The Wealth Factor

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Of all the messages I receive, "how to attract more money" or words to that effect is high on the list of the most frequent questions.

As I have mentioned and discussed in previous newsletters, "wealth" is of the material world, and we should not be focused in the material world anymore than is necessary in order to function in every day life.

Also there is a vast difference between "wealth" and Abundance which is a natural state of Source and therefore of the Universe.

It is however entirely understandable that people wish to be more comfortable in physical life, and to enjoy the things that make them happy.

So in this newsletter we will look at the factors in more detail.

The first Truth that everyone must realise is that poverty is a disease of the Mind with an inner origin.

Our natural state of being is infinite Abundance. This must be the case because we are an integral aspect of Source, Universal Mind, God Which is infinite Abundance.

Anyone therefore not experiencing Abundance or "wealth" is blocking it from within - this why it is a dis-ease of the Mind.

Wealth is not a condition that is "created" outside of ourselves - it is rather an inner condition that becomes expressed externally by Principle.

Wealth is therefore never something that can be created by toiling, it is created by inner Feeling.

So how is this inner feeling of wealth created?

Many people will have heard about or even used affirmations for example, repeating time and again such phrases as "I have great wealth" - or words to that effect.

While affirmations, if used correctly, can be very powerful, often they become mechanical with no associated feeling. Frequently if the person repeating the affirmations fails to see tangible results quickly, then doubt sets in which will be sure to kill off any seed of wealth germinated by the affirmations very quickly indeed.

In other words - many people simply try too hard and expect too much too soon, with the wrong sort of Mindset, thereby sabotaging their own efforts. Abundance and therefore wealth are always effortless.

Another common misconception, and one that often results in disappointment is the notion that "wealth" is the same as "money".

While wealth can indeed, and often does equate to money, there should never, ever be a pre-assumption that wealth and money are one and the same.

Divine Providence does not recognise "money" or even "wealth" only infinite Abundance.

As aspects of Divine Providence, Source, Universal Mind, the extent to which we experience Abundance, and therefore wealth, is directly proportional to the extent to which we can express Universal Mind of which we are an integral, eternal, immortal aspect and channel of expression.

So what does this mean in real terms?

There are three fundamental conditions that need to be satisfied:

1. To realise Source, God within.
2. To be a conscious, open channel of expression for Source within.
3. To feel the state that you wish to experience.

1. and 2. above are related to a large extent and absolutely fundamentally important to success. This is why the very best books that teach The Law of Attraction, for example Science of Being and Consciously Creating Circumstances stress the importance of and teach this.

These are also the reasons that the vast majority of Law of Attraction books and other resources fail to achieve long-term success if any at all. They teach the mechanics of for example affirmations, creative visualisation etc, which are very useful, but not how to realise our infinite inner connection with Source, and therefore how to express Source.

The fact is - as equal aspects of Source, Divine Providence, God in every respect, made in the Spiritual image of God, we have the same infinite powers of creation through expression. Success is directly proportional to the extent that we can express and direct Source Energy.

No words in the English language can either adequately express the importance of this Truth, or indeed the process.

The highest state of Being any human can achieve while still incarnated in a physical body is to fully realise God within.

This was the state achieved and manifested by the person known as Jesus, and the true reason, in context he was considered to be a God-man.

Jesus also stated the truth that not only will every person achieve that exalted level in due course, but to become even greater still
- again beyond expression in the human language.

1. and 2. differ in that first we must become "God realised", at least to some extent, and then we must express God in the desired and appropriate way.

Although this process cannot be described, there are ways of helping people to achieve this state - more about this in future newsletters.

That said, everyone has Source Energy flowing through them, and which can be realised to some extent. Again, both Science of Being and Consciously Creating Circumstances describe this process, and again I will address this in a future newsletter.

Again though - the extent to which Source Energy can be realised and directed, is directly proportional to the success that may be expected.

Of course people do enjoy success with the Law of Attraction, and when they do they are realising Source Energy Subconsciously.

The most powerful way of achieving some degree of direct connection with Source, God for most people is through the power of true prayer.

By "true prayer" I do not mean mechanically reading or reciting after someone a paragraph from a book, or prayers that worship or plead compassion of a benevolent deity God, but rather prayers that are felt and directed.

Again this is something we will discuss in a future newsletter.

3. above means that you have to feel that you already have that which you desire, know this to be true beyond doubt, and feel the gratitude.

So if you wish for great wealth you must feel wealthy and act as if you are already wealthy, thus invoking the wealthy feelings.

It does not matter how much you visualise and repeat affirmations, unless you feel that you already are that state which you wish to achieve, then it will not be achievable, and that is where most people fail and are disappointed, often believing that the Law of Attraction either does not exist, or will not work for them.

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