Genuine Psychic Services And Psychic Readings

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In several chapters of Our Ultimate Reality we have discussed in no uncertain terms of the limitations of psychics, and above all the serious and very real dangers involved in utilizing the services of “premium rate psychics” to be found on the numerous psychic hotlines of the sort that seem to proliferate on the Internet today, no doubt attracted by the profits such calls generate, calls that are often charged by the minute.

Again, it has to be stressed that due to the large profits available to people calling themselves “psychics” and "psychic medium" the services managing them known as "psychic hotlines, and which psychics and psychic mediums often refer to themselves by glamorous or mystical sounding names with an accompanying photograph of the psychic wearing mystical looking attire intended to impress the potential client, very considerable care should be taken before even considering utilizing the services of such people, even if there were any justification for doing so which is usually highly doubtful.

Other “psychics” actually believe themselves that they possess a high level of psychic abilities when in fact they do not.

Again, and this simply cannot be stressed enough, it is extremely important to be totally certain that anyone claiming to be a psychic does indeed have genuine, high level psychic abilities, otherwise the person receiving the reading will not only have wasted money, but much worse could be adversely affected psychologically and in other ways, often seriously.

So how can a genuine psychic offer their services other than on a psychic hotline?

First of all we should recognize the fact that every single human being as well as many animals have inherent psychic powers. With most people however these abilities are below the surface of the Mind in a latent state and have therefore never been fully exercised. Genuine psychics are very often born with psychic abilities to some extent, and then, with that realisation, further develop their psychic abilities over the course of many years, and usually with the benefit of some high level training by other experienced psychics. Some psychics are fortunate enough to have natural high-level abilities from birth, but these are relatively scarce.

Other genuine psychics possess clairvoyant abilities, that is to say they actually “see” images in their “Minds eye”. The “Minds eye” is actually an Etheric Energy centre, one of the seven “chakras” often known as the “third eye”, “brow centre” or “brow chakra”. We will discuss the chakras and clairvoyance in more detail later in this book.

Some genuine psychics are “clairaudient”, that is to say they actually “hear” answers in their minds, usually from other Spiritual beings; in this case the psychic is actually a medium.

There are also genuine psychics who work with the “intuition”, “feelings” or “impressions” they receive in response to the various questions asked. This works in a similar way to remote viewing. Some psychics concurrently possess all of these abilities and can use them in combination.

Again though, and this cannot be stressed enough, although, although everyone possesses latent psychic powers that can be used personally if these latent abilities are developed, very few people have psychic powers that can be accurately used on behalf of others, i.e. to provide a “psychic reading” on a psychic hotline or anywhere else.

Other forms of psychic service reading use a method often known as “scrying” or “divination”. These methods use instruments such as Tarot cards, the I Ching, runes, crystal balls or even tea leaves in order to view the probable future. A more complex form of scrying still is numerology. As impressive and even glamorous as these might sound, it is highly doubtful that these abilities are genuinely available to anymore than a very small number of talented people.

Many “psychics” on psychic hotlines purporting to provide these services, especially Tarot card reading, are either charlatans cashing in on the gullibility, curiosity or sometimes desperation of others, or are simply deluding themselves.

Another well-known form of scrying is Astrology. By Astrology we do not mean “reading the stars” or the “horoscope” in the newspaper which is not real Astrology and should not be regarded as such, and most certainly should not be relied upon in any way. True Astrology is a highly sophisticated form of scrying, and one which requires considerable experience to be accurate.

Once again it must be absolutely stressed that no psychic services, regardless of any claims to the contrary or whatever instruments they use can ever foretell the absolute future for anyone. Whereas the past, relative to temporal physical Earth time is definitive, dealing with events that have already occurred, the future depends entirely on a range of quantum probabilities, in other words of potential, possible or probable future events existing within the inner multi-dimensional realities beyond the confines of the physical world where space and time do not exist. At any particular time, as it is measured in physical terms, there can therefore be any one of an infinite number of possible quantum outcomes for any particular related situation.

