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It is fitting that we take a closer look at a subject rightly held as crucial by The Baron Eugene Fersen - the very "force" or "power" that flows through each of us and all creation, thereby maintaining all in existence - Universal Life Energy.

Here is what The Baron Eugene Fersen says at the beginning of Lesson Two of Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons that further expands upon this most important subject:

"IN LESSON ONE was explained the existence and the qualities of that Supreme Power, the First Manifestation known to us of the Great Principle, the Causeless Cause Itself, which is called Universal Life Energy. Now further details in that direction will be given.

As previously stated, Universal Life Energy is everywhere. Its supply is inexhaustible. Outside of you it is in a condition as Dynamic Life Energy. Within you, in your Life Centre, it is in a static or condensed condition.

Your problem is to make the connection between these two aspects of the same Power through certain Exercises which will be given to you in this lesson. You are to open your body to the inflow of the Universal Life Energy outside of it. The life force within, from its centre in your body, then acts as a magnet and attracts the Force from without. Your Life Centre within, stimulated by the current of Universal Life Energy from without, takes in that Force, transforms it into the life current of the body and sends this changed condition to the Solar Plexus, its reservoir or storehouse.
From there it is conveyed by the nerves throughout the whole system". -- The Baron Eugene Fersen

Profound words and truth indeed.

Before we look at these words in more depth, let us take a look at where humanity is today and why.

It is widely recognised throughout all of the wise cultures of the World - both current and "past" relative to the Earth concept of "time", that Humanity has, from its beginnings probably five million years ago or so, been continuously subjected to the effects of immutable Universal Cycles of all magnitudes. We experience cycles that are too small to even perceive, cycles that are evident in our lives and awareness, and great cycles the end of which we are experiencing Now. Of course there are even greater cycles exerting their influence over the Universe at all levels that most may never become aware of.

The Baron Eugene Fersen states that we are now entering the Sixth Cycle of the Human Being.

Other great cycles have seen the evolution of the pre-cursors of "modern Human" from what humans regard as "primitive" - although there is no such thing as "primitive" in reality - this is a human concept - through to the current Homo Sapien after evolving through several other "versions" of Humans including more recently Neanderthal man and Cro Magnon man - our immediate ancestors.

Humanity is now evolving once again to the next iteration of evolution - Homo Spiritus, also known as Homo Luminous.

The wisdom of the classic Hindu culture measured Ages in what they call the "Yugas".

The first of these Ages is the Satya Yuga - the Golden Age. In the Golden Age humans were a race living in complete harmony with our Source and therefore Universal Life Energy, and living was truly glorious in every respect.

However - as humanity progressed through the next Ages - the Treta Yuga - the Silver Age, the Dvapara Yuga - the Bronze Age, and finally the Kali Yuga where humanity is today - the Iron Age - humanity has completed its fall to an Ego driven existence based upon gross materialism, and with only the dimmest connections with Universal Life Energy.

Note: The use of metals in representing these Ages is symbolic, and are not related to the iron age, bronze age etc. of historians.

In short - the human race has finally reached the bottom of the pit.

The transition to the next age will see this cycle start over again, as those ready will transition back to a Golden Age.

So what does this have to do with Universal Life Energy and Lesson Two in Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons you may ask?

Well everything actually.

The reason The Baron Eugene Fersen teaches this in Lesson Two is simple - it is a crucial prerequisite to further progress.

Each and every person who wishes to fully participate in this transition must start by consciously establishing that vital connection with Source. Everyone of course has a connection with Source already, but in most people it is Subconscious and therefore without awareness - the reason most must approach The Law of Attraction through the Subconscious Mind instead of directly through the Conscious Mind after consciously realised Source, Universal Life Energy within.

The Baron Eugene Fersen goes further by not only teaching how to realise Universal Life Energy within, but also from outside of the physical body - here is what he says:

"As Universal Life Energy is limitless and all powerful, the more it flows into the body the stronger the individual becomes. The object of these Exercises described hereafter is to establish a permanent contact and thus secure a continual flow of Universal Life Energy into the Life Centre of your body, from where it will be distributed by a way of the Solar Plexus in a constant and increasing radiation of life throughout the whole body".

