such as “speech”, motion, recognition and so on.

The “Mind” is still intact as is Consciousness, Intellect and intelligence, but as with a computer – if a circuit board, memory module, or other component becomes faulty, the data being output cannot be relied upon, or may even present a totally erroneous output resulting in confusion, disorientation, dissociation etc as for example happens under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic, psychoactive or other “mind altering” substances.

The organic brain is therefore analogous a super-computer, which sends a stream of data to the Subconscious Mind in the form of composite “images” or more correctly “impressions”.

The Subconscious Mind then, in accordance with ongoing thoughts feelings, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, expectations and other learned and programmed data originating within the conscious sphere of mind activity, accumulated during the course of the current “life experience, re-processes the data before “outputting” the data to be displayed on the “screen” of the conscious mind, which people then call their “experience”, “sense of being”, spatial awareness – their “life”.

Ultimately however it is the conscious sphere of mind – the ego – which both determines and accepts the nature of its own experience. It is in fact a self-perpetuating illusion, the nature of which becomes more apparent – as we will see later.

When “mentally disabled” people “die”, and transition to the Astral level of vibratory frequency of energy, even those with most profound brain damage including those in a “persistent vegetative state”, they are immediately freed from the layer of processing performed by the damaged organic brain to experience Mind directly, feeling “whole” once again, with full mental capacity, as if they were never subjected to the perceived limitations arising from the malfunctioning organic brain.

“Mentally disabled” people are not actually “mentally disabled” at all – they are “organic brain disabled”. Such people experience perfectly “normal” dreams as everyone else, simply because dreams originate within the sphere of the Subconscious Mind and experienced through the Conscious Mind, not at some notional point in the organic brain.

The same applies to all physical or mental disabilities. Once a person is freed from the organic shell and transition to the next phase of non-physical life, , they are freed from all restrictions, except to the extent that their Mind still believes that they are subject to them – this is usually quite transient.

Moving on with the process of perceiving experience then.

The composite image from the organic brain is presented to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind, which then applies the corresponding set of learned filters based upon the lifetime of acquired beliefs, expectations, intentions and all those other learned and programmed feelings, beliefs, thoughts, prejudices, expectations, reinforced by the emotions, from the Sphere of the Conscious Mind – this is a continual process – before “forwarding” it to the Conscious Mind as the completed image, with all expected beliefs, biases, expectations reflected and fully “factored in”.

The conscious mind, the ego, happily accepts this image as “experience” or “reality” in that moment.

However the “experience” has been skewed by the Subconscious Mind to make it acceptable to the Ego, otherwise the Ego would reject summarily reject, or at least disregard it.

Without this safeguard built-in, the person would rapidly become confused, disoriented and perhaps even “psychotic”, soon be unable to function at all.

The Conscious Mind never, ever thinks to question the image presented, because the Subconscious Mind has already ensured that it is already in complete alignment with ongoing learned and programmed expectations and beliefs. So the Conscious Mind, the Ego, feels secure within its own microcosm of experience or “reality”.

But the crucial factor to consider here is that in the case of most people who have no conscious Mind Power over their own experience, the Conscious Mind is perpetually subscribing to its own illusion – an illusion that the Subconscious Mind always immutably “satisfies and adjusts as necessary.

So from the perspective of the person, their experience is always “correct” and “real”, regardless of whether it is perceived as “good”, “bad” or indifferent.

For example – if a person believes it is “cold” outside because they have looked out of the window and seen that it is snowing, the Subconscious Mind will always ensure that the conscious experience matches the expectations. If a person saw that it was snowing, but upon leaving the house felt hot and humid, considerable confusion may well result. This is because the conscious mind has learned that “snow” is “cold”. It is quite possible to impress upon the subconscious mind that snow is warm for example.

If, as sometimes happens, the conscious mind chooses to reject the impressions presented to it by the subconscious mind, based upon the composite impression received from the brain and sensory organs, the person generally regards it as an “illusion”, “mirage”, “trick of the senses” and so on, thus easily assimilating the experience without becoming mentally confused. This behaviour is a “safety valve”.

This equally applies to all levels of human experience, from the personal to the collective, since all Mind is ultimately One and therefore Intimately connected and Inclusive with “each other” at all levels, and with All that Is within Universal Mind.

Therefore collective “experience” from the perspective of each person, is a function of both personal subjective experience and the collective of all individual subjective human experience within the same sphere of consciousness, independent of time or “history” upon the Mental Plane of the Human Mind.

