The Principles Of Self Healing

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When most people think of illness and medical treatment they usually think exclusively in terms of the physical body, doctors, medicines, clinics and other medical facilities. This of course is quite understandable as most illnesses appear to the physical senses to affect the physical body or mental state, and therefore afflictions appear to originate in those particular areas. While this might well be quite true in the case of some physical injuries such as breaking limbs, cuts and other accidents, what medicine has not yet fully come to terms with is that even the most serious illnesses such as cancer very often do not have a physical, in other words a physiological or psychological origin at all, but are rather due to imbalances and other problems arising within the Etheric Body, also known as the Energy body which includes the aura and the main Energy centres of the Energy Body, the chakras.

Due to the holistic nature of the Universe and therefore of the human body, all of which are inseparable aspects of each other, any problems arising at an inner Energy level, for example within the Energy Body, will always be correspondingly reflected at a lower level in accordance with the Universal principle of correspondence. But at the same time using the same knowledge we can heal ourselves using self healing methods.

The axiom "as above, so below" is again very true, but can be more accurately said "as within, so without", with ailments originating in the inner bodies manifesting in turn within the physical body "without" in accordance with immutable Universal laws. As infinite, multidimensional Beings we actually have an infinite number of bodies ranging from the very highest aspect of God to the physical body of matter in which most people are focussed. Diseases as a cause can occur in any of the inner bodies causing an imbalance that has to manifest in the physical body as a the effect in
accordance with immutable Universal laws.

Therefore by identifying the origin of these problems within the inner bodies, most frequently the Energy Body which is closest to the physical body, and treating the cause appropriately, it is very often possible to completely cure even the most serious illnesses using self healing methods where traditional medicine, seeking to treat only the physical or psychological symptoms would inevitably fail.

Cures that have seemed to most people, including the medical profession as miraculous, are frequently achieved by self healing, often known as holistic healing. It should be mentioned straightaway however that everyone should see their doctor immediately with any medical problem whatsoever, even if the eventual cure will be brought about by inner means.

There are various methods of treating the Energy body, many of which you might already be already familiar under the general description of "alternative medicine or healing". This description is however somewhat misleading as it could be much more appropriately described as "primary healing". Well-known examples of self healing, i.e. energetic or holistic healing can include for example acupuncture, Pranic Healing and Reiki.

There are also healing methods broadly based on the practice of homeopathy where the objective is to bringing the body balance, thereby bringing about a cure of the ailment. Homeopathy is not generally considered to be a practice having an effect on the Energy Body, although in some cases, with certain treatments the Energy body might well be influenced favourably. An example of this is healing by means of various herbs and plant extracts, the application of which can have a direct affect on the balance of Energy Body, thereby bringing a cure. Herbal based healing is a separate and extensive discipline in its own right, and often a very effective one.

Herbs, like all plants and indeed everything in the Universe have a unique vibration of Energy that will affect other Energy, in this case the Energy of the human Energy body, and can facilitate a cure accordingly. In many cases however the herb or other substance become a point of focus and belief that a cure will result, and it is the very focus on this within the Mind of the patient that will cause the expected cure to occur in accordance with The Law of Attraction. This is broadly how the medical "placebo" works.

Although the placebo has no medicine associated with it, the very act of belief and focus on the cure by the patient that they have been cured will then manifest that cure by The Law of Attraction, the patient having consciously or subconsciously influenced the Energy corresponding with the part of the body that was afflicted in the direction of, and with the result of a cure for the ailment.

Another method of healing involves the use of naturally occurring crystals such as quartz, which again can have a direct effect on the Energy of the Energy body due to the natural Energy vibrations of these substances. Different crystals exhibit different types and levels of vibration, all of which can influence the Energy Body including the charkas in a positive and specific way. It is well-known for example that Quartz exhibits "piezo electric" properties, and is accordingly used in watches, clocks and other precision instruments for maintaining accuracy of time. Again however, healing might be more a function of the Mind of the patient and of their healing focus than due to the action of the actual crystals.

Healing by the use of herbs, crystals and other naturally occurring substances can certainly be extremely effective in the hands of practitioners with the appropriate levels of knowledge and experience. These can be learned and practiced by anyone with dedication. Learning about the self healing properties and methods of herbs, crystals and other substances is extremely worthwhile and rewarding. In addition, there are less well-known methods of healing involving the use of the Magnetic Fluid of the Ether by a practitioner known as a "magnetopath".

Many methods of self healing require the services of an experienced practitioner, an example of which might well be difficult to locate in your area. Additionally, as with psychic services, it is often very difficult to determine whether a practitioner has genuine experience and abilities in healing or is nothing more than a charlatan whose only objective is to take your money. There are many extremely talented and experienced healers who will willingly provide their services for free in appropriate, or sometimes all cases, as a service to humanity.

Everyone has the ability to heal almost any illness, even the most serious of illnesses, many of which are often considered to be terminal by doctors, by using our own inherent and very powerful self healing abilities.

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