The Process Of Reincarnation

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Reincarnation is truly one of the greatest of mysteries confronting mankind. Do we really reincarnate, in other words return to Earth for further “lives” on Earth? If so, how many times? Why do we reincarnate at all? Do we have any choice? And many such similar questions very frequently arise.

“Re-incarnate” literally means to “come back in the flesh, “carne” meaning “flesh” in Latin. Reincarnation is indeed very real, with people returning to Earth out of choice potentially many, many times over the course of thousands of years. The precise number of times a person will choose to return to Earth, and over how long in terms of physical time will vary considerably from individual to individual depending on desired and actual Spiritual progress, the need to equilibrate karma and various other factors.

In order to understand re-incarnation or reincarnation we first need to understand the true destiny of mankind. Each and everyone one of us from the moment of our very first “life” on Earth, our very first “incarnation”, has the most sacred mission to ultimately return to, and potentially reunite with our Divine Creator, The First Cause, God. This is the true and ultimate meaning of life. Upon reaching this most exalted and sacred stage in our Spiritual evolution, we will all have the option of either relinquishing our individuality and merging with God, an act often known as “Unity”, or retaining our individuality for as long as we wish to do so. Those who choose to retain their individualities at these highest and most exalted of levels are “God people” residing in the very highest, most glorious Cosmic spheres of life, usually concerning themselves with the ongoing evolution of other beings of planets all over the Universe.

So where does re-incarnation fit into this equation? The physical world, in our case the planet Earth can be likened to a kindergarten, and the very highest spheres of reality, the Cosmic spheres can be likened to post graduate University. It goes without saying that no one can attend University without first having progressed through all necessary levels of primary and higher education, thus achieving the necessary qualifications and levels of attainment.

The inner spheres beyond the physical planet Earth are “Mind worlds” where anything desired can become an instant reality. We will discuss this in more detail later in this book. Also in the inner spheres of life, everyone is at exactly the same level of personal evolution, and life is extremely peaceful and harmonious as a result.

Wonderful though these inner spheres surely are, they are not however an environment where important lessons, so vital for evolution to the inner spheres of life can be easily learned. These initial lessons require the characteristics and density of the physical world of matter in order to be effective. As we all know only too well, the planet Earth is populated by people with an almost infinite number of characteristics; temperaments, characters, egos, personalities, beliefs and so on. At the same time the Earth is a physical environment where everything appears to be solid to the five biological senses and therefore requires direct physical interaction.

Everyone on Earth lives within a solid material body subject to the rigours of the physical environment, not the least of which is health, the need for food and shelter and interaction with other people. The physical Universe is a school of learning where everyone must first attain the necessary degree of perfection in order graduate and progress to the inner, more blissful, glorious spheres of life beyond the Astral worlds, which we are told the glories of which are way, way beyond the comprehension of earthly man. Only when such a level of perfection and ennoblement is achieved can true progress be made on the path back to God.

Again it must be stressed that there is ultimately no avoiding this progression of events; it is the absolute and most sacred destiny of every single individual who is living on Earth now, ever was living on Earth and ever will live on Earth in the future without any exceptions; a process which could take aeons upon aeons as measured in earth time. Each separate lifetime on Earth adds to the pool of experience and knowledge required in order to progress to the inner spheres and to transcend the cycle of reincarnation.

Each life and experience on Earth provides a vehicle of expression and personality, the sum of which in the inner spheres contributes to the total individuality.

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