No human is capable of experiencing or perceiving “anything” beyond their current sphere of imagination, comprehension or programming – their beliefs – because their subconscious mind is not resonating on the same vibratory frequency of the collective mental plane corresponding in which they are focused in accordance with their own relative state of Spiritual Evolution.

I mention this to pre-empt any objection that people are frequently aware of the “existence” of lots of “things” before actually physically “seeing” or “experiencing” them.

For example a shopping trip where you may visit a shopping mall to “look” for “things” of the sort that you may wish to purchase, but which you have never seen or perhaps considered before in the case of an “impulse buy” – certainly not down to any fine details.

Another example might be in taking a vacation to a foreign country that you have never visited before, to “see” and “experience” the “sights” that are accordingly completely “new”.

In both cases – the “products” in the “shopping mall” or the “sights” in the “foreign country” are only available to the sphere of conscious awareness during the process of experience and observation, because they pre-exist as persistent thought Forms within the collective human consciousness on the corresponding mental pane of vibratory frequency with the collective observations, experience and programming of billions of other “people” – conscious sheers of Mind principle – throughout “history”. In reality of course there is no “history” – only Now.

Towns and cities for example are shared, collective experiences, simply because the conscious minds of thousands or millions of people subscribe to, and interact with that shared experience continually, as has always been the case in the “past” history of that environment. These people accordingly choose to interact with and accept these experiences “normal” within the context of the sphere of their own comprehension, imagination and programmed beliefs and expectations as they relate to that environment.

This then gives rise to the perception of “normality. In fact there is no such condition as “normal”, because all experience is entirely subjective, in accordance with the perspective of the observer.

In this way the shared experience is infinitely perpetuated to the collective, “shared” spere of the human mind on the corresponding vibratory spere of the mental plane that anyone at the same mental vibratory frequency also may choose to subscribe to at a subjective level, even if they have never “seen” them before, and which is accepted by the conscious ego mind as “normal” within their own sphere of “normality”.

Again, this is due to the fact that personal mind and collective mind as well as the conscious and subconcious, subjective spheres of activity, are really One, simply being spheres of activity within the overall context of Universal Mind, and can therefore share and experience either at a personal or collective frequency, but always subjective level.

Due to the comparatively low vibration of matter and the intervention of the concept of “time”, these collective experiences – towns, cities etc – can persist for many “millions of years” as measured by human calendars – currently the Gregorian – long after they have been “lost” and forgotten at a conscious level by the peoples that originally “constructed ” them.

This is so simply because these structures or remains are still part of the “fabric” of the collective human subconscious experience which is known to the subconscious sphere of mind. The subconscious, subjective mind, which is not subject to “time” or “space”, incorporates all knowledge of all human history, which it will render conscious as appropriate.

In the next vibratory sphere of human experience, for most people the Astral spheres – or the “afterlife”- which exist at a much higher vibratory frequency of energy, beyond the concept and illusions of “space” and “time” relative to Earth, “experience” is much more transient, fluid and dynamic in nature than within the context of the much lower, denser Earth vibratory frequency of the temporal “space-time continuum” and matter dependent environment of Earth.

No atomic or other intermediate, albeit transient particles exist within in the Astral, or are necessary to the environment. Within the context of the Astral Vibratory Spheres of Experience, of which there are potentially infinite, the environment is broadly comprised of Unique Energy Fields known as “Thought Forms” which are decoded directly through the Mind – in the absence of the organic brain – although still very much with the same learned and programmed beliefs and filters applied, accumulated from physical life on Earth, which filters are still retained after “passing”, but which of course will be progressively modified with interaction within the context of the “new” experience.

When a person passes on to the “afterlife” of the Astral spheres of vibratory energy, they appear to themselves and others as an idealised version of how they would most wished to appear to others in physical life. Typically this is 25 to 35 years of age, slim, no marks or deformities etc – their ideal Self. This may be termed “residual sslf image”.

The Astral spheres are actually an excellent illustration for the purposes of this discussion, having removed one layer of processing – the organic brain.

If a person in the Astral chooses to experience “something”, or believe or fear they are in the presence of “something”, whatever they wish to experience, believe in or fear will “manifest” and be experienced instantly at the “speed of thought”. The experience will generally be deemed to be “real”, because it is consistent with existing learned and programmed fears, even if they are irrational.