In most cases of genuine psychic readings, the “impressions” being received are actually from Spiritual beings who are transmitting to the “psychic” telepathically, in which case the “psychic” is really a medium. In many cases the psychic reader is unaware of this, simply believing the impressions are being received as a result of the direct reading of Energy.

Consulting a psychic can cause a person to subconsciously move their life in the direction of one of these multi-dimensional quantum probabilities, thereby increasing the chances of that probability becoming a quantum reality in the physical world. As we know, we all constantly create our own reality, no one else can create a reality for us, and so anyone believing strongly enough in what a psychic tells them can strongly influence there own reality in the same direction by holding that desired reality within the Mind as if it were already a fact. This is often completely misinterpreted as an accurate psychic reading, when in fact the recipient of the reading has created a reality themselves based upon that reading.

Assuming all diligence about psychic services has been heeded and a high quality and genuine “reader” has been located and engaged for a psychic “reading”, and also expectations are not unrealistically high, such services can be of tangible benefit by the provision of mental comfort, and also affording the opportunity to positively affect future events based upon the range of probable events.

It must once again be stressed however, regardless of any claims to the contrary, no psychic can predict the absolute future, and certainly no psychic on a psychic hotline can alter that future. Any psychic service which claims otherwise by for example offering to bring such things as money, love, travel etc. should be completely avoided. Aside from the Universal laws of freewill which any genuine psychic reader should understand and fully respect, ultimately only the person receiving the psychic reading can create their own future, their own reality, such are the workings of immutable Universal laws; no other person, psychic or otherwise, can create a reality for another person, and that includes bringing wealth, love, travel or anything else. A psychic reading should therefore only be used strictly for guidance purposes in order that the person receiving the psychic reading can influence their own “future” in terms of physical Earth time.

A psychic reading is a very serious matter indeed and should therefore be approached with the same diligence as with obtaining any other serious product or service, in fact much more so because of the likely effect of the reading on the person receiving the psychic reading on a psychic hotline which can be profound.

Also be extremely wary of psychics who ask leading questions, seeking information from you they can use as a basis for extracting further information on a question and answer type basis, or who provide broad, generic type answers of the sort that could easily apply to almost anyone. Such a question and answer session might proceed as follows:

Psychic: I sense someone in your life called John. Do you know someone called John?

Client: Yes I do.

Psychic: Is he a friend or perhaps someone you work with?

Client: Well actually he is a cousin

Psychic: Yes I was feeling that, because you are clearly quite close

Psychic: I sense a grandparent who has recently passed on. Do you have a grandparent who has recently passed on?

Client: Well my grandmother passed on about 5 years ago.
Psychic: Yes, the connection is becoming stronger now. It is indeed your grandmother coming through.

Psychic: I sense that your grandmother would like you to sort out your relationships

Client: Relationships with who?

Psychic: Your relationships generally, especially with other family members
And so the session continues with the psychic asking ever more searching questions during which time they build an impression of the life and circumstances of the client which is then used as a basis for a convincing psychic reading. Such a reading of course is totally fake.

Another common ploy used by charlatan psychics is to state that something very important, often something the client is longing for will happen by a specific date. Of course, when that event inevitably fails to transpire, the person who received that prediction, who will often be in a very highly stressed state by that time, will call back on the premium rate telephone service wanting to know why the event did not happen and when it will happen. In this way the psychic can lock the client into a series of premium rate, very expensive consultations for as long as the client is desperate enough to go along with it. This is just one of many such ploys used by Internet and premium rate psychics in order to secure further money from clients by the use of premium rate telephone services.

So the question is, if you wish to seek the services of a genuine psychic what should you do?

First of all it is not at all unreasonable for a psychic to charge for their services although many of the very best and most genuine psychics actually do not. One characteristic of a genuine psychic is the desire to be of selfless service to other people without any thought whatsoever of reward. This also applies to genuine healers and other Spiritual people whose main objective is to be of service to humanity.

Those psychics that do charge a nominal amount for their services will charge by the “sitting” and never by the minute. Again, charges will vary but a typical charge should be no more than $50 for a sitting of long enough duration to be of great value to the client. In most cases the charge will be a lot less or often free. It should be pointed out that if a psychic does provide their services for free, you should offer a donation for their services any way in just such an amount that you feel is appropriate.

