The Truth About Money

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One of the very largest problems with the world today is the obsession for the money and the material possessions that people perceive money to be capable of purchasing. The fact is money and material objects are two totally separate things. Understanding the truth about money and the relevance, or rather lack of relevance of money for acquiring the things you truly wish for, need and desire in your individual reality will free you from dependence on money, thus allowing you to focus on manifesting all of your desires without focussing on the need for money as a means by which to accomplish it.

The Universe is pure Energy at all levels including the physical level of the material world, and simply does not recognise “money” which is an entirely human construct. To the Universe “money” is just another Energy construct that in and of itself has no intrinsic value. Our distant ancestors were manifesting everything they desired relative to their needs long before money was even contrived by recent humanity.

The entire Universe is infinite in abundance and it is the Universe that brings everything you could possibly wish for into your life, not mere money. The only reason people are so dependant on money is because they really believe that money is required in order to realise their desires. The fact is, while people hold this belief it will always be a self-perpetuating aspect of their reality, and they will accordingly remain a slave to money just as they are to many other material things.

As previously mentioned, “money” is a purely human construct, a symbol, a method of exchange which in and of itself is totally and completely meaningless. To the Universe money is simply Energy in the form of bits of metal, paper and electronic bits and bytes of information with zero value except for the Universal Energy of which it is composed. From a human perspective, money somehow represents value. The question is what precisely is “value”? Value is a purely notional concept relative to each individual person. Value can fluctuate dramatically with such as the “economy”, the “rate of inflation”, the “foreign exchange rates” and many other such human constructs, all of which are only of any relevance at a purely physical level.

The irony is that most money itself although it might appear to be real is not even very tangible in the physical world where it is exchanged. Only a very small percentage of the money in the world actually exists in the form of physical coins and notes, the rest being in the form of electronic information held on computers, money that is simply moved around at the touch of a computer key. So even money is for the most part notional, an illusion existing only to perpetuate the human concept of “value”.

A main reason most people are so obsessed with money is because of the Energy surrounding money due to the focus of literally billions of people around the world, all perceiving money as a necessity. If everyone in the world were to cease focussing on money, then the Energy could not be sustained and the illusion of money would quite simply cease to exist as a concept.

It is quite simply not the task of humans to decide how things should be manifested into physical reality. That is, always has been and always will be a natural function of the Universe and of the influence of the Energy of the Universe by Mind; it is only humanity that has taken that natural function and attached notional values which in turn has caused and continues to cause so much misery in the world today. Money is the fuel of materialism, which in turn is the main reason that humanity has been heading increasingly away from its own true purpose, both on an individual and all mankind level, and towards potential disaster. If only everyone knew the most fundamental Laws of the Universe, including “ask and ye shall receive”, then immediately the need for money would be seen for what it is; nothing more than an illusion, a human physical construct with a notional perceived exchange value.

Another reason money has become such a major focus is due to the perceived power that it brings to the people who would wield it. While so many people focus on money as an object of power, control and necessity, money will be associated with the Energy that perpetuates that same power. While we all create our own realities at an individual level the same is also true at a consensual level on the Energy of the plane of the human Mind where a large scale focus on the importance of money will in turn focus the collective Energy of the human Mind upon that importance, Energy that will influence most humans at that level, and subsequently, in accordance with the Universal Law of Correspondence at the physical body and world level.

Money is therefore nothing more than a large-scale illusion perpetuated on a massive scale, an illusion also perpetuated by the focus of billions of individual people on the perceived importance of money. Money is not, never has been and never will be necessary in order to realise anything at all that we desire. The Universe has infinite abundance and will always provide that which has been asked for without any exceptions, all the person who asked needs to do is to know how to receive. Once these truths become realised by millions of people, then the illusory need for money and therefore money itself will simply cease to be perpetuated and therefore exist, as people will no longer focus on money as a physical necessity.

So what does this mean to mankind in the meantime? Well quite simply that the Laws of the Universe are immutable, and just because money exists and so many people are perpetuating the illusion of money by focussing on it does not mean that Universal Laws cease to function. The Law of Attraction works with complete perfection, always has worked with complete perfection and always will work with complete perfection. So all you need to do is to cease to focus Energy on money and start to focus and ask for what you truly desire, and in accordance with immutable Universal Laws you shall receive; always, every time there are no exceptions.

Your ability to receive will only depend on being in harmony with the vibration of that which you are receiving, rather then focussing on the illusion of money. Providing you focus on your wishes and experience them as if they are an absolute reality in your present moment, then you will vibrate in harmony with the object of your wishes which already exists in the Universe of infinite abundance, and it can then manifest into your physical reality.

Wealth is therefore a state of Consciousness, a state of your inner being. Everyone without exception was born wealthy, and all anyone should have to do is to focus on that wealth and be in vibrational harmony with that same wealth in order to realise it into individual reality. Money is not, never has been and never will be necessary for anything at all. To the Universe money is merely Energy manifested into a physical form just the same as anything else within the physical world.

Know at all times that you are already infinitely wealthy and focus with joy on realising that wealth and utilising it for the purposes of evolution, expansion and growth, and thereby a state of Being in perfect harmony with the Universe. Those who are in perfect harmony with the Universe will always manifest anything desired into physical reality, joyfully, naturally and effortlessly, and absolutely without the need for money.

Unlike money which is often perceived as limited, there is no limit to your own wealth, and remember, wealth is not the same as money. Money is intangible, unreal, an illusion, whereas abundance is your birthright being a Divine aspect of The Universe, The Source, God Who knows only infinite abundance, evolution and growth. To be dependant on money is to be out of harmony with the Universe resulting in imbalance, discord and unhappiness. Those who throw off the shackles of money can live joyously, abundantly and harmoniously.

Always remember that you are an extension, aspect and integral expression of The Source, The First Cause, of God, and there is nothing but nothing that you cannot be, do or have. Ask and ye shall receive, always. If you wish for something merely focus on the object of your desires, experience it, bring yourself into complete harmony with it, and it shall be yours.

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