The Power Of Emotions

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Emotions are powers of the Mind, and like all powers of the Mind influence Energy. Emotion can therefore be thought of as E-Motion; Energy in Motion.

Although all thought influences Energy to some extent, emotions can be and very often are a very powerful influence over Universal Energy, and therefore what we attract into our individual physical reality we create based upon those thoughts or emotions.

Thoughts charged with emotion can be very powerful indeed. Providing we remain fully aware of this fact then we can either control or use emotions in our lives to a very powerful extent. We should always either immediately negate any negative emotions by use of the will, or much better still we should immediately transmute negative emotions to their opposite positive emotions as soon as we become aware of them. Again, we should always remain fully aware of our feelings, thoughts and emotions at all times as a fundamental requirement for creating our own reality and controlling our own lives rather than simply being carried along with the flow, or being constantly under the influence of others.

It should be mentioned that this is a principle behind true alchemy. When most people think of alchemy or perhaps even in the context of the philosophers stone, they are often thinking in terms of the transmutation of base metals such as lead into precious metals such as gold. This is of course quite possible due to the fact that everything in the Universe is ultimately Energy, and Energy is influenced by Mind. At a quantum potential level therefore there really is no reason whatsoever why Energy transiently comprising atoms of lead should not be transmuted to Energy comprising atoms of gold or indeed atoms of anything at all.

True alchemy in its purest and original form however is not about transmuting material things, about rather the evolution to perfection of the human body, Soul and Spirit where the “lead” of negative characteristics are transmuted to the “gold” of their corresponding positive characteristics, an ongoing process of perfection that continues along the path back to unity with The Source, The First Cause, God.

The true meaning of life, the very reason for our creation and individual existence is to evolve back to God by means of the ongoing process of perfection, always aspiring to the Ultimate perfection of God. Transmutation of negative, dense, low vibrations to their opposite positive, fine, high vibrations is all a part of the ongoing evolutionary process of all life.

Awareness and control over the emotions can be profoundly valuable, especially for example in the creation of our own realities. Because they are such a powerful aspect of the Mind, they have an equally powerful effect on the Energy that shapes our individual reality.

The scale of emotion ranges from the very highest vibration of all, the vibration of the The Source, The First Cause, of God, that of Unconditional Love, all the way down to the very lowest vaibration at the lowest end of the emotional Energy scale of vibration, that of abject hate.

It should be noted that the base level of emotions, and therefore of vibration have a profound effect on exactly where people find themselves after passing on from the physical world after the process erroneously known as “death”. As we know, The Law of Attraction is always in immutable operation throughout the Universe. In the context of the transition from the physical to the non-physical worlds everyone will transition to the Energy level of vibration of the Astral worlds that most closely match the overall vibrations of the Astral body or Soul. Those who have therefore lived a hate oriented physical life will transition to a lower Energy level of vibration of the Astral worlds that matches that level of Energy and vibration perfectly. They will find themselves existing within a dark, dank, oppressive existence with for example perpetual mist and fog with bare trees with no leaves; these being a perfect reflection of their Mind and therefore vibration. Such a world will be inhabited with other people with similar Energy vibration characteristics.

Even these worlds however are places of learning and evolution in that the people residing there will eventually learn the meaning of the phrase “do unto others as they would do unto you”, and once learned they can integrate that experience into their being, raising vibrations and the transition to inner, more pleasant worlds of a inner Energy level of vibration before reincarnating to apply the lessons learned within another physical life on Earth.

The same principles apply all the way down the scale of emotion from Unconditional Love, through joy, passion, enthusiasm, positiveness, optimism, hope, contentment, satisfaction, boredom, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, disappointment, doubt, worry, blame, discouragement, anger, revenge, insecurity, jealousy, fear and hate.

It is well worth noting that “fear” is a level of vibration that is very far down on the emotional scale and yet is an emotion that many people increasingly project to their own detriment by creating a powerful fear driven reality for themselves. As the very true statement says “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”. Like worry, fear will always feed upon itself manifesting more of the object of that fear into the individual, experiential reality of the fearful person. Fear must therefore be immediately identified and transmuted to a higher Energy level of vibration and emotion such as optimism, or preferably joy.

Our emotions are also our inner system of guidance as we progress along the path back to God, and in maintaining full control over our own individual reality. By always being consciously aware of our emotions we can steer our lives in the desired direction instead of being swept along like flotsam on a river, by random thoughts and “situations” and under the influence and even direct control of others. As we already know, we are all open channels of expression for the Source, The First Cause of God, and by maintaining these open channels as widely open as possible we will allow God to express and create though us, in turn enabling ourselves to easily attract and share in the infinite abundance of the Universe.

By paying such close attention to our emotions, accentuating the most positive powerful ones while neutralising or transmuting negative emotions we can align ourselves with The Source, The First Cause, God, thereby enjoying a much closer relationship with God as a free flowing channel of expression, attraction and therefore of creation. We are all co-creators in the Universe, the microcosm, as well as within our own experiential reality.