When the person becomes bored and ceases to focus on that particular “thing”, the “thing – a transient thought form – instantly dissipates back to native energy potential where it may coalesce to become another thought form under the influence of Mind in its infinite states. All potentially coalescent Energy possess identical and infinite potential in its Native State.

So in the “afterlife” the processes we have been discussing relative to the material world may be subjectively experienced and thereby verified instantly, thereby providing useful personal experience and evidence of the immutable Principles applying to all spheres of vibratory frequencies within the All of Universal Mind.

In the Astral spheres of vibratory energy – the more a “person” or “people” – duality is still accepted and accordingly experienced there as on Earth – interact with any such created experience or locale, the more persistent it is.

Most thought forms are completely transient in nature, arising from “fleeting thoughts”. But when attention and focus is applied and fuelled by emotions, expectations and intent, the very nature of the “thought form” becomes less transient and therefore more “persistent”, to the extent that reference to duality implied “persistency” in a timeless, spaceless, environment is appropriate.

Everyone in the Astral spheres – the “afterlife” – believes in exactly the same material form and function they were so used to, and often indeed addicted to and dependant on while living on Earth. So when people “pass-on” and duly arrive in their new Astral environment, often welcomed by various generations of previously “deceased” relatives, they can subjectively “experience” anything that they can possibly imagine, comprehend and believe in, thinking that all of their proverbial “Christmas’s have come at once”. They are as the “kid” in the proverbial “candy store”.

After the novelty wears off somewhat, they might experiment by creating a more enduring environment or experience that they feel most comfortable with, but always within the context of the collective environment upon the Energy Vibratory Frequency of the Astral Plane in which they are focussed in that moment, centred on Ego.

This propensity for Astral residents to re-create familiar Earth environments is the main reason why most recently “deceased” people immediately notice that the “afterlife” looks and feels remarkably familiar to their home “back on Earth” – so much so in fact that very often newly transitioned people do not even realise and believe they have “passed on” at all, especially in cases of sudden, violent and unexpected death, due for example to a sudden trauma or accident. These newly arrived “residents” consequently need to be “convinced” by other residents that they are in fact no longer “living on Earth”. This process followed by a thorough debriefing that can be quite extensive, especially in the case of atheists who have no belief of an “afterlife” and scientists who cannot conceive of an “afterlife” because of the conflict with their rational, learned scientific paradigm in their universities on Earth, which conflicts in turn with their own perception and concept of what is actually “possible”.

This is reinforced by the fact that the very nature of their own beliefs and expectations has taken the newly “deceased” person to a Native Energy sphere of Astral Frequency of very similar Vibratory characteristics as the their recently departed Earth life, accordingly populated by people with a very similar mindsets and beliefs. This is one reason why the “afterlife” is so harmonious compared to Earth.

On Earth people of every type of personality, character trait, beliefs, Evolutionary level and so on live within the same environment – a major reason for human conflict.

It should be reiterated that there is not just one Astral plane – there is a potentially an infinite “number” of these “planes” or spheres of vibratory frequency, all very slightly out of phase with each other, “each” corresponding to every human character trait, belief, culture, history and so on.

As humans on Earth advance technologically and people “pass on” from these learned and programmed experiences, new spheres of Energy are generated by the Minds of these people based upon Earth experience. So again, everyone making the transition from Earth life to “after-life” feels immediately “at home” and usually blissfully happy.

But “amazing” though the infinite possibilities of the Astral spheres seem to be, where all desires are realised instantly, this is also a trap in many respects, because once the people there become so used to, and often infatuated with this utopian world, experiencing anything they have ever desired on Earth but could never “have”, instantly, without the need for “money” or “work” or “government” any other prerequisite, condition or restriction, then the experience and novelty can so totally infatuate and consume the Mind and consciousness of the person, that they become “addicted” thereby preventing them from evolving and progressing. They become lost in their own illusion or delusion

Ultimately of course all free themselves of a persistent experience, often with the help of others, realising how frivolous the experience really is. Wishing for a more “real” and fulfilling experience, Vibratory Frequency increases, and automatic transition to a “higher” – actually inner – plane of Energy with a the correspondingly higher Vibratory Frequencies and Energy Thought Form characteristics. The person must then reconcile the experience of this new current Energy Frequency through the process of realisation so they can move on again. This eternal phasing out of one Energy Frequency and on to the next may be likened to infinite “deaths” and “rebirths”, of which Earth is the first.

