Trance Mediums And How The Trance Medium Achieves Higher Level Communication

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A trance medium as the name suggests place themselves into an altered state of Consciousness, usually known as a “trance”, with the objective of channelling information directly from beings of the inner realms. Although trance mediums can and often do make contact with deceased humans, they have also been successful in making contact with inner-level Spirits, many of whom can provide valuable and accurate information on Spiritual matters.

Over the years genuine trance mediums with high level channelling abilities have channelled a considerable amount of often very valuable information from Spirits of the inner spheres, some of Whom have been very high level Spirits indeed, often resulting in information of great value to mankind. On several occasions these inner-level Beings have channelled information through the same medium for many years, and the information thus received has often been the subject of various series of books, many of which are still available today. Following are just three of the most exceptional cases of channelling from advanced Spiritual beings.

White Eagle: A high level Spirit who for many years during the first part of the twentieth century channelled at very large quantity of advanced information and teachings through the mediumship of Grace Cook. It was with the assistance of White Eagle and several other advanced Spirits the then recently deceased Arthur Conan Doyle was able to communicate through Grace Cook and provide considerable valuable information regarding life in the inner realms of life and reality. This resulted in books quite literally channelled from the inner spheres, including “Arthur Conan Doyle’s Book of the Beyond”.

In later years “The White Eagle Lodge” was formed to continue the work of trance medium Grace Cook and White Eagle, and to spread the teachings as far and wide as possible by means of a range of books, and also to freely offer other valuable services to those in need of such services such as healing. Based in Hampshire in England, the White Eagle Lodge still continues this very important and valuable work today many years after the passing of Grace Cook, who was undoubtedly one of the greatest of the more recent trance mediums. The many books produced by White Eagle, Grace Cook and the White Eagle Lodge can still be obtained today from White Eagle Lodge.

Silver Birch: Through the trance mediumship of Maurice Barbanell around the middle of the twentieth century, Silver Birch was present at numerous “sittings” during which he patiently answered questions for the “sitters”. A “sitting” is a group of people attending what is often known as a “séance”, where the medium invokes a deep altered state of Consciousness known as a trance. The Spirit will then “talk” through the body of the medium directly.

Over the course of many years, such sittings were frequently held at the home of trance medium Maurice Barbanell during which time Silver Birch answered literally thousands of questions for hundreds of visitors from all over the world. It should be mentioned that “Silver Birch”, like “White Eagle” are assumed names; these great Spirits actually represent entire groups of very high level Beings all working together as one within the inner Spiritual realms for the direct benefit of mankind.

In the case of Silver Birch, in order to achieve contact with his medium Maurice Barbanell from the inner realms of the Mental plane, the Spirit worlds, it was necessary to make use of the vacated Astral Body of an American Indian as an “interface”, in order to mediate the differences between the very high Energy vibrations of the inner Spiritual worlds and the much lower Energy vibrations and density of the physical world. Maurice Barbanell was also the editor of “Psychic News” in which he published full transcripts of the question and answer sessions that had previously taken place between Silver Birch and the sitters. In addition there where many books published detailing the Silver Birch question and answer sessions, all providing considerable information on a very wide range of important Spiritual matters. These valuable books are still available today through the Spiritual Truth Foundation.

Seth: As previously discussed, through medium Jane Roberts a Spirit referring to himself simply as “Seth” channelled a large volume of Spiritual information over a number of years. These channelled sessions resulted in a series of books still available today including “Seth Speaks” and many others published in the name of Seth.

Aside from these more well-known trance mediums and the Spirits with whom they worked, there were many other less well-known but nevertheless important cases, all providing most valuable information on a very wide range of subjects, usually for the direct benefit of mankind. Such valuable communications between the Spirit worlds and human mediums is still occurring today, a well-known example being the channelling of a group of beings collectively known as “Abraham” Who are channelled by trance medium Esther Hicks with assistance of her husband Jerry Hicks. Esther and Jerry Hicks continue to do an exceptional service by bringing their high level teachings to mankind in the form of seminars, books and electronic media.

A further but less well-known group of high Spiritual beings collectively known as “Michael” provide very valuable information to mankind through various people who channel Michael and record the teachings received.

There are many other trance mediums still operating today, channeling valuable information to mankind from such inner beings as Michael, Kryon, Abraham and many others to whom mankind owes their considerable gratitude.

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