Emotions can have an extremely powerful effect on creating your own reality. The more positive, focused, emotionally charged Energy you can focus upon your desires as if they are already a total reality in your life, the more of your desires you will attract from the Universe of infinite abundance.

One of the most powerful of all aspects of positive emotion is passion. Charging your manifestation exercises with passion will greatly enhance its effectiveness, and accordingly how soon it will become an experiential reality within your physical life, keeping in Mind that the objects of your desires have always existed within the infinite abundance or the Eternal Now of the Universe. So whatever you do, always “follow your passions”.

Following your passions is very powerful in business. Those who start a business with the exclusive idea of causing people to part with money that they may profit will never be truly wealthy, they may merely “make money”. “Making money” and attracting true wealth are very different things. Those who do go into business to “make money” might well achieve their objectives if they work hard and succeed in making money or even in making a lot of money, but they will most certainly never be wealthy. When such people look back at the money they made and how they made it, they will know that they have a hole inside them that they can never go back and fill. They made money alright but what genuine difference did they really make to the lives of people and to the world? If they did affect the lives of other people was it truly in a positive way that enriched the life of others?

We are all Sons and Daughters of God, made in the true Spiritual image of God, and we must always first and foremost serve our Brothers and Sisters of the Universe before we even think of serving ourselves. Selfless service is extremely important both in personal evolution and in attracting wealth. By serving others we serve ourselves in accordance with immutable Universal laws. 

In business, following a passion is an extremely powerful way of attracting long-term wealth. More importantly, in the years to come such a person will be rightly filled with pride, fulfillment and joy at having profoundly been of genuine service to his or her Brothers and Sisters of the Universe, having touched the lives and helped many people in the process. Passion is Energy, a very powerful Energy of emotion that will influence the Energy of like-Minded people by means of the Law of Attraction. When a person is passionate about the product or service being offered, people who are equally passionate about the same subject will be attracted and will likely purchase the product with as much joy as you are selling it to them. This principle can be likened to two tuning forks separated by a distance. When one tuning fork is struck the other tuning fork will resonate at the same frequency of vibration and will be attracted. If you consider yourself to be one of these tuning forks and your potential customer the other, both resonating at the same frequency of Energy and therefore vibration, it is simple to understand how the Law of Attraction operates in these situations.

There is plenty of evidence of this on the Internet today whereby people are following a passion in providing goods and services. These people are sometimes making millions of dollars per year offering what might seem like very obscure goods and services, and all working from home with a single Website and no particular technical abilities or resources.

The Universe often requires physical channels in order to bring physical things into physical reality. The Internet is the ultimate physical channel in that there are millions of people already connected to the Internet, with more each day, and using the Internet every day in seeking information, products and services in pursuit of their passions. When the passions of someone resonate with someone else who is passionately offering goods or services relating to the very same passion, their relative Energy, vibration resonates in harmony and they are thereby attracted to each other in a very powerful way. Such an attraction really is perfect because these passionate people have been able to mutually achieve their objectives with joy, and after they part will feel mutually fulfilled; the merchant in providing goods or services that have proven to be of true value and service to someone sharing the same passion, and the customer for obtaining an object of their passion that will enrich their lives. This is another example of service resulting in evolution and expansion.

As we will see in the next chapter of this book, emotion is an extremely powerful catalyst to apply in the process of conscious manifestation. The higher and more charged the emotion is, and the higher will be the vibrations and the more powerful it will be in accordance with The Law of Attraction.

One of the most powerful emotions, aside from Unconditional Love is Joy, which is very high on the Energy scale of vibration; the more joy that is projected into manifestation exercises, the more effective it will be the result. People with a genuine passion for something almost always follow that passion with great joy and enthusiasm, which is why The Law of Attraction works so powerfully in their favour in attracting an unlimited abundance relating to that passion.

Two further emotions that are very important are Appreciation and Gratitude. Taking anything for granted results in low vibrations, and your life will reflect that perfectly. Sincere appreciation and in particular genuine and sincere gratitude conveys a vibration that will attract more of the same into your life. It is all a part of maintaining that open channel as an expression of God through which God can express in the form of unlimited abundance, evolution and creation. Always give thanks in your Mind with the highest possible sincere appreciation and gratitude for everything you have attracted into your life from the Universe of infinite abundance and you will continue to attract more abundance without limits.

As we will see in the next chapter on the subject of manifestation, empowering your manifestation exercises with the Energy vibrations of joy, passion, enthusiasm, gratitude and appreciation has a very powerful influence over the Energy involved, and will assist enormously with attracting the objects of your desires into your physical experiential reality by affirming the fact that you already have them, thereby increasing the attraction of these desires into your experiential reality where they can be enjoyed.

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