What Is Karma

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I receive many messages from people asking about "karma", often having done something "bad" and worrying what the consequences will be.

Karma has a great stigma attached to it, not to mention associated with fear, superstition and misunderstanding.

It is apparent that many people believe there is some sort of "higher court" that sits in judgement of all wrong-doings, and dispenses "punishments" accordingly.

Some religions believe that a wrong-doing can be reconciled and cancelled by an act of "confession" under whatever circumstances is appropriate to their belief-system.

The ultimate example of this is the "death-bed confession"; where a person will "repent" their "sins" and accept a figure as a "saviour" in the belief that they will be allowed into "heaven".

The truth is these are all superstitions. Mere words are meaningless; we are Beings of Energy, and it is therefore what we vibrate that matters, which in turn is what we truly think and believe, and above all who we "are" as the total of all of our thoughts and character.

Karma is related to The Law of Attraction, in turn related to the Universal law of Cause and Effect. This is also related to the process of where a person transitions to in the Astral worlds after the change known as "death".

Plain and simple; whatever you vibrate you will attract.

In terms of karma it means this:

If you do a "bad" deed or just as importantly think a "bad" thought, there will be a corresponding effect which will match that thought or action perfectly, every time.

So; if you do something "bad"; it does not mean that the "judges on high" will levy a suitable punishment of their choosing.

For example, if you steal something, or are dis-honest in some way, it does not mean you will be "sentenced" to suffer a broken leg.

The Law of Attraction works by attracting to you whatever you think about and therefore vibrate.

Karma is the same. If for example you think about, or vibrate being dishonest to someone, then the vibration of dis-honest you therefore transmit will attract "dishonesty" back to you, which might in turn manifest as someone being dishonest to you over something similar.

There is no "time limit" for this to occur. Time is an illusion and does not exist.

This process might occur immediately, or even in another life-time.

For example; if someone murders another human being, they might return in the next life as a victim who is murdered by someone else.

Karma is best thought of as a learning experience not retribution.

We are all here for one purpose only; to learn and thereby evolve.

Earth is the kindergarten of the Universe. A child learns by being given toys and the child knows that if he or she breaks a toy, they will suffer by not being able to play with it anymore.

If you wish to avoid the effects of Karma, then only think thoughts of Love, Service and Gratitude, and you will find that is what you will receive in return, and accordingly you will not suffer the discomfort attracted by a "discomforting thought" and their corresponding actions.

Asking or praying for "forgiveness" will not work either. The, results of your actions have already manifested and the lesson will be learned. The correct course of action is think and behave in such a way as to only attract wanted things, and others will benefit accordingly.

So in summary; karma is an aspect of The Law of Attraction.

Where it differs is in that The Law of Attraction refers to thoughts and their corresponding manifestations as they relate to ourselves, whereas Karma relates to thoughts and their corresponding actions as they relate to others.

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