The Universal Law Of Cause And Effect

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The law of “Cause and Effect”, sometimes referred to as “Causation”, is an immutable Universal law, encompassing the principle that nothing in the Universe can ever happen by chance. For everything that happens, in other words for every effect, there is always a corresponding cause preceding it without exception. The principle of Cause and Effect is and always has been widely accepted throughout the ages as a most exalted Universal law, and one always to be totally respected.

Cause and Effect has many related Universal Laws two of the most well known of which are Karma and The Law of Attraction, all of which are fully described in my Our Ultimate Reality book.

To not fully accept the laws of Causation would be to suggest that everything happening in the Universe does so by pure “chance”, “luck”, “fortune”, or even by some other equally intangible random factor; a notion which is clearly completely unthinkable! Nothing but nothing ever occurs by chance or as a random occurrence, every single action or effect has an underlying cause; there are no exceptions to this, ever. If this were not the case the entire Universe would instantly collapse into a state of utter chaos in an instant.

There has often been confusion when considering the law of Cause and Effect. How for example can one “thing” be the cause of, or the “creator” of a second “thing” people might ask? In fact this is an entirely erroneous way of viewing this law, because no “thing” actually “creates” any “thing” else. Cause and Effect deals rather entirely with a whole series or chain of events, one following the other in perfect succession. In this context an “event” may be defined as something occurring as a direct result of a preceding event, and is therefore part of a flow of such events, all of which ultimately originate directly from The Source, The First Cause, God. Therefore there is always, without exception, a relationship between any specific event and everything preceding it, and subsequently everything that follows. A graphic example of the laws of Cause and Effect would be to consider your own very existence. If a certain male had not met a certain female some hundreds of thousands of years ago, way back in the earliest times of mankind, then you simply would not exist today in human form. The cause in this particular case is the male and female getting together and reproducing, and subsequently you along with countless millions of other people are the corresponding effects many millennia later. You are not therefore merely a product of chance.

Absolutely every action we take, even every single thought, has its corresponding effect whether it is instantly, the near future as measured in Earth time, or the distant future; there are absolutely no exceptions to this immutable Universal law of Cause and Effect.

It is due in part to the lack of this knowledge that most people have no control over their own existence on Earth, and accordingly exhibit very little true freedom. People are swept along with events in accordance with the laws of Cause and Effect, from day to day, always being influenced by situations, other people and other factors. People might well protest at this assertion claiming they are indeed free to “do as they please”. Indeed they are; all are blessed with freewill, but in actual fact how many people really do exhibit the results of such freewill? Yes, they are free to “do what I want” or “do as I please”, but the question still arises, what makes people “want”, and to “do as I please”? These “wants” and “pleases” are actually all relative. What causes someone to “want” to do a particular thing in preference to another, or “please” to do something else? The “wants” and “pleases” are therefore entirely dependant on each other.

Those who can control their own lives are never carried along on a tide of “wantings” and “pleasings”, but rather exert genuine, conscious will and focus in order to proactively determine precisely what they need to accomplish, and accordingly to set about creating the corresponding causes knowing they will result in the corresponding desired effects. This then becomes a predetermined act or cause rather than simply a part of a chain of random events existing around most people.

Most people are carried along in life from the moment they are born, swept through the “game of life” as pawns on a chessboard. People are influenced by, and are obedient to families and friends, the wills of others, their environment and many other factors, all continually sweeping them along without any sort of conscious will or control over their own futures. People simply do things because “it is the way things are done”. Cause and Effect is prominent in these situations, each person unwittingly enacting the effect of a preceding cause without thinking twice about it.

People remain oblivious to this law and the inexorable influence it exerts upon their own lives. We will see later in this book how this law can be put to positive effect, so rather than merely being a pawn in the game of life, anyone can become a king or queen, with total control over the “game”. This is not to say that a person with such control is no longer subject to the immutable law of Cause and Effect, but are rather now making conscious and positive use of this law.

So there is no such thing as “chance”. The principle of Causation, the law of “Cause and Effect” is always present and always in operation, both in your life and everyone else’s life, effect following cause in perfect, immutable sequence. Nothing but nothing ever happens outside of the Law, and equally importantly nothing ever acts contrary to the Law. Mankind should never be a pawn to these laws, but should rather master and work with them in providing for genuine needs, and most importantly for the ultimate destiny of every human being, the ascent back to our Divine Creator.

Those who understand and practice these laws will discover the inner will always prevail against the outer in perfect immutable succession, until finally taking refuge in the Law itself, “and laughs the phenomenal laws to scorn”. Again it must be stressed; Causation, the law of Cause and Effect, is a most exalted law, which every person without exception should understand and master, as one day everyone surely will.

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