Is There Life After Death. What Is The Afterlife

What many believe to be the finality of “death” is in reality no more or less than a transition, or change, from one state of life, a physical state of life characterised by the physical body, to a non-physical state of life within a much finer, more subtle, non-physical body, existing at a much higher vibration known as “the afterlife”, “Astral planes” or “the beyond”. The process can be likened to walking through a door from one room to another.

So, in addressing the question of is there life after death, what actually happens when people experience the change known as “death”?

Regardless of the precise circumstances at the end of physical life, what follows is substantially the same in all cases. At the moment the physical body ceases to function, etheric energy is transferred to the etheric body, also known as the energy body also including the Astral and Mental bodies. The etheric body will usually then become the new “temporary” body of the recently “deceased” person for a few days as measured in Earth time. Sometimes, however, the recently deceased person will transition directly to the Astral worlds.

What happens next varies from person to person. Those who do not transition directly to the Astral worlds, the “afterlife”, will, immediately after physical death, find themselves very much “alive” in the etheric body, feeling more “alive” than they ever did in their physical shell. A person after “death” will often fully observe everything happening around them, including all people present. What the person is actually “seeing” is not their physical surroundings as such, as they no longer have any physical senses. What they “see”, now is a very close etheric “reflection” of those surroundings.

If other people such as doctors are present, the person might well see and hear himself or herself being pronounced “dead”. The “deceased” person can then, if desired, stay and watch what happens to their “old body”, observe the actions of the people present or immediately go elsewhere. In this much finer state of existence as pure energy, it is quite possible to travel anywhere in the world or the entire Universe in an instant, literally at the speed of thought. The etheric plane, like the Astral and Mental planes is a Mind world, an extension of the Astral planes and of the Universe as a whole, existing beyond the boundaries and restrictions of physical space and time.

The “deceased” person often remains very close to the physical world while the level of etheric energy of their etheric body remains sufficiently high. They will very often make the most of this opportunity to visit and say goodbye to family and friends and perhaps to visit their old home and favourite places from their physical life. Of course, living people cannot, with the exception of psychics and clairvoyants, usually “see” the “deceased” person, and any attempts by the deceased person to communicate with living people usually fail, often becoming a source of frustration. Very often, the “deceased” person will attend his or her own funeral, not only to “see” all family, friends and other people they knew and loved in physical life gather to pay their last respects, but also to realize the finality of that particular physical life on Earth. Soon after, reserves of etheric energy will dissipate, and the person will transition to the level of the Astral worlds corresponding to their own unique vibratory frequency.

The deceased person can make the decision to transition to the Astral worlds at any time simply by desiring and willing it to happen and by thinking of being there, but only if they realize the possibility exists, otherwise, the transition will usually take place naturally once the supply of etheric energy in their etheric body is depleted, at which time it will dissipate, giving way to the finer vibrations of the Astral body.

The other extreme occurs when a newly deceased person transitions directly to the Astral world, the afterlife, almost immediately after physical “death”. Sometimes, they will be aware of their physical death, but very often, the first thing a deceased person will be aware of is what is often described as a “tunnel of light” into which they are “pulled” at great speed before emerging at the other end within the Astral worlds, often to be greeted by family and others with an interest in the newly “deceased” person. In other cases, the scenery will simply seamlessly fade away from the physical world and “melt” into the Astral world.

There are however cases where for example people “die” very suddenly, or are bound to Earth by strong emotions such as guilt, or by grossly material or other earthly attraction, when the person does not realise they no longer inhabit a physical body, and will linger around their familiar surroundings, often not understanding why they cannot communicate with anyone until they realise that they no longer have a physical body.

Irrespective of how the deceased person arrives in the Astral worlds, they never need be alone. Other Astral residents, frequently previously deceased relatives and friends, will be present to greet and help them to settle into their new home. Very often, the newly deceased person will be taken to a place in the Astral world, the afterlife, which is effectively a “reception area” for newly arrived Souls where, they will be met by a host of helpers with the task of assisting new arrivals. Such helpers specialize in all manner of cases and are able to assist with the transition process regardless of the circumstances surrounding physical death, having experience with a wide range of conditions associated with transition, ranging from the natural to the traumatic.

For most decent people who have led a life with no strongly held religious or other strong beliefs, the environment is always extremely peaceful and harmonious and otherwise quite similar to Earth, having been created by the minds of people who previously lived on Earth . If the physical death was sudden, violent or due to some self-inflicted disorder such as alcoholism, or if the person was ill for some time before physical death, there will be the Astral equivalent of hospitals with doctors and nurses on hand to assist, people who might well have been doctors and nurses in their own previous physical life. At these levels of the Astral everyone contributes out of a desire for service, and, unlike the physical world, with no expectation of reward. As mentioned before, in the Astral worlds anyone can create anything they wish for, so the concepts of “work” and money do not exist, and the people living there accordingly have no need of it.

