The Ouija Board And Its Hidden Dangers

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Ouija-BoardThe Ouija board has long been a popular method of attempting to contact “the other side”, and is probably the only product sold on a large scale for this particular purpose. The name “Ouija” is derived from the French and German words for “yes”; “oiu” and “ja”.

The Ouija consists of a flat board upon which is printed the letters of the alphabet, some numbers, punctuation marks and with the words “yes” and “no”. The participants proceed by placing their fingers lightly on a pointer, which then supposedly without the conscious effects of the participants moves to spell out a series of messages.

Many users of the Ouija board often regard this activity quite simply as a novelty for parties and other such gatherings, very often without fully realising the very real potential dangers of which there are many. The Ouija board can and often does work, and indeed many communications received can be from “the other side”. Unfortunately however many of these contacts are with beings residing in the very lowest levels of the Astral planes whose intentions are often much less than honourable.

As discussed previously, humans and other beings living in the lowest Astral worlds do so because of the dark, negative and sometimes very evil lives they previously led while on Earth, and accordingly now exist at these correspondingly low Energy levels of vibration. The danger with this is that the lower in the Astral plane the being exists, the easier it is for them to make contact with the physical world through the Ouija board, due in part to the inner relative densities and lower relative vibrations of the Ether.

The lower in the Astral worlds the being, the lower is their Energy vibration, usually indicating a correspondingly low level of trust. Always remember that these low Astral worlds are a perfect reflection of the character of these beings existing there. The more inner the being relative to the physical world, the more evolved and therefore trustworthy the being is, but at the same time the more difficult it is to contact people living in the physical world. This simple guideline should always be kept in Mind in these situations.

The beings of the lower Astral worlds will frequently revel in claiming to be Angels, Archangels, famous people or even God, while others will have no hesitation at all in claiming to be deceased people known to the Ouija board sitters. On other occasions these lower Astral beings might simply use obscenities, cursing and generally extremely bad language. Why do these lower Astral beings behave in this way?

Aside from the fact this is very often the character of these beings, and hence the reason they inhabit the lower Astral worlds in the first place, their despair is often pushed to the extreme simply because they can no longer physically experience the things they once enjoyed and very often abused so much while still physically alive such as indulgence in crime, violence, excessive drinking, excessive drugs use and excessive sex devoid of genuine love, respect or passion. If they had any sort of reasonable capacity for love, loving thoughts or other positive attributes, they would not be in the situation they are in. If they even had the capacity to ask for help to relieve them of their misery, such help would be provided by more highly evolved inner beings if appropriate.

Mediums who have contacted beings at these low Astral levels often report extremely hostile, abusive and sinister voices. These are the voices of the very same beings often contacted through the use of Ouija boards. Unfortunately, because the users of the Ouija board are usually hoping for and therefore anticipating genuine contacts with inner-level Spirits, they will almost always be taken in by the deception of these lower Astral beings.

Sometimes this is all quite harmless, and although the Ouija board users are misled, there is usually no permanent harm done. There is a very real danger however of some lower Astral beings having much darker and more sinister motives. Such dangers include a lower Astral being for example posing as a deceased relative. Once the lower Astral being has been able to convince the Ouija board sitters they are indeed a deceased relative, they will often be very manipulative, proceeding to request or even demand certain things to be done for them, mostly with view to increasing it’s own strength of presence within the material world. Such requests are often carried out by the Ouija board sitters without question, not wanting to risk upsetting or offending what they genuinely believe to be a deceased relative, friend or inner Spiritual being.

Lower Astral beings do not like dwelling in their dark worlds, and will very often seize any opportunity to take control of a physical body in the material world. This could in turn very easily lead to a full possession resulting in all sorts of potentially nasty problems, including but not limited to very severe psychological problems. The personality of the possessed person might change dramatically and for the worse. The only solution to such a state of possession, is to exorcise the being from the possessed person. This might all seem rather dramatic after what started out as an innocent party game, but it most certainly can and does happen, and accordingly all Ouija board users should know the dangers beyond any doubt before using a Ouija board, even as a party novelty.

The Ouija board should always be regarded as a potentially very dangerous instrument and preferably avoided altogether. Those insisting on ignoring these dangers should at the very least be aware of the type of being likely to made contact with, and what their real motives often are. Any being claiming for example to be a deceased relative should be thoroughly tested by asking questions to which only such a relative would know the answers. The same principle also applies to all beings purporting to be Angels, Archangels or famous people. Such beings will in reality know very little about Angels, Archangels or the famous people they purport to be, and can therefore be easily caught out. Again, it is very important indeed to remember this sort of behavior is a reason why these beings are dwelling in the lowest part of the Astral worlds in the first place; they simply cannot and should not be trusted under any circumstances unless fully tested by an expert who understand these dangers.

