Quantum Physics And Metaphysics

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I often discuss the "wisdom of the ages" in the context of the Law of Attraction, because these Universal Laws, principles and realities are indeed ageless, eternal and infinite, and like The Source, The First Cause, God Him/Herself are at the same time omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

However, modern quantum physics whether the scientists would publicly admit it or not, are in total agreement with this ancient knowledge as well as being in broad agreement with the more esoteric and sometimes mystical science of metaphysics.

If only everyone would remove these barriers to stand united and state quite categorically to the world that "there is only one Universe, One Reality and One Truth, and this is it....." then the entire world would change for the better from that moment forth.

Quantum physics illustrates how everything in the Universe, in all dimensions of life and reality ultimately consists of "Quanta" of Energy, vibration. This Energy not only pervades and is integral to everything in existence, it is also "living" Mind, living Consciousness.

The term "quantum physics" is derived from the latin word "quantus" meaning "How much" and Greek word "physika" which means "of nature". Quantum physics, a branch of theoretical physics can be a very complx subject indeed, but we do not need to get into the mathematical formulae and deepest theory to see how quantum physics relates to the workings of the Universe.

Metaphysics deals with the reality of the Universe, of mankind and of nature generally in less scientific or mathematically oriented terms than quantum physics. The term metaphysics is derived from the Greek words "meta" which means "after" and "physika" which means "of nature".

Everything is an aspect of infinite intelligence, every person, every animal, every tree, every star and every planet, and every micro-organism, however small, is ultimately an equal aspect of the very same Energy; there is no separateness except as an illusion created by the ego and five physical senses; we and everything in the Universe without exception are one.

Because the Universe is infinite intelligence of which we are all integral aspects, Quanta of Energy are influenced by the Mind; thought also being pure Energy. Whenever you look at a possession such as a house, a car, a television set, they are in fact nothing more or less than an arrangement of Energy, or Quanta, ultimately created by thought processes of the Mind. If these objects were to be inspected very closely, it would be apparent that they are not solid at all but are rather composed of Quanta of Energy vibrating and moving at extremely high rates in an out of the object being

Nothing can exist permanently unless it is observed because it is Mind that controls and shapes Quanta of Energy, and without that focus of the Mind the Quanta would once again become a "potential" for something else. If for example everyone in the world were to cease observing the world and everything in it, by ceasing to focus on it's perceived existence, then everything would cease to exist.

There would be no thought Energy to maintain the illusion of its existence anymore. This is why the Earth and everything it comprises, as well as the entire three-dimensional Universe is referred to in some cultures as "Maya", and illusion. The Earth and physical Universe are indeed an illusion and a grand scale, and will one day be realised as such by all mankind once evolving beyond the illusion of the physical Universe.

Quantum physics completely confirms this by recognising that something can only actually come into "existence" when it is observed. Metaphysics is in broad agreement from the perpspective of the nature of the Universe in absolute terms.

Of course "existence" is a term relative to the five physical senses; everything that exists now has always existed and always will exist, it is only the illusion of form that changes in response to thought, Mind. When something is observed, Quanta come together to form sub-atomic particles, and in turn atoms, then molecules until finally something manifests in the physical world as a localized space-time event that can be observed by the five hysical senses.

This process is the very basis of how each and every person creates their own reality. Every single thought, as Energy, directly and instantly influences the quantum field causing Quanta in the form of Energy to arrange themselves into a localised, observable event, object or other influence. This in fact is also the basic of true "Magic". The magician, and those who understand and are in harmony with Universal laws are conscious creators, whereas most people are unconscious creators, always constantly creating their own reality by their own thoughts, but never realising, usually ascribing everything to such notions as "luck", "chance" and "fortune". Conscious creation is also the basis of the Law of Attraction.

In quantum terms, Quanta can also be regarded as "packets of probability". Every Quanta of Energy has a potential to be anywhere at any time, and can be influenced by thought or other Quanta. For example, if you wish to meet someone for the first time, that person has the potential to exist anywhere in the world.

When you make the decision to meet with this person in a particular place and then subsequently do so, that person no longer has only potential, he or she has actually manifested as a physical reality into your life in accordance with the mutual will of both people. Once your meeting has concluded, the person will leave and become a potential person once again relative to your own physical reality.

Quanta, including those of which you are constituted are not bound by space or time. Quanta are spaceless, timeless and exist everywhere concurrently. We therefore as aspects of the Universe, The Source of God are also boundless, spaceless and timeless beings existing concurrently everywhere in the Universe.

According to metaphysics we have no limits, no boundaries, no specific point of existence, these are all illusions created by the ego and the five physical senses and the fact that most people are focused entirely in the physical world which they continue to observe and regard as reality. Everyone is an integral aspect of the same Mind-field, much bigger and more powerful than most people can possibly realize or have the capacity as yet to comprehend.

The Universe conceptually consists of illusions of the "observer" and the "observed". In this way the Universe, The Source, God, evolves experientially having both the capacity to observe and be observed, as do all individuations of God including human beings all of whom are such expressions of God made in the same true Spiritual image.

The observed is meaningless without an observer, and likewise the observer is meaningless without being observed. It is therefore by this process of individuation that the process of the observer and the observed is perpetuated, and evolution, expansion and growth infinitely continues.

The entire Universe of which we are integral aspects is a vast expanse of Energy vibrating at different rates from the lowest vibration of matter to the highest vibration of The Source, The First Cause, God. The illusion of separation is perpetuated by virtue of the way in which Mind perceives and decodes these vibrations. So "things" only exist because we observe them and our Mind decodes the vibrations of the Energy of the "thing" being observed. Without this observation, the "thing" being observed cannot exist, except as a probability within the vast expanse of Energy constituting the Universe. So everything in the Universe is a probability of existence until such time as it is observed and its Energy is decoded by the Mind, at which point the probability becomes an actuality while it is being observed, after which it becomes a probability once again.

Everything within the Universe is in the direction of life, evolution and growth, nothing ever stands still or fails to evolve; this is the Law as it applies to all levels, again described by metaphysics. By the process and individuation and thereby the perpetuation of the illusion of the observer and the observed, growth can continue, but both are required. There can be no growth without the observer and the observed, because there would be no basis upon which to learn and therefore to evolve, facts fully recognised and proven by quantum physics.

As body, Soul and Spirit, our Ultimate Reality is infinite Energy and intelligence beyond the boundaries of space and time as a true Son or Daughter of God, existing infinitely and concurrently across the entire Universe in all spheres of life and reality. Our localised reality is simply our point of focus, our point of conscious awareness, which, for most people, for the time being, is within the physical body; most people still erroneously perceiving themselves as completely separate individual people, housed in a body of flesh. Only when every one begins to fully understand their own nature as infinite Spiritual beings of the magnificent multi-dimensional Universe can the human race turn back towards its true purpose, to evolve back to the First Cause, The Light, God.

The nearer to The Source we reach, the more we experience the glories of The Light until finally reaching, and having the potential to reunite with The Source of The Light, and to once again cease to be existed as an individuated Being, but rather to be at One with God. This is the ultimate meaning of life, our ultimate purpose, Our Ultimate Reality.

So at the final analysis, it is clear that their is only one truth, one Universe and one reality and both quantum physics and metaphysics describe this reality very well considering the sheer magnitude of everything that consitutes the Universe as a whole.

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