The Near Death Experience Or NDE

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Throughout recorded history people have returned from “death” to tell of their experiences during the time they were “out of their own body”. The situations leading to such experiences are numerous and can include extreme medical conditions as heart failure, accidents, and very often even during the course of medical operations.

These near death experiences, often simply referred to as an “NDE”, share common characteristics including the perception of floating above or near the physical body and observing the physical body from an unusual situation; for example from the corner of the room, or as has often been reported in the case of medical operations from the corner of the operating theatre. If doctors are present the person experiencing the NDE will usually see doctors endeavouring to revive their physical body, after which a doctor will often pronounce them as “dead”.

Some people later choose to relate their near death experience to doctors, relatives and friends, however it is likely the vast majority do not, often believing for example they will not be believed or worse are considered to have been hallucinating due to the anaesthetic or other medical factors associated with the medical situation, or suffering from after-effects arising from the physical condition leading to the NDE. Other people are afraid to relate NDE experiences on the basis they might be considered to be mentally deranged or will be ridiculed.

To most people experiencing an NDE, relating the experience to others seems pointless, the experience itself being so intensely profound and personal. Research has proven however that literally millions of people have experienced an NDE, most of which are described as deeply profound, life changing experiences. One of the most significant effects of a near death experience for people who are deeply religious is that they immediately realise the creed and dogma of religion for what it really is, having experienced, albeit only for a short time the absolute truth of the survival of the human Soul and Spirit and the truth of what awaits after the expiration of the physical body, truths so profound, real and beyond any possible doubt that such a person will never return to the dogma and indoctrination of a religious belief system ever again.

Like most people experiencing a near death experience, previously religious people having “seen the light” are extremely thankful indeed they have been given the opportunity to set aside the restrictions of their previous belief system and to have been given the opportunity to restructure their lives towards the realisation of their own true purpose and destiny. There have been many famous people, especially in the last century or so who have experienced an NDE and have told of their experiences afterwards. Due to their standing the NDE experiences of these well-known and often respected people are usually taken very seriously indeed and form the basis of some of the most compelling evidence in existence today as to the truth of NDE what happens at the point of the death of the physical body and immediately afterwards, and most importantly the truth of the inner realities of life beyond the physical world of matter.

There are many similar experiences reported by people having experienced an near death experience. These include “seeing” and experiencing their entire life “pass before their eyes” seemingly in an instant. Although this “life review” seems to happen in just a moment in time due to the experience actually occurring within the Etheric plane beyond the confines of space and time, this life review is complete in every respect, every single aspect of the most recent life of the person being experienced exactly as it was originally experienced during the course of their physical life. Another common feature of the typical NDE is experiencing intense white radiant light, the Divine light of God, and with it an overwhelming and all encompassing feeling of absolute Unconditional Love; an experience completely beyond the capability of conveying by means of the written word.

Frequently people experiencing a Near Death Experience also perceive and sometimes vividly experience the presence of deceased loved ones, friends and other “beings of light” who are there to guide them at the moment of transition from the physical to the Astral worlds. Often the person experiencing the NDE will be told by one of these people to “go back”, or “it isn’t your time yet”. This is often all the motivation needed to return to the physical body, serene in the certain knowledge of the glories awaiting one day upon the final passing from that particular physical incarnation on the planet Earth. Like people who practice Astral Projection and OBE, those experiencing an NDE will never again fear the state of transition from the physical to the non-physical worlds, still erroneously known as “death”.

An NDE is very similar indeed to an OBE or Astral Projection as discussed previously. As with final physical death it is possible to initially transition either to the Etheric plane closest to the physical world, the same process as an OBE, or to transition directly to the Astral world as occurs with Astral Projection. The Etheric NDE is the situation whereby the circumstances associated with the Near Death Experience, for example within an operating theatre, are witnessed from outside the confines of the physical body. Tunnels and beings of light are all characteristics of an NDE sharing similar characteristics to an Astral Projection.

The value of both OBE and Astral Projection in experiencing at first hand at any time the realities awaiting after the death of the physical body are extremely evident and profound. People experiencing a near death experience can only experience the greater realities and truths for a short time whereas those experienced with OBE and Astral Projection can experience them at will for extended periods of time as time relates to the physical Universe, and have the opportunity to explore the Astral worlds thereby gaining valuable life guiding knowledge before the time arrives for the final Astral Projection, often known as “death”, for that particular physical lifetime.

NDE, OBE and Astral Projection are all experiences reproducing what will happen to each and every person at the point of physical death, resulting in a profound knowing of the truth of the higher realities and the continuation of life after the death of the physical body. Anyone enjoying these experiences will profoundly know beyond any doubts the state known as “death” is not final but is rather the continuation of a much greater adventure, the next stage in life as an immortal Spiritual being of the multi-dimensional Universe with a glorious path ahead on the return to back to our Supreme Creator, God. A near death experience is therefore something to cherish rather than to be looked upon as being unwelcome in any way.

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