The Truth About Medicine

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Medicine is something that requires thought and recognition.

First of all I must stress, beyond any doubt, that if you are taking medicines for any serious or life-threatening condition then it is important to keep on doing so for now. The same applies to any medicine prescribed for a serious condition.

What matters is not the medicine, but rather how you think of it.

Let us take a look at the real effects of medicine.

As we know, all dis-ease that manifests in the outer, physical body has arisen from within; there are no exceptions to this.

There are various causes, stress is a major cause of "dis-ease"; in other words a body that is not at ease.

If you place stress on your inner, non-physical bodies with your thoughts and emotions,, it will manifest in your physical body in some way.

Worry is a major source of "dis-ease". If you worry about your health, you will remain un-healthy and your health will worsen.

If you believe you can "catch a dis-ease" such as a cold, you will catch it.

For example; I know that I that I cannot catch a cold or flu; no matter where I go or who I am exposed to; and therefore I never do.

So what does this mean in terms of medicine?

To taking medicines is sending out the vibration; "I have a dis-ease and therefore I am taking this medicine for it".

The medicine reinforces the dis-ease. When you take a medicine you are thinking about the dis-ease you are hoping to cure, thus attracting more of the same.

It can however and often does work in the opposite way; if you believe that taking the medicine will cure you, it will; this is how the "placebo effect" works. But in this case it is not the chemicals contained in the medicine that has brought about the "cure", it is the knowing that it will cure you that has affected the cure.

There is a term given to an aspect of this "eucharist". A eucharistic act is the act of eating or drinking something while associating it with a thought. The substance being eaten or drunk is of no importance, but the action combined with a corresponding thought serves to re-enforce the thought and give it more power.

The eucharistic effect of the medicine, combined with unhealthy thoughts, reinforces and perpetuates the disease.

So it is important to keep medicine in perspective. It is never a good idea to pump chemicals into your body if it can be avoided.

It can be avoided in two ways; by not becoming ill in the first place by thinking only healthy thoughts, and thoughts conducive to remaining healthy.

If you do contract a dis-ease, know and think beyond all doubt that you are in perfect health, feeling the emotions and gratitude associated with it.

For example; if you get a headache, or sneeze, or feel uncomfortable in any other way, do not think "I must be going down with something" or similar thoughts while reaching for your favourite cold remedy, instead think about how well you feel, and do anything to keep your emotions and therefore vibrations high; for example sing or p;ay your favourite song, fetch your favourite fragrance such as incense, do something that makes you joyful.

Disease cannot exist in a body in a high emotional state.

Again though, and I cannot stress this enough, if you are taking medicine for a serious condition you should continue to do so.

However, know the medicine for what it is, and know, beyond all doubt that you are in perfect health, and that you have the power to remain in perfect health without the need to consume man-made chemical compounds. Soon your doctor will be amazed that you are no longer "ill" and in fact in perfect health; he will ascribe it to the medicine or even a "miracle", but you will know the truth.

The truth is this; there is not one single ailment, illness or disease in existence that cannot be healed using the power of the Mind; not one.

From now on know only perfect health, and if you do think you are "going down with something", immediately reject those thoughts, and affirm to yourself your perfect health, and know it is impossible to become "ill" and that will be your reality as it is mine.

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