The Truth About Ghosts Or Haunted Houses

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A ghost is a person who after physical death is attracted, and stays very close to the physical world. This attraction to the physical world motivates and enables the “ghost” to draw Etheric Energy from their surroundings at will, thus keeping them grounded in their Etheric Body rather than making the full transition to the Astral worlds. This often gives rise to what are known as "hauntings" or a "haunted house".

The reasons for this apparent preference of “deceased” people are many and varied.

Very often a person simply cannot accept the fact they have “died” and no longer have a physical body. Such a person quite simply continues to live in their usual familiar environment, often their house as if nothing had happened, believing themselves to be still living within their familiar physical body. Such a house is often considered to be “haunted” in other words a "haunted house". In other cases the person is so engrossed and attracted to the material things and habits they enjoyed so much during physical life, they simply cannot stand the thought of leaving those physical addictions behind. Such addictions might include power, drink, drugs, food, sex, or otherwise quite simply the trappings of a very material life.

In other cases the person might be harbouring guilt over some aspect of their past life, lingering around seeking to reconcile and correct the situation, which of course is simply not possible in their non-physical state. When the ghost lingers around their previous home, it gives rise to the haunted house phenomena.

Sometimes a ghost is simply a newly deceased person who is frightened by their unfamiliar circumstances and does not want to move very far. Other recently deceased people might wish to stay close to their loved ones, believing erroneously that remaining close to the physical world is the only way to accomplish this.

In other cases the “death” of the person might have been particularly violent, due to a murder for example, and in cases such as these the deceased person can become trapped in a “loop”, continuously enacting the sequence of events leading up to his or her untimely death.

In other cases the death might have been extremely sudden, as for example with an accident, murder or heart attack, in which case the person now in the form of a ghost quite simply does not realise they have passed on. Frequently such a person will attempt to communicate with other people in the physical world, in particular medical people, relatives and close friends, and simply cannot understand it when those people seemingly take no notice of them whatsoever, not responding to any communication attempts. These efforts of the "ghost" are what often gives rise to the haunted house phenomena when the ghost uses any method available in an effort to make their presence known.

The Etheric plane is an extension of the Astral plane and therefore space and time as we know it do not exist. Some “ghosts” will therefore play out exactly the same sequence of events leading up to his or her physical death, potentially for eternity until finally such a Soul can be rescued. Such rescues are often carried out by people residing in the Astral worlds, or sometimes by Astral projectors who are still based within the physical world. The Soul will then be escorted willingly to their new home in the Astral worlds where they can finally come to terms with their new situation. Sometimes a person trapped at the level of the Etheric plane close to the physical world will eventually arrive at their own realisation of the reality they are no longer living within a physical body. Others will come to realise the folly of their actions in remaining close to the physical world and of the reasons keeping them there. Such a Soul will then willingly make the transition to the Astral worlds of their own freewill, often without any assistance, simply by deciding to do so and raising their vibrations.

When the Soul of a deceased person remains in a particular locality, a house for example, the Soul is known as a “ghost”, and the location inhabited by the ghost is considered to be “haunted”. To a physical person living in a “haunted” house the “ghost” will often seem to carry out exactly the same series of actions every time it makes an appearance, often at the same physical time of day or night, for example “stepping” on a creaky floor board, walking up the stairs, rattling door handles, moving items around, and even switching lights and other electric appliances on and off. This is possible because the Etheric Body is already relatively dense by comparison to the inner Astral and Mental bodies, and a ghost can sometimes achieve the necessary density approaching that of the physical world by absorbing large amounts of Etheric Energy from their surroundings, sufficient to influence the density of physical objects.

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