Never be taken in by the clothing in which a psychic dresses. Many psychics, in particular when appearing on Web pages for psychic hotlines are seen to be wearing all manner of mystical looking clothing, often including such things as a head scarf of the sort worn by “fortune tellers”. Genuine psychics never feel the need to impress or mislead in this way, always preferring to dress normally.

Again, never be taken in by fancy sounding names or titles often beginning with the word “psychic” followed by an often false, sometimes glamorous or mystical sounding name.

Another indication of a genuine psychic service is their temperament and overall personality. Genuine psychics are very usually very sensitive people, and would never, ever seem to be in a rush, frustrated, or even become annoyed at the questions of their client. Never be afraid to challenge a psychic directly on any answer or information received. If their character or attitude changes as a result, then terminate the session there and then and do not continue.

If you must consult a psychic without recommendation, which again is extremely inadvisable, the first few questions should be addressed at the psychic in order to establish their credibility, experience and abilities. As them the following as a minimum:

1) Where did you receive your formal training as psychic?

2) How many years have you been providing psychic services?

3) In what environment have most of your readings been carried out?

4) Are you prepared to offer 30 minutes without charge in order that I can establish the accuracy of your readings by asking you simple questions?

5) Can you provide the names and full contact details for at least 10 clients?

These are all totally reasonable questions, and ones that should be asked first. Now let us look at the sort of answers you should receive:

1) Even naturally gifted psychics require training from other experienced psychics in order to maximize their own potential, as well as for the benefit of the client. This can be a long and ongoing process. If a psychic says they have not received such training then leave them alone.

2) As with all things a psychic requires time and real experience in order to develop their abilities to a high degree. A minimum length of experience should be at least 10 years.

3) Most genuine psychics will be familiar with and utilise traditional psychic “sittings”. These will typically take place in the home of a psychic or sitter, or in another recognised environment such as a Spiritualist church. If any psychic only has experience with Internet, telephone, email or other distance methods, then leave them well alone. First hand psychic sitting experience with the client present is crucial.

4) Any genuine psychic should be prepared to provide 30 minutes of their time free of charge in order for you to fully satisfy yourself they are genuine. Despite what any psychic might claim to the contrary, 10 minutes, 15 minutes even 20 minutes is not sufficient time to determine the authenticity of a psychic.

5) Obtaining genuine, reachable and verifiable references from satisfied client is an absolute must before accepting any consultation with any psychic. Always obtain at least ten such references and always follow up by contacting each reference personally, and asking them for the basis of their testimonials for the psychic. Only if all of the references prove to be totally authentic, and the answers to the questions you ask are satisfactory, and above all the references appear to be genuine should you proceed with the consultation with the psychic.

Once you have found your psychic service for your psychic reading it is extremely important for you to know how to interact with the psychic for your maximum benefit while allowing the psychic to be able to function efficiently.

Never get involved in chatty sort of conversations with the psychic. If you do this you will provide the psychic with plenty of information they can use to make the information they provide seem impressive. Always therefore be totally polite, friendly but above all detached.

Never volunteer information. Answer the questions put forward by the psychic as briefly as possible without elaborating on them. That isn’t to say that you should withhold information, because the psychic needs to establish and maintain a link, but rather only provide the exact information requested and no more.

If this is a one to one local psychic reading as it should be ideally, observe the body language of the psychic to see if they seem comfortable with the session. If they do no seem comfortable then the psychic connections are probably not there, and the sitting will provide no useful purpose. Observing body language is also a very good indication as to whether the psychic is genuine. The psychic should appear to be totally relaxed, friendly and above all focussed at all times.

There is much more that could be said about the “psychic hotline industry” and psychic readings generally which is now becoming a billion dollar business. However, it is important to know that we all create our own reality, and nothing any psychic can say or do can detract from that fact. So rather than take a very large risk by consulting a psychic, and in particular a “telephone psychic” from a premium rate telephone number found on the Internet, it is far more preferable to know exactly what you wish for, and set about bringing that wish into reality.

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