Of course the “afterlife” generally seems much more “solid”, “real” and “vibrant” than Earth ever did, or could, due to the much higher, finer vibration of Astral Energy Frequency, with a spectrum of colours and sounds far exceeding physical human comprehension, experienced without the extremely crude but necessary Earthly organic five physical senses operating through the mechanical organic brain.

It should also lbe mentioned that when humans make the transition from Earth to the Astral spheres, the afterlife, everyone will experience themselves precisely in accordance with how they most prefer to be thought of on Earth.

On Earth people tend to spend vast amounts of time, money on vanity products, “anti-ageing” products, “weight-loss” products and so on, simply because they wish to remain perpetually “young looking”, and attractive to the “opposite gender”.

Sex, vanity and self-gratification are very major factors on Earth relating to human behaviour generally, and ones which the associated industries seek to exploit.

Once a person makes the transition from physical life to the non-physical Astral energy spheres, the conscious mind determines how the “Astral body” is perceived as opposed to the organic processes of physical life, which are often a function of lifestyle choices, so they invariably appear with a replica of their previous physical body as it would have been experienced in their “prime of life, which is typically within the range of 25 to 35 years. This is why very often new afterlife residents do not recognise parents, grandparents and so on until they introduce themselves, simply because they would have been remembered as “being much older”.

Comparing the experience of the Astral spheres of the “afterlife” with physical Earth, may be likened to the visual sensory experience of watching something on a very old tube based TV with its low, curved, flickery, pixellated, “blocky” image screen, as compared to a multra high definition modern flat Screen TV.

To people in the Astral – and increasingly so as they progress inwards, visiting or “viewing” Earth – the Earth plane seems like a horribly dull, dreary, misty sort of environment, visiting which is likened to wading through a muddy swamp in dense fog and drizzle. To “afterlife” residents visiting Earth fully perceive the thoughts, feelings and emotions originating from the collective people on Earth, which, to them, is like experiencing their very worst nightmares, the only difference being that they are no longer part of that same nightmare – at least from the same perspective.

This anomaly will be fully corrected as Earth completes this Vibratory Transition, and all “dark” low Vibratory Energy Forms will be reprocessed and effectively neutralised.

Increasing frequencies provide for increasingly higher, finer, more detailed, defined and refined resolution and clarity.

And So It Is as we travel inwards beyond Earth and the crude physical, material Universe of matter. The further from the Sphere of Vibration of the so called physical Universe – universe of physical potential – and the nearer to Source, the “higher the resolution” is the Experience, and therefore the more vibrant, vivid, “solid” and indeed “real” it seems, albeit far beyond the old paradigm of “form”, with an ever increasing range and spectrum of sounds, colours and other experiences.

This is all due to the greater overall potential that increasing Vibratory Frequencies of Energy facilitates – the higher the Frequency, the more “detail” can be decoded through Mind Principle at the same frequency, but with the now complete Spheres of Mind – Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious Spheres now functioning as One Continuum of Consciousness, All decoding Energy, Thought Forms directly.

Even in human form organic senses are bypassed and through an “expansion of consciousness” which may be invoked through a lowering – a lengthening – of brainwave frequencies, to facilitate the potential to both create and decode these thought forms directly. Note that lowering brainwave frequencies provides perception and assimilation of higher vibratory frequencies of energy. Brainwave frequencies and personal or individual energy field frequencies, are not related and should not be confused with each other. The former is physical and organic, the latter is metaphysical.

This is also the process that facilitates the entire gamut of experiences generically known as “psychic” experiences, including, but not limited to clairvoyance, remote viewing and meditation related experiences.

Dreams that are experience during sleep also originate within the non-physical sphere of the Mind, never the organic brain. Clairvoyance is actually the conscious as opposed to unconscious “viewing” or more accurately “perceiving” of events – either on Earth or even the Etheric or Astral – directly through Mind Principle – bypassing the influence physical senses and organic brain altogether.

It is impossible to predict, or “see” the “future”, to the extent that it exists at all relative to the illusory temporal space-time experience, in Energy terms exists only as “quantum potential” – possibilities that can only become subjective experience through the process of observation in the present and only Moment of Now, always in accordance with the learned and programmed filters arising from a lifetime of perceived experience.

So what people think of as the “future”, exists only as native energy with infinite potential.

“Ideas” do not originate in the organic human brain – in fact they do not even originate within the human sphere of Mind.

