The Valuable Practice Of How to Relax Deeply

The benefits of the ability of deep physical relaxation cannot be understated Deep physical relaxation is a valuable precursor to other abilities such astral projection, out of body experiences, manifestation, healing, and many other physical and metaphysical abilities as well as for well-being generally.

I this blog post then we will discuss how to relax deeply.

The objectives before commencing deep physical relaxation exercises are for your body to be as balanced as possible from the outset. One of the best conditions for relaxation is to sit completely upright in a straight-backed chair while not leaning against the backrest of the chair. This will enable you to achieve the necessary balance between deep relaxation and alertness to avoid falling asleep. It is possible to achieve deep relaxation while lying flat on your back on a bed, but as the bed is usually associated with sleeping, and the subconscious mind will immediately move consciousness into sleep mode which is not the objective for the purpose of how to relax deeply.

The practice of how to relax deeply

Begin by breathing in deeply but slowly to a slow count of five, and imagine with as much realism as possible that the air you are inhaling is a very bright, radiant, sparkling white light. As you progressively inhale, feel the positive energy of this white light entering your body and spreading throughout from head to foot.

Hold your breath for a slow count of five while enjoying the white light as it bathes your entire body. Then, slowly exhale to a further slow count of five. As you exhale, imagine that your breath is a dark grey colour containing all negativity and tension. As these leave your body you feel progressively more relaxed.

Now, continue to relax for a further slow count of five, and repeat the process of inhaling pure, radiant, white sparkling light, again feeling its Energy entering and permeating your entire body from head to foot before finally exhaling the dark grey light. All inhalations, pauses and exhalations should be to the same slow count of five for each part of this process.

Repeat each breathing cycle at least five times, ideally continuing until you are feeling generally completely and deeply relaxed. Note that while doing these breathing exercises, inhale by using your entire diaphragm and not just your upper chest. You can accomplish this by drawing in each breath by using the entire area from your abdomen, lower stomach to your upper chest.

The next stage in deep physical relaxation involves progressively deepening the state of relaxation, starting at your feet and finishing at the crown of your head.

Imagine, as vividly as possible, a large sphere of bright, glowing, radiant white light positioned just beneath your feet. Make this sphere of light as intense as possible, even brighter than the sun on a clear summer’s day.

Feel the warmth of this energizing light around the entire area of your feet, toes and ankles. Feel all remaining tension drain quickly away as your feet become free of all tension. Maintain this visualisation as vividly as possible until all remaining tension completely dissipates from your feet and ankles.

Next, imagine the bright sphere of radiant light moving slowly up your legs to your calves. Feel this area completely bathed in the soothing white light until both of your calves are completely free of all tension.

Next, the light moves slowly up your legs until it reaches your thighs. The sphere of light can expand as much as necessary to fully encompass any area of your body. As before, allow the sphere of light to remain in this position until you know beyond any doubt that all tension has fully dissipated from your legs and they are feeling completely relaxed.

Repeat this process as the glowing sphere of Energy travels slowly up your body, reaching your hips, followed by your stomach and lower back, your chest and upper back, arms and shoulders. Your arms should ideally remain totally straight by your sides, allowing the sphere to encompass your entire body and arms as it progressively makes leaves each area of your body feeling totally relaxed.

When the sphere of radiant white light reaches your neck, allow it to remain there as long as necessary for you to release all tension. Your neck can collect a considerable amount of tension, and sufficient time must therefore be allowed for it to completely dissipate.

Finally, the glowing, radiant sphere of light reaches your head. Allow it to remain around your head while all tension leaves your face and head muscles. After all of the muscles feel totally relaxed, imagine the radiant, glowing white sphere of light traveling to the top of your head, where it pauses for a while before moving onwards into the infinite Universe.

Take time to bathe in this pleasant feeling of deep, full body relaxation. Feel how blissful it is to have removed all of that stored tension and stress from your entire body. You can remain in this position of deep physical and mental relaxation for as long as you wish while you fully appreciate it.

As has been previously mentioned how to relax deeply is a very valuable precursor to practicing other abilities such astral projection, out of body experiences, manifestation, healing, and many other physical and metaphysical abilities.

After sufficient practice, deep physical relaxation can be performed anywhere at will. Ultimately, the ability can be developed to the point where you can sit completely upright, spine erect on a non-padded chair, and totally relax by simply focusing and willing your body to so. When you can achieve such a state of deep physical relaxation at will, you will find that many natural and abilities will be possible.

And So It Is.

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