This is crucially important to achieving and maintaining a healthy, youthful, radiant body.

Science of Being in Twenty Seven Lessons goes on to commence the first in a series of absolutely fundamental, powerful and valuable exercises to achieve this.

Those who are fully adept at this process, as well as realising Universal Life Energy within would even, after attaining a sufficient level of ability, even have no physical need for "food".

What we know as "food" is really a very crude way of providing the physical body with Energy - the digestive process converting a very small proportion of the organic material consumed into usable Energy, the remainder being wasted by the individual.

The destiny of corporeal humans with an organic body is to become full self-sustaining through Universal Life Energy - the purest and most direct form of Energy there Is. Beyond the physical Universe, all life is sustained exclusively in this way.

We are already seeing the beginnings of this realisation, as increasingly more people switch from the gross - in density terms - toxic and difficult to assimilate animal and dairy based products to natural, harvestable, easily assimilated whole foods.

This trend is a crucial aspect of the transition that those ready are experiencing, and will increasingly experience.

As we evolve we not only realise the oneness of all Life and therefore the sanctity of All Life regardless of the form that Life manfifests, but also the truth of Energy in the context of the human body.

How can we be sure that Universal Life Energy can provide these powers and requirements?

Here is what The Baron Eugene Fersen observes in his wisdom:

"Investigations of the astonishing feats of strength and endurance among animals, birds and especially insects have brought to light some remarkable discoveries as to the source of their great energy.

Nature itself, as a loving Mother, has provided her children with the necessary means to contact Universal Life Energy constantly and transmute it through their bodies into the startling activities which baffled scientists for many years. Animals, for instance, use the hair of their bodies as numberless wireless poles to contact this Power of the Universe. The birds use their feathers for that purpose, reptiles and fish their scales, insects their feelers and the little down growing on their bodies, plants the underside of their leaves, etc.

If it were not for that continual contact with Universal Life Energy ants could not carry burdens so many times heavier than themselves with such ease and continuity of effort. Without that power continually flowing into their bodies and sustaining them throughout their many days of migration, birds could not cross the ocean, thousands of miles in one stretch, without food, without resting, without sleeping. Even the many layers of fat which migratory birds acquire through intensive feeding before they start on their long journey would not be sufficient to supply one small part of the energy which they spend on their way. If it were not for the continual inflow of Universal Life Energy into their bodies, through their feathers, during the very process of flying, they could never reach their destination."

I hope that everyone will understand what is being said here.

In terms of the wonders of nature as a whole, not the least of which are the animals that humans in their Ego and selfishness view as "inferior", human beings are nothing less than feeble, puny, weak creatures, which, without the benefit of "technology" and other instruments of survival would be at the mercy of creatures smaller than themselves.

An ant has many orders of magnitude more power than any human.
Observe a line of ants carrying sections of leaves and other materials many times their own size and weight.

See a bird dive for food, such a fish that can be half its own weight or more and fly off with it in its beak.

Watch how a cat can jump many times its own height with ease, and land with perfection every single time.

Many will have heard of the biblical account of Samson and Delilah.

Samson's real name was "Shimshon", which in Hebrew means "of the Sun".

In this story, Delilah was bribed by the Philistines to find the secret of Samson's great strength.

Eventually, Samson revealed to Delilah that the secret of his strength was his hair, and that if she removed his hair he would lose his great strength. This she did and he did indeed lose his strength until later it grew back again.

The inner meaning of this story is to teach that the hair on the human body, as with animals, serves as conduits of Universal Life Energy to enter the body and provide strength.

It is therefore due, at least in part, according to The Baron Eugene Fersen, to the reason that animals are covered in hair where humans are not that the relative differences in strength can be attributed.

As an aside - this is also how The Crystal Necklace works as a conduit of Energy into the body.

Conversely - through Universal Life Energy all humans have the latent potential for the same abilities as the other creatures of nature.

Only two fundamental reasons currently prevent this:

1. A lack of conscious contact with, and use of, Universal Life Energy.

2. A total reliance on physical effort and technology and the ability to obtain material desires with money.

In concluding, I do hope that this newsletter has provided some insight into the crucial necessity to fully and consciously realise Universal Life Energy, and the powers, abilities and benefits It brings.

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