Service To Others Before Service To Self

One of the most important principles of progression in all spheres of life is the offering and provision of unconditional selfless service to others before service to self, out of pure Unconditional Love, and without any thought of reward.

Service to others before service to self is is a fundamental principle and quality of Spirit, both from an individual perspective and from the perspective of the entire human race, and all life, without which there can be no true progress. Human beings, and indeed all manifestations of life and Spirit in the Universe are One, all aspects of our one Supreme Creator, Source, God. We are all, whatever our state of evolution, here to help those further out on the path to progress also.

This fundamental principle has, over the course of thousands of years largely broken down on Earth, due in no small part to the demands of the ego, materialism and the pressure to conform at all levels of “society”, together with a lack of understanding of the true nature of humanity and of the Universe. Many people today will not consistently help others, especially strangers, without expecting a tangible “reward” in return, very often money. There are, of course, notable exceptions, such as the excellent work carried out by the many charities and volunteer workers, and other altruistic people in many different circumstances.

As humanity inexorably transitions into a new Golden Age, motivated by Unconditional Love and away from the ego, the Principle of service to other before service to self will become central to a glorious new era for humanity.

Of course, people are understandably committed to their own daily needs motivated mostly by a “survival” instinct, only helping each other whenever appropriate. This is as it should be between families and friends. True selfless service before service to self motivated by Unconditional Love, however, extends far beyond the confines of family and friends.

The true meaning of selfless service is to unconditionally serve others whenever the need for such assistance is requested, apparent and appropriate, without any thought of personal gain, providing always that such service is consistent with the well-being of the person to whom the service is being extended, and does not infringe upon their freewill in any way, and thereby their own freedom to learn and evolve through experience.

Such service can be extended in numerous ways, ranging from direct physical help, advice, support, healing, teaching and in many other ways. Within the Astral and Spiritual spheres of life, where every Being, including humans, live on the level of Universal vibration that is in harmony with their individual vibration, and therefore on the same level as other Beings of the same vibration. In these worlds a level harmony always exists relative to that particular level of vibration.

Even those residing in the lower or outer Astral spheres will eventually learn their own particular lessons through experience, a fundamental principle of life, and will go on to return to their Higher Self with their own unique package of experience, which in turn contributes to the complete Self in the ongoing quest for perfection and evolution.

No experience on Earth, however apparently negative or “evil” is ever wasted. Without so called “evil” there would be no reference for “good”, and accordingly “good” and “evil” are both relative in accordance with the perceptions of the observer. Before Source, God, there are no “good” people or “bad” people. We are all equal and Unconditionally Loved Children of God on a unique learning experience in the kindergarten of the Universe called “Earth”.

Most people, with the exception of those who are ready for the next stage of their journey, or are here for a specific mission from the inner spheres, will transition to the Astral worlds, to a realm that exactly matches their character as determined by their unique vibration, and will be the same person in every respect, with the same memories and “issues”, except they will now possess a perceived non-physical as opposed to a physical body.

Notwithstanding the conditions awaiting a persistently selfish person after physical death, all transgressions will have to be reconciled sooner or later. Relinquishing the habits of a lifetime on Earth or making so called “death bed confessions” is completely meaningless, and does not absolve the “confessor” of a lifetime of selfishness or other negative traits, which have become an integral aspect of the Energy field and therefore vibration of that person. Mere words are not enough. These negative characteristics can only be reconciled by learning the necessary lessons, and transmuting the negative traits into their polar opposite positive traits, which, in the case of selfishness, is by extending selfless service to others.

True progression includes subjugating the influence of the ego, respect for all life, Unconditional Love and selfless service to others before service to self. No one knows precisely when their current lifetime on Earth will be completed, and no time should be lost in fully embracing these Universal Principles and the true meaning of life. Failing to do so would inevitably require the Higher Self of the person sending another representative to Earth to learn the lessons that were not learned in that incarnation, thus delaying progression to the inner spheres of life, the glories and splendours of which are beyond the comprehension of Earthly Man.

All progression must be out of Unconditional Love and service to others before service to self, and not simply out of a desire for gain, a fundamental Principle that all humans need to embrace sooner or later, particularly as we enter and embrace this new Golden Age for humanity.

And So It Is.

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