Stoker-Hunt-Ouija-BoardStoker Hunt, a person who carried out research into the effects arising from the use the Ouija board, summarized a common pattern of communication that can often develop when people make contact with entities within the low levels of the Astral worlds; he said:

The invader focuses on the victims character weaknesses, if one is vain, appeals to vanity are made. ‘I need your help’ the seducer will say, ‘and only you can help me’. The entity is malicious and does not hesitate to lie, misrepresent itself (usually as a deceased loved one) and flatter. It’s better for the invader of course if the victim is alone, isolated and ill. If needs be the invader will terrify its victim, materialising in ghastly form, inducing grotesque visions, inciting poltergeist activity, causing objects to appear out of the blue, delivering false or tragic news, levitating objects, perhaps levitating the victim. All these things and more might be done, not as ends among themselves, but as a means to an eventual complete possession”.

It should be clear by now the Ouija board is a potentially very dangerous instrument indeed, especially for those who do not understand its fullest implications. Dr. Carl Wickland, an American psychiatrist, wrote his classic work on mental illness “Thirty Years Among the Dead” in 1924, within which he warns:

The serious problem of alienation and mental derangement attending ignorant psychic experiments was first bought to my attention by cases of several persons whose seemingly harmless activities with automatic writing and the Ouija board resulted in such wild insanity that commitment to asylums was necessitated. Many other disastrous results which followed the use of the supposedly innocent Ouija board came to my notice, and my observations led me into research in psychic phenomena for a possible explanation of these strange occurrences”.

The-Sorry-Tale-Patience-WorthThese are only a very few of the possible outcomes of the use of the Ouija board. It should be made clear however not all contacts by means of the Ouija board are malevolent, and there have also been many positive, long term communications where it has been possible to contact well meaning and friendly inner level Astral beings. One particularly noteworthy case was that of Pearl Curran who used a Ouija board with her neighbour on July 12, 1912. After a year of experimenting she began to receive messages from Patience Worth, a Spirit entity who claimed she was born in 1649 in Dorsetshire, England. Between 1912 and 1919 she dictated five million words through the board, including epigrams, poems, full-length novels, allegories and short stories. Her collective works filled twenty nine bound volumes, and 4375 single spaced pages. These works included five full length novels, the most successful being “The Sorry Tale”, a 300,000 word story of the earthly life of Jesus which was reviewed by the New York Times on July 8, 1917, commenting: "This long and intricate tale of Jewish and Roman life during the time of Christ is constructed with the precision and accuracy of a master hand. It is a wonderful, a beautiful and noble book”. Patience Worth won many more accolades and awards over the years for a wide variety of literary work.

Another famous Spiritual entity who first appeared by means of the Ouija board called himself “Seth”, who first made an appearance when Jane Roberts and her husband first began using a Ouija board in 1963. The entity eventually introduced itself as Frank Withers who died in 1942 after his most recent physical life as an English teacher. He preferred to be called “Seth” and stated his mission as helping people to understand themselves and reality better.

Through Jane Roberts, Seth dictated several best-selling books dealing with the nature of reality, reincarnation, Astral travel, dreams and the nature of God. Seth also provided step-by-step teachings on meditation techniques and extra-sensory perception. He was also able to diagnose illnesses, correctly describe the contents of buildings and rooms many miles away, and materialised as an apparition in well-lit settings.

There have been many other such successful uses of the Ouija board that proved to be of great value to the people concerned, and in some cases, such as Seth, to humanity as a whole. This should not be taken as reason in and of itself to justify the inherent risks involved of using the Ouija board. James Merrill, a Pulitzer winner describes his Ouija board experiences when he wrote “The Changing Light at Sandover” in 1982. His frightening experiences including visions, bodily transformation, the feeling of powerful presences as well as more memorable and joyous ones are recorded in the poem. After thirty years however he no longer recommends people use the Ouija board because “one can never tell how susceptible a given person will be”.

On balance, the use of a Ouija board should be strongly discouraged. Due to the nature of the way this instrument functions it is much more likely to attract malevolent low-level Astral entities than well-meaning or even helpful inner-level beings. Those who do attract lower level beings ultimately stand a very high chance indeed of suffering possession and/or serious mental illness, both of which would be nearly impossible to overcome by modern medical means. The only solution to such a serious situation involving inter-dimensional forces would be an exorcism carried out by a highly experienced practitioner of which there are very few living today.

The most sensible solution therefore is to resist any such temptations completely, leaving the Ouija board and similar instruments such as a tumbler with playing cards and automatic writing very well alone for your own safety and for the safety of those around you.

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