The Origins Of Disease And Healing

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When most people think of diseas, they think in terms of "germs" such as bacteria and viruses, failure of some part of the anatomy, or even cancer.

While all these experiences apparently exist, they are in fact in reality the outward manifestation, the effect, of some hidden cause.

Some might say that injury due to accidents have an obvious and identifiable cause, but nevertheless these experiences are still outer effects of inner causes.

Our natural state is perfection, "made", as we are, in the "image of God".

Now this does not mean that we "look like" God in our physical form, because the Entity known as "God" is beyond all concept of "form", it rather means that we are a reflection of God from a Spiritual perspective, and that our natural state is Perfection.

The true meaning of Life from a human perspective is to realise that perfection through freewill, experience and evolution.

Those micro organisms known as bacteria and viruses, are simply the physical agents of experience.

Cancer cells likewise are simply the outward experience of an inner cause.

Even "accidents" are no "accident". Accidents, like "chance", "fortune", "luck" etc are simply human constructs and ideas arising from a lack of awareness and understanding of their true origins.

Nothing in the entire Universe happens by "chance". Every effect, whether experienced or not, originated from a corresponding cause.

Causes in turn originate from the Mind.

Knowing this is empowering, because whenever we experience an illness, affliction or injury, we know that it is the direct result of persistent thoughts, feelings and emotions over which we have absolute control if only we exercise that control.

Once a cause has set in motion a corresponding effect, that effect can manifest through disease, injury or even through another person, making your life a "misery". There is no escape. Our objective therefore becomes one of being always mindful of the potentiality of causes before they originate, thereby avoiding the unwanted experience of any corresponding effects.

So what are these causes? They include:

1. Stress and anxiety

2. Worry

3. Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions towards self and/or others.

Now let us look briefly at each of these and what can be done.

1. Stress and anxiety, as well as other negative emotions, exert corresponding stress upon the inner Energy body. The Energy body, which is also known as the Etheric body, is the first body of Energy beyond the physical body, and the body which houses the Energy centres known as the Chakras.

When the Energy body is subjected to the negative vibrations of stress and anxiety, the vibration of the Energy body is influenced accordingly.

As our physical body is a reflection of our Energy body, the physical body sooner or later manifests the imperfections of the Energy body in the form of a correspondingly experienced disease.

One disease for example that is a direct result of stress is cancer.

Everyone has the latent potential to experience cancer, but it is not until the Energy body is stressed and influenced through stress that this potential is actually realised in the form of an experienced disease.

2. Worrying about health and the body will attract exactly those experiences being worried about.

So those who worry about "catching" some disease, whether it be a common cold, influenza - perhaps as a result of seeing someone nearby coughing or sneezing - will certainly contract that disease.

Often people think that feel "unwell" or have a "pain" or discomfort that they cannot explain, and immediately believe it is something serious, especially if other family members have experienced the same disease before.

Have you ever wondered why doctors and nurses, who are exposed to all manner of diseases day in and day, out very rarely become ill themselves?

The reason is that these people, due to the nature of their work, are already familiar with diseases, keep them in a proper perspective out of knowledge, therefore take them for granted, and never worry about them.

Conversly, when seriously ill people are given a "placebo", which is for example a sugar tablet, after being told it is a powerful new medicine, they are often cured just as effectively if not more so than the group that were given the actual medicine.

In fact virtually all medicines act as a placebo - it is not the chemicals that heal people, it is ratyer the faith in people of the action of the medicine that brings about the healing.

3. Negative thoughts, feelings and emotions towards yourself and/or others can also result in a self-inflicted disease.

For example, by projecting emotions of hate, aggression and animosity towards others, including animals and nature, the person projecting such thoughts will experience the corresponding consequences through the Principle of Cause and Effect.

Conversely, those who only project Unconditional Love towards all people and all creation will be blessed by the correcponding high vibration which will be reflected in the body, Soul and Spirit.

In addition to actual diseases, Cause and Effect can evoke other methods of experiencing the effect through for example accident or loss. All of these experiences are the same broad experience of suffering.

So wrongful thinking, feelings and emotions towards yourself or others, including towards other forms of life, results in suffering.

Of course there are other ways of negatively impacting the physical body, notably through diet.

Animal and dairy based products not only result in suffering on the part of animals, which must be reflected in human suffering through Cause and Effect, but also adversely affect the human digestive system which was never designed to eat these life forms.

So what can be done to ensure perfect health?

We must avoid stress, anxiety, worry and negative thoughts, none of which can ever help your situation, however dire it may seem, but rather only make it much worse and therefore self-fulfilling.

Stress and anxiety will result in disease sooner or later. Worry, which is related to stress and anxiety, will also attract the object of the worry, just as a placebo can heal. Negative thoughts and emotions are very destructive, and which will impact the body and circumstances in proportion to the nature of the negative thought and emotions, often experienced as accidents.

So by being constantly Mindful of all spheres of activity of our own Mind, and ensuring that all thoughts, feelings and emotions are positive and constructive, we can ensure a healthy, vibrant body.

There are other origins of bodily experiences, most notably the strength and efficiency of our Energy Body and specifically the Chakras as we have discussed in previous newsletters, but even these are ultimately subject to the primary Universal Principle - Mind.

So resolve to be Mindful of your thoughts, only allowing the most positive thoughts and rejecting negative thoughts.

Always remain "upbeat" and optimistic, no matter what the evidence of your physical senses might tell you to the contrary. Mind comes first, experience always follows, never the other way around.

And finally never judge others or allow yourself to react to the way they choose to exercise their own freewill. Always feel and project Unconditional Love in the certain knowledge that the Universe will bring to others the experience that corresponds to their thoughts and actions. This is not a system of punishment, it is a system of learning through experience. There is no "good", "bad", "evil", "sin" or any other human concept - there is rather always only expeience originating from the fundamental Mind Principle.

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