Ideas “arrive” directly to Subconscious mind, which acts as a “receiver” in the same way as a TV for example, from the mental plane, of the range of energy frequencies corresponding precisely with the vibratory frequency of the collective human mind at any level or sphere of Spiritual evolution, always in accordance with the capacity for that idea to be received by the person.

The idea originating within the Mental “plane of ideas” is first transmitted first to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind in accordance with the nature, in other words vibration of thought forms originating from the conscious sphere of mind activity.

The subconscious mind creates a thought form corresponding to the nature of the thought as determined by the vibratory properties of its energy field.

This thought form then attracts “ideas” of the same unique vibratory and energy “signature” from the corresponding causal human mental plane of Ideas, shared by all humans of similar level of evolution and accordingly vibrating on a same similar energy frequency.

The subconscious mind then, as usual, applies all the learned and programmed belief “filters” received from the conscious sphere of experience of mind activity as previously discussed, and then forwarded on to the conscious sphere of Mind itself which accepts the “idea” in accordance with its current mental capacity, biases, beliefs etc to do so.

The idea is then received as a modified thought form in the same way as an impression originating from the sensory inputs of the physical senses as mechanically processed by the organic brain, and accordingly as being as an “original idea”.

But again, as with all subjective experience, the very nature of the original, pure, undiluted “idea” is filtered, biased and skewed in accordance with the specific beliefs, expectations, “hopes” and so on of the conscious mind.

So, for example, a very religious person might think about metaphysical concepts, but will invariably reject them as being “outside their belief system” or “not in the Bible” and therefore not the “word of God”. These are evolutionary limiting beliefs.

Humans can and do therefore actually originate “thought forms”, but cannot originate unique “ideas”. Humans can only “receive” ideas from the “plane of Ideas” on the collective mental plane which they can “tune in to”, in accordance with their mental capacity to do so.

If the ego mind cannot conceive of, or believe in a level or quality of idea, then it will simply reject it as “wrong”, “nonsense” even “heresy”, instead choosing only to accept whatever it chooses to believe – again as is frequently the case in religion.

Of course “beliefs” extend to every sphere of experience including for example about “money”, relationships, social “status”, but these are always learned or programmed.

A baby is a Spiritual marvel of consciousnesses, a perfect, uncorrupted, wonderful Being with infinite potential, and latent capacity to achieve anything without limitation. A baby inherently knows no limitations, even having the latent capacity to access to all knowledge without ever attending the human construct of “school”. This will be discussed in a further blog post.

So physical existence, in which after all people will be mostly interested as a physically focused human being, it is clear then that there are three fundamental factors that determine of your own “experience” or concept of “reality”.

This I have termed the “experiential Loop” which may be summarised as follows:

  1. The inherent limitations of the organic human body, including sense organs – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – and the organic brain, which has no inherent “intelligence”, consciousness or capacity to either originate or receive thought.
  2. The personal conscious mind – the ego – continually impressing the immutable and immensely, indeed infinitely powerful Subconscious Mind with deeply rooted and learned beliefs, expectations, biases, prejudices, fears and so on, arising from programming of parents, society, religions, and later greatest influence of all – the popular media, including, but not limited to news papers, TV, films/movies, and their corresponding websites.

The subconscious mind then applies those “experience filters” to the composite image received from the organic brain, and then presents the Conscious Mind with a corresponding impression – experience – that it can readily accept as “real”, being totally consistent with its sphere of expectations and current experience.

The frequent human propensity of rejecting potentially positive experiences as being “too good to be true” epitomises self imposed restrictions all too well.

  1. The very nature of “matter” itself from which the brain, through the five sensory organs, compiles its initial “best guess” composite image, is, in reality totally transient in nature, only having any form of perceived but not “real” existence at the moment at which it is observed or an attempt is made to quantify it.

So, ultimately it is the conscious, ego mind that both determines and creates its own sphere of experience with which to Interact, believing it to be “real”.

The subconscious sphere of Mind passively processes the data in accordance with these factors and the freewill with which all humans are blessed.

At a quantum level we know, and can prove, beyond doubt, that “matter” does not exist, and therefore “space” does not exist, “time” does not exist, “locality” does not exist, and accordingly none of the mainstream sciences have any real basis.

What is perceived as immediate experience is simply a projection of mind, based upon the feedback of the organic senses and the conscious, ego mind, with the subconscious mind acting as the intermediary, perpetuating the illusion.

And So It Is.

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