The Lessons And Meaning Of Life

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Each and every physical life on Earth is can be likened to attending the kindergarten of the Universe, in a learning process that never ends until the end of the path to our Divine Creator is finally reached at which time the full meaning of life will be realised. Even when the cycle of physical reincarnation on Earth has been transcended and the student progresses to the primary school of life, the path ahead back to our Divine Creator is long, but much more tranquil peaceful and harmonious, with none of the trials and tribulations experienced within the physical Earth life system. It is the destiny, and should be the primary objective of every single person without exception to graduate from the kindergarten of Earth with honours in order to progress to the next phase of Divine education. Always keep in Mind that our true and ultimate purpose is to evolve back to The First Cause, The Source, God, from Where we first came, and of Whom we are all expressions.

We have already discussed in this book many of the factors facilitating true and enduring progress during each physical life. It is also very important to realise however that life is one long learning process from the moment of birth to the moment of transitioning back to the inner spheres of reality where the work and achievements of the past life can finally be reviewed and reconciled.

Every single moment, both awake and asleep, is a valuable opportunity to learn an aspect of the meaning of life thereby to progress, and none of these lessons should be disregarded or wasted. During life we all interact with many different people under many different circumstances, encountering many different situations, all of which are valuable opportunities for learning, progression and personal evolution whether they are recognised as such or not at the time. Numerous such opportunities are presented to everyone each and every day, and no such valuable opportunity should be wasted. If such an opportunity is not recognised or is ignored, the same lesson will present itself again in the future, either during the current physical Earth life or will be carried over into a future physical life where the opportunities will arise once again.

It is most important therefore to consider each and every situation, and to understand it’s true meaning in life, learn the lessons and to take any necessary actions associated with that lesson. Situations, Spirit guides, your Higher Self and others living within the inner spheres of life will all assist your learning process by creating situations and symbols for ongoing evolution. For example, if you suddenly find blocked sinks, blocked drains, blocked pipes and other blockages appearing in your life that never happened before, they might well be symbolic representations of a more fundamental blockage in your life involving your Soul or Spirit. It is as well to take time to identify where this blockage might be arising and to accordingly take the appropriate steps to resolve it. You might well for example be putting off something that could be important in your life such as moving to a different a different location. Whatever it is the blockage must be identified and remedied in the process of discovering the meaning of life.

There are many other such situations in life, a common one of which is conflict with others. Frequently, situations will arise that you feel are unjust, unfair or quite simply completely wrong. Most people would react strongly to these situations, perhaps by engaging in arguments with others, complaining, or simply by experiencing emotions of anger, or worse, hate. When these situations occur they are valuable opportunities for learning, growth and progression. When faced with such a situation, before reacting, stop yourself, take a very deep breath, count to five, and take the time to consider the situation from all perspectives. Ask yourself; “maybe it is I who is wrong in this situation after all”. Consider the situation from the perspective of the other person or people involved and ask yourself what you would do in these same circumstances. The ego is a very powerful adversary as we have previously discussed, and will always cause you to insist that you are right and everyone else must therefore be wrong, if allowed to do so. This is just one reason why it is so exceptionally important to transcend the influence of ego and to assume full control over your own Mind and actions at all times.

The ego will revel in causing trouble whenever and wherever it possibly can, and must never be allowed to do so. If the uncontrolled ego is allowed to exert its influence in this way, the lessons will not be learned, karma will not be equilibrated and progress in this and future physical lives will be adversely affected. There is quite simply no avoiding the lessons needing to be learned. Accumulated karma also needs to be balanced, and therefore must be faced and addressed as soon as possible while further negative karma is avoided, all by means of vigilance and self-control at all times. Those who continuously fail in these objectives will need return to Earth time and again for another physical life, never making further progress on the path, thus missing the glories, splendours, tranquillity, peace and harmony of the inner spheres of life; the next stages of learning and progression awaiting everyone without exception. If every human being knew the glories that await them further along the path, beyond the cycle of reincarnation into physical lives on Earth, no person would delay for a moment in learning and practicing the glories of life. It would become a passionate desire to learn the physical lessons of the kindergarten of Earth, and to progress to the glories, splendours and magnificence of the next phase of life.

Each situation you are presented with should be faced with complete confidence, always knowing beyond any doubts whatsoever that you are an immortal Spiritual being, a Son or Daughter of God made in the true Spiritual image of God, and nothing can ever harm you. Never miss an opportunity to help others or to provide selfless service; opportunities presented each and every day if only you are vigilant for them. Always give thanks for every single such opportunity arising in your life; thank the Universe, The Source, God, as well as your Higher Self and all of those many unseen beings of the inner spheres of life who dedicate themselves to your well-being and progression out of Pure Unconditional Love, and who help you in the process of learning and practicing the true meaning of life.

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