Because the Astral worlds, the afterlife, can appear to be almost identical to the physical world in appearance, some people do not believe they have actually “died”. Such people can become confused and disoriented and might require attention by specialist helpers until they can come to terms with their new non-physical existence in the “afterlife” of the Astral worlds.

Children and infants especially require a great deal of care from Astral specialists. In these cases, a nurse or designated helper, often a previously transitioned family member if available will look after the child until he or she is old enough to join a family or make their own way in the Astral worlds. There are many such families who will gladly take on the responsibility of looking after young children or children in need of guidance who arrived before their own Earth based parents. Older children will often join a family as soon as they have come to terms with their new home in the Astral worlds.

Children can usually adapt to the Astral worlds much more quickly than adults, largely because they had not yet been fully indoctrinated into the ways of the physical world, and children are generally much more adaptable than adults.

Upon arriving in the Astral world’s most people settle into their new home very quickly and create a new “life” for themselves. They will, sooner or later, completely lose interest in the physical world and previous physical life. However, people living in the Astral worlds can, and very often do “visit” the physical world whenever they feel the need to, often to visit loved ones left behind. There are numerous cases of bereaved family and friends suddenly feeling the “presence” of their loved one, and in these cases, it is very often truly their loved one visiting for a time from the Astral worlds.

It should be mentioned that “deceased” people living in the Astral worlds, the afterlife, will often watch over their loved ones still living in the physical world, guiding them by means of inspiration and protecting them from inner dangers whenever possible. Because the Universe is Infinite living Mind, thought is a very powerful primary energy. Therefore, it is relatively easy for people in the Astral worlds to influence or “impress” the Minds of people still living in the physical world. Such influence can suddenly arrive in the Minds of people on Earth as intuition, inspiration or ideas that appear to come from the individual’s own Mind. Pets, such as cats and dogs, can often sense the presence of their deceased owners in a very powerful way.

It is also possible for people living in the Astral worlds, the afterlife, to visit people in their dreams. This happens more often than people realize. Dreams of meeting deceased people are often very real, and such contacts should always be taken very seriously and any messages remembered. Everyone in the physical world leaves their body at night while in deep sleep, and Astral residents sometimes take this opportunity to meet with their loved ones “face to face” in the Astral worlds. These meetings are then often remembered in the morning as a vivid lifelike dream. If anyone is wondering about is there a life after death, these encounters are very helpful.

Although it is perfectly natural and healthy to grieve for a deceased loved one, it is important to realize that these people are not really “dead” and have not “ceased to exist”. The loved one is now living in what is actually a truer reality than the physical world. Assuming they are living in the mid to high Astral worlds, the afterlife, or within the Spirit worlds, they will be experiencing an existence of pure love, light, bliss, peace and happiness on a level beyond the comprehension of most people still living on Earth. They can and do often visit loved ones still living on Earth, often endeavouring to make their presence felt in order to reassure the grieving loved ones that they are happy.

It is also important to understand that the “deceased” person can feel these emotions and “hear” the thoughts of those grieving in a very powerful way. It is best therefore to feel happy for the “deceased” person for completing their life on Earth, and to send Love and understanding in the knowledge they live on.

One of the benefits of Astral projection, as discussed in a previous blog post, is the ability to visit and explore the Astral worlds and to meet deceased loved ones and friends in person, thus answering the question, is there life after death, by actual experience. To Astral projectors, death holds no fear because they have had some experience of the glorious life waiting after the final release from the restrictions of the physical body.

Although people still living in the physical world regard those living in the Astral and Spirit worlds as “dead”, to those people who passed on to the Astral and Spirit worlds, it is the people still living in the density of the physical world, with all of the trials and tribulations it brings, who actually appear to be “dead” by comparison, dead to the splendours, glories, peace, harmony of the inner worlds of life and reality.

So for all those wondering about the question of is there life after death, the answer should be clear.

“Death” should never, ever be feared. It is rather something to anticipate and celebrate when the time comes as a completely natural aspect of onwards individual evolution and transition to glorious worlds of pure harmony, bliss, tranquillity and beauty where no hardship, trials or misery exist. The transition of passing to the inner, Astral, the afterlife, and inner worlds is a joyous time for celebration.

And So It Is.

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