When All Seems Hopeless

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It is a sad sign of the times when I am receiving increasingly more messages from people who are in, what they perceive as, a "desperate situation". From time to time I receive messages from people who believe their situation is so hopeless that they are contemplating or intending taking their own life.

The situations of these people varies from having a home repossessed, or under threat of repossession, homeless without an income, cannot meet even the most basic living requirements due to the huge increasing costs of electricity, heating oil, natural gas, foods, and other fundamentals. Often these people have young children to consider as well, which makes their situation seem that much worse.

Now I am not going to comment on the "economy", the "credit crunch", house prices, cost of living, or home budgets etc, because this is not within the scope of this newsletter, and in any case is not really relevant in the great scheme of things, all being human constructs, often for specific agendas that most are not aware of.

So what can you do if you find yourself in this sort of situation?

Well the first thing to do is fully accept the fact that you brought your current situation upon yourself, and thereby must take full responsibility for your situation.

I hear you say "well it is not my fault that I lost my job, or house prices fell, or loan repayments increased, or the cost of electricity, car fuel and heating gas has escalated in price etc.

But the truth is that every single one of us creates and therefore must take full responsibility for our own reality. Whatever situation you find yourself in now is the always the direct result of previous thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Or to put it another way, whatever you are experience today originated first as a Thought Form in your Mind, which was subsequently, in accordance with immutable Universal Principles, manifested in to your experiential reality.

The sayings: "Change your Mind and change your life" and "As a man thinketh, so he is" and "thoughts are things" are absolutely true.

So how then to proceed if you find yourself in an unwanted situation?

The first thing you must do is to stop thinking negatively and also to stop allowing any form of negative feelings and emotions.

Plain and simple - the more you worry about your situation and "fear" for the future, the more you will attract more of the same - every time without fail.

It should be clear to everyone therefore that worrying, fear, anxiety and other negative thoughts cannot possibly do you any good or resolve your situation in any way - the contrary in fact.

So the first course of action is to fully and unconditionally accept the fact that you have brought your situation upon yourself.

Once you have done this you will not only feel "lighter" and very relieved as if a great weight has been lifted from you, you will also, probably for the first time in your life, feel empowered and know beyond doubt that you are the master of your own destiny.

The next step is to resolve to disallow all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. You should take time to sit down, think about it, and know, beyond all doubt, that no negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can possibly help your situation, but can and will make them much worse.

If a negative thought, feeling or emotion enters your consciousness, immediately say or think, as if you mean it - "cancel!, cancel!, cancel!" and keep going until the negative thought, feeling or emotion has dissipated.

Finally resolve to only accept positive thoughts, feelings and emotions, particularly those that make you happy and are consistent with your wishes, and therefore raise your vibrations and consciousness.

Next you must sit down and decide what you actually do wish to experience in your life. Most people know what they do not want, but far fewer actually know what they really do wish for in life.

Set aside time to consider and meditate on what you really do wish for in your experience.

When you have decided there are three actions you can take:

1. Write them your desires in the present tense and first party as if you have them now. For example:

"I am so happy and grateful now that I have my new home with 4 bedrooms, large garden and integral garage. Add as much detail as you feel is appropriate, and feel that it is true Now".

When you have finished, put your sheet of paper away in a safe place, but do not look at it again for now.

Next, take a large sheet of cardboard and, from magazines, or printed from Internet sites, paste pictures that represent how you see yourself with all of your wishes realised, in the form of a collage. Finally take a picture of yourself and stick that in the middle of the collage so you are surrounded by all your wishes.

Look at your collage as often as you can and in any case every morning just before arising, and in particular just before sleep.
At these times our Mind is much closer to the Subconscious which will take your wishes and bring them in to your experience.

If you ever feel a negative thought coming into your awareness, immediately say "cancel, cancel, cancel" and look at your collage until the negative thought has subsided.

Whenever you have the opportunity to experience what you wish for, accept it.

For example - if you wish for a new home, look in your local papers or real estate agent for properties that are similar, and arrange a viewing. When you view the property feel and know that it is yours, and feel the emotions and gratitude for it. When you leave the property bring those feelings, emotions and images with you, keeping them firmly in your Mind, to later bring to Mind again, invoking all of the feelings and emotions that you experienced while looking around the home.

Same for a new car - go to a dealer and arrange a test drive.

These are particularly valuable actions because they invoke the necessary thoughts, feelings and emotions in a very powerful way, and also everything seems much more real which is important for manifesting them in to your experience.

Finally Let go and Let God.

This is extremely important.

If you perceive your situation is so hopeless that you simply have not got the strength of Mind to do the above, then simply abandon all thought process and trust Divine Providence, God completely.

Forget everything, but always know, with perfect Faith that, as an Unconditionally Loved Child of God, God, if you allow, will express through you a solution to your situation.

This is the true meaning of Faith in God as opposed to the religious concept of "faith" in that the deity called "God" exists as some sort of benevolent Being that will "take pity" on you - such a God does not exist.

Perfect Faith is an inner feeling, certainty and knowing that you are part of God, with all of the same powers, and as an infinitely powerful Being all things are possible and will become reality.

Such Perfect Faith and Belief can move mountains, as Jesus said himself at least twice in the Bible.

So - it is better to be proactive, but if you feel absolutely hopeless, then sit down, empty your Mind, and Know and Believe, with Perfect Faith, that God will express through you everything you need to turn your life around completely.

I know of several people who have experienced this situation, often bankrupt and destitute, who completely capitulated to Universal Life Energy, God, Divine Providence, and their lives have been "miraculously" transformed, almost overnight.

In any event, taking time to meditate and reach the realisation that God is within you, and you in God, and that through you all things are possible, then your life will be transformed to one of perfect health, abundance and happiness.

The Divine within you, Divine Providence is always present to provide for your every need - whatever it might be. To the great architect and Creator of the Universe, All things are possible, and nothing is impossible.

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