Transmuting Negative To Positive Affirmations

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Now every week I receive messages from people who are really suffering for one reason or another. When describing the issues they are facing they write in terms such as these:

"I never seem to have any money"
"I always seem to be suffering from ill health"
"Nobody seems to like me"
"I am slipping ever deeper in to debt"
"Life just doesn't seem worth living anymore"

These statements in fact reveal the extremely powerful affirmations passing through the Minds of these people, and because they are repeated with such emotion, and so faithfully believed to represent their true reality, they are impressed upon the Subconscious Mind in a very powerful way, ultimately assuring they will manifest into experience.

Just think for a minute how powerful the opposite of these thoughts would be, especially driven my the same level of emotion. In addition, positive thoughts have a much higher vibration, than their polar opposite negative thoughts, and are therefore exert a much more powerful impression on the Subconscious and consequently Universal Minds.

In principle it is much easier to consciously manifest wealth than it is to manifest debt. Yet because, in the case of debt, people are reacting to something they believe to be tangible, often fuelled by the powerful emotions of fear, worry and dread, as opposed to something perceived to be intangible, which in fact is the case, the emotion placed behind the negative situations are much greater.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be
opened.-- Matthew 7:8-9

The moment we "ask" for something it is immediately given and is every bit as real as the unwanted "things" that people focus on.

Imagine therefore if the same level of high vibration, positive emotion is channeled into the wanted things as the unwanted things.
There would be nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

The missing ingredient, and by far the most powerful and important one for most people is Faith. Not "blind" faith in a religious context for example, or an abstract faith based upon dogma, but true Faith in the knowing, beyond all doubt, the truth of our own Divine, immortal, infinite Being, and God given powers of creation though the infinite powers of our Subconscious, Subjective Mind.

Now turning back to these negative statements I receive from people, and for whom of course I do everything I possibly can to help.

Never, ever, ever finish a negative thought or statement! I simply cannot stress this enough. A negative thought becomes a "seed"
implanted in the fertile ground of your Subconscious, Subjective Mind where it will surely sprout and grow, fertilized by negative emotions until it bears poison fruit as a monster in your life.

By transmuting any negative thought in to a positive thought, only positive seeds will be sown, and, if fertilized by positive emotions, expectations and above all Faith, will soon become the things you most wish to experience in life instead of unwanted things.

So, taking these above negative statements received as an example - at the first sign of any such statement appearing in your Mind they should become:

"I always enjoy an abundance of money"
"I always enjoy perfect, radiant health"
"Everywhere I go, people enjoy my presence and wish to be my friend"
"Each and every day, more and more abundance flows in to my life"
"I look forward to the joyful experience of every new day"

And so on.

Always be vigilant for negative, destructive thoughts, and if one appears either cancel it by saying "cancel, cancel, cancel" as many times as necessary until the thought dissipates, or better still, transmute the thoughts in to their polar opposites as above.

Transmutation is an aspect of alchemy, which includes the transmutation of thoughts, and at its highest level, the transmutation of base human characteristics, representing base metals, in to the Gold of Divine perfection.

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