Healing Powers Of The Mind And Perfect Health

Everyone wishes to enjoy perfect health at all times, yet few actually do. There are several reasons for this. Diet and lifestyle are of course major contributors towards perfect health, but by far the greatest influence over health, healing and the body generally is the infinite healing powers of the mind.

Everything we experience as our physical body, as with everything we perceive as being “external” to our body, is a direct result of thoughts, intentions, expectations, emotions and feelings. The more persistent these are, the more they will influence the physical body through the subconscious mind.

Many people find it difficult to accept the truth that they are the cause and therefore product of their own health, weight, mental state etc. – but once realised and accepted it is extremely empowering on many levels.

No longer is it necessary to accept poor health, “catching diseases” from others, or a “body” that you are unhappy with – we all have absolute control over all of these aspects of Self, both at a physical level, but more profoundly at a mental level through the healing powers of the mind.

“Weight” for example t is not only directly a function of what, or how much we eat, but particularly how we think of ourselves. This is why some people can eat as much as they desire without ever “putting on any weight” at all – they simply do not expect to.

The same healing powers of the mind applies to “ageing”. People only appear to “age” because they are taught from birth that as we get “older” changes take place to our body such as teeth decaying or falling out, hair falling out and turning grey, skin wrinkling, and all the other outward manifestations of what people know as “ageing”.

The process of “ageing” is very much reinforced by the “vanity industry” who, through TV adverts, bombard people with a relentless series of products to hide or even prevent the effects of “ageing”, often using impressive sounding chemical compound names, thus reinforcing the thought of ageing and vanity itself, which in turn therefore becomes self-fulfilling.

It is a scientifically accepted fact that the body of every single one of us, without exception, is completely rebuilt every few years – some parts taking just a matter of hours, some days, some months, but after a few years we all have a brand new body.

So why do people age or suffer long-term diseases? Quite simply because the Subconscious Mind is building our body in absolute accordance with the blueprint we provide with our ongoing thoughts about how we perceive and feel about ourselves.

If you think and believe that you will “age” and suffer from a life-long ailment, then that will be your experience, every time.

Likewise with “body building” or “training at the gym” for example. It is possible to attain the ideal desired body without even leaving the home, or using any equipment. The only “workout” anyone needs is of the Mind, because Mind is Principle and has absolute dominion over the body. Attending gym etc. does not “build the body” in and of itself – it is rather the expectation that it does so because Mind is Principle.

So what then are the Principle factors for maintaining perfect health and appearance through the healing powers of the mind?

  1. Love yourself – unconditionally. Unconditional Divine Love is the highest vibration in the Universe, and the higher the vibration of Divine Love associate with, and assimilate, the greater the influence over our body.
  2. Realise within, the Divine perfection in which we are made. Source, The Creator, God’s own image of us is absolute Perfection. So we were all made in the same perfection as God, and it is a sacred duty to express that perfection. So all we need to do is to realise the Perfection of God and to realise that perfect image in which are made.
  3. Know and apply the power of the Mind for perfect health. Subconscious Mind has total dominion over our body at all levels. It is the Subconscious Mind alone that maintains all vital bodily functions, breathing, heart beat, blood flow, defences against microbes and everything else at all levels.

Only think, believe, know and feel therefore perfect health no matter what your physical senses may suggest to the contrary. If you see someone sneezing or seemingly sick in some way for example, do not think to yourself “now I will catch that cold or ‘flu”, rather think in terms of “I feel so healthy” and “thank you for my perfect health”.

In conclusion, while it is certainly important to enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle, the healing and health powers of the Mind are infinite, and can heal any health issue, and maintain the body in perfect health.

In a further blog post we will discuss in depth the process of using the power of the Mind for healing.

And So It Is.

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