The Psychic Medium

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The most basic form of channelling is that used by “psychics” who “hear” the voices of Spirits “in their head”. These include the “television psychics” or “psychic medium” as they often call themselves. This type of psychic will often work with a large group of people, or sometimes on a private one to one basis, or often at longer distance by means of telephone, or indeed these days even by email or Internet messenger service.

Unfortunately, as with other types of psychic service, there are many charlatans who operate quite simply and very cynically to take money from vulnerable under the pretext of being a psychic medium, often bereaved people who are often suffering considerable grief through the recent loss of a loved one. It is often very difficult indeed for the average person to differentiate between a good and genuine psychic medium and a charlatan. It should be said however that any genuine psychic medium should be prepared to do one to one personal “sittings”, and should, as with any genuine psychic, be able to provide a list of testimonials from satisfied clients.

There are unfortunately many charlatans around purporting to be a psychic medium, especially with the rapid rise in the Internet where thousands of such opportunists are offering their services to people, people who are often experiencing serious difficulties in life or in many cases are recently bereaved. Such people are therefore extremely vulnerable due to the desire to receive word from their loved ones and to know they are happy in their new home within the inner worlds of the Astral planes, often thought of as “heaven” or the “afterlife”.

Again, always, always investigate psychics of all types, including those purportig to be a psychic medium extremely thoroughly before engaging their services, and always, always obtain and verify as many testimonials as possible before proceeding. The importance of these precautions simply cannot be emphasised enough, the consequences of failing to do so can be very adverse. The next chapter in this book will provide you with excellent guidelines about psychics and locating genuine psychic services.

Always listen to your inner guidance and never, ever agree to the services of a psychic or psychic medium of any kind if your inner-voice, your Higher Self, advises you against it. Your Higher Self knows everything about your Spirit at all levels of reality relative to the past, present and future relative to physical Earth time, and your Higher Self, being sublime, and having your lives, very best interests and evolution to heart will always serve as your very best and most trusted guidance.

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