What Is Cause And Effect – A Universal Principle

The question of “what is cause and effect” has often been asked throughout the ages in some form, often causing confusion and misunderstanding, and such is its significance is well worth discussing and clarifying.

The Principle of “Cause and Effect”, sometimes referred to as “Causation”, is an immutable Universal Principle, encompassing the truth that nothing in the Universe can ever happen by “chance”. For everything that happens – for every effect – there is always a corresponding cause preceding it, without exception.

To not accept the Principle of Causation would be to suggest that everything happening in the Universe is chaotic, random and occurs by pure “chance”, “luck” or “fortune”.

The question of what is Cause and Effect has often caused confusion with questions such as “how can one thing be the cause of or the “creator” of a second “thing”? This is however actually an erroneous way of viewing this Principle, because no “thing” actually “creates” any other “thing”. Cause and Effect is a “chain” or series of unique events, causes, and their corresponding effects, one following the other in immutable succession. In this context, any “event” may be defined as something occurring as a direct result of a preceding event and is part of a flow and succession of such events, all of which extend back to Source beyond time and space, Therefore, there is always, without exception, a relationship between a specific event and everything preceding it, the corresponding cause, as well as everything that follows.

It should also be mentioned that an effect originating from a corresponding cause, a “thought form” does not only manifest once in the observable moment, but continues beyond the temporal observable event horizon as a chain of causes and corresponding effects extending back to Source, often becoming magnified, exerting an increasingly greater effect in the process.

Absolutely every action, without exception, including every single thought, as each action or cause always arising from a thought originating from the mind, exerts its corresponding effect at some level of vibration within the greater Universe. In part, it is due to the lack of understanding of this Principle that many have little or no control over their existence on Earth and, accordingly, exhibit very little freedom. People are swept along with events in accordance with the Principles of Cause and Effect, influenced by situations and other people, often in endeavouring to conform to the expectations of family, friends and society generally. People might well protest at this assertion, claiming they are free to “do as they please”. Yes, they are most certainly free to do as they please, but what makes people “want” to do what they “please”? These “wants” and “pleases” are actually all relative. What causes someone to “want” to do a particular thing in preference to another, or “please” to do something else? These “wants” and “pleases” are, therefore, entirely dependent upon each other.

Those who can control their own lives, through understanding Caise and Effect, and the effect of thoughts originating in the mind, are never carried along on a succession of “wanting’s” and “pleasing’s”, rather exerting focussed thought in order to proactively determine precisely what they need to accomplish, and set about creating the corresponding causes that will result in the desired effects by use of the powers of the Mind, only allowing thoughts and Belief consistent with their desire, in accordance with the Principle of Expression. This then becomes a predetermined act of creation rather than simply a product of a chain of random influences.

Rather than merely being a pawn in the game of life, anyone can become their own king or queen with total control over the entire “game of life” through the Principle of Expression, often erroneously known as “the law of attraction”. This is not to say that a person with such control is no longer subject to the immutable Principle of Cause and Effect, but such a person is now making conscious and positive use of this Universal Principle to further their own state of health, happiness, abundance, well-being and of course Spiritual evolution.

So, there is no such thing as “chance”. The Principle of Causation, “Cause and Effect”, is always present and always in operation, both in our life and everyone else’s life, effect following cause in perfect immutable sequence back to Source. Nothing is “chaotic” or ever happens outside of Universal Principle, and nothing ever acts contrary to Universal Principle.

And So It Is.

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