Astral Sight And The Astral Senses

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Our inner senses are based in our Astral body; otherwise known as the Soul. The Astral senses correspond very closely to the equivalent physical senses, but are vastly more acute and far ranging due to the fact they are not restricted by the density and low vibration of physical matter.

In most people the Astral senses, for example Astral sight are, during normal waking consciousness completely overwhelmed by the physical senses during the sensory overload known as "physical existence". Everywhere we go the physical senses are bombarded whenever we walk into a store, watch the TV, walk down the high street and so on. This assault on the physical senses almost guarantees that the inner Astral senses have little chance to exert any meaningful influence.

Therefore, over the course of thousands of years, humans have progressively lost the use of many inner abilities that make use of the inner senses as well as other natural inner abilities such as telepathy.

However, it is possible to experience the Astral senses under the right conditions, as well as to consciously develop them with the right exercises.

This week we will take a look at some of the situations where we experience our Astral senses due to natural conditions.

There are a very wide variety of beings inhabiting the Astral worlds at all levels in addition to humans and other advanced forms of Universal life. These beings exhibit a very wide variety of characteristics and purpose in accordance with their position in the grand scheme of the Universe, often existing as members of a single element of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

There are particular classes of these inner beings of the single elements that are actually extremely well-known to everyone, and in particular to children who enjoy hearing stories about them; stories often known as "fairy-tales". The beings featuring in these "fairy tales" are actually very real indeed, but live in the Astral worlds rather than in the physical world as most people suppose.

There is a very large array of these "fairytale creatures" of the Astral worlds, some of the most well-known ones being:

Salamanders: beings of the pure element of Fire.

Sylphs: beings of the pure element of Air.

Undines: also known as mermaids, beings of the pure element of Water.

Gnomes: beings of the pure element of Earth.

In addition, other beings instantly recognisable to most people include fairies, often also known as faeries or fay folk, satyrs, wood nymphs, water sprites and numerous other such delightful beings. All of these creatures have their own place in the grand Universal scheme of things, often being involved with aspects of nature in the physical world.

Fairy stories originally came about because throughout the ages people with no natural psychic ability to perceive the inner realms of life have experienced a spontaneous "vision", where the psychic senses which are latent in most people have suddenly and temporarily become activated.

This can happen much more easily and more often than most people might believe. If a person is "mesmerised" by a scene, it might for example be a scene in a forest clearing, a beautiful meadow, a view by the sea, a mountain vista or a sparkling lake, it becomes possible to see these wonderful Astral creatures. This happens when the physical senses including vision become "paralysed" by the scene while focusing intently on the scene, causing an altered state of Consciousness often known as a "trance" condition, characterised by a slowing down of brainwave frequencies. When this situation occurs a person can then "see" beyond the "veil" separating the material world from the Astral worlds and into the realms inhabited by these "fairytale creatures" by means of their Astral sight.

Another, condition that allows the viewing of these beings is called the "Ganzfeld" effect. A "Ganzfeld" effect occurs due to either natural or deliberate sensory deprivation, during which, due to "paralysis" of the corresponding physical senses, the Astral senses such as Astral sight are able to take over for a time.

For example, a person standing on the deck of a cruise liner might be staring intently out to sea at the seemingly endless expanse of shimmering water, and then all of a sudden see a mermaid.

This person might well later doubt what they saw, and would most probably be afraid to tell other people about the experience, but there is no doubting at all what they actually saw, albeit only transiently, was a very real mermaid going about its usual activities in the Astral worlds but close to water in the physical world with which they are associated through the element of Water.

What has occurred here in fact is that the act of staring out over an endless expanse of featureless open water has caused "paralysis" of the physical sight allowing the Astral sight to take over, thus allowing the viewing of beings and scenes of the inner worlds.

Undines, or mermaids, are beings of the Universal element of Water and therefore tend to be "seen" in the regions of the earthly counterpart in accordance with the Universal Law of Correspondence. The same might happen in a woodland setting, where fairies or faeries or fay folk as they are known from more ancient sources can be seen flitting around a winding stream. In a forest wood nymphs might be seen, or even a unicorn standing in a clearing. Around hillsides and other such "earthy" areas gnomes might be seen going about their busy lives.

Although all of this might seem like something from one of the great fairy story books with which we are all familiar as children, these stories have a very real origin indeed, the results of people from cultures all over the world over the millennia actually seeing these beings for themselves, writing about them, eventually becoming the fairy tales so fondly told today to the great delight of children everywhere.

These creatures abound in folklore all over the world, and what is known to some people as a "fairy", "mermaid" or a "gnome" in one part of the world is known by a completely different name elsewhere.

As with all Astral beings these are "Etheric" creatures which, like everything else in the Astral worlds, have no material or solid form and are therefore "seen" in accordance with the psychic perceptions of the observer. These beings can take on any size and shape they desire at any time. Over the ages people have formed very detailed perceptions as to what these fairy tale beings look like, probably based on the first written accounts and the many sightings related by word of mouth. Undines, or mermaids, will therefore be seen as human type beings with fins and flippers instead of legs. Fairies will be seen as small, human type creatures with small wings with which they flit around and hover over flowers, water and other features in nature. Gnomes are usually seen as small men and women busily going about their work, sometimes carrying a lantern or other working implements, wearing a tall cap on the head. Male gnomes will often be perceived with a long beard, and wearing the familiar tunic as pictured in fairy tales. Much more could be said about the existence and work of these wonderful Astral beings, but suffice it to say they are very real indeed and have their own position in the grand Universal scheme.

Children, often until the age of five years old or so are still very tuned into the Astral and Spirit worlds and also have a much higher degree of natural clairvoyant, which is Astral sight, and psychic ability than older children and adults. From the moment of birth children are indoctrinated constantly by parents, relatives and others to make full use of their five physical senses, and are often discouraged from playing with "imaginary friends". The fact of the matter is, these friends far from being "imaginary" are very real indeed to the children who really can "see" and interact with them; another reason why children enjoy hearing "fairy tales" about their little friends so much.

Another situation where the Astral worlds can be viewed, almost as if watching a movie in a cinema, is just before sleep.

During the process of drifting off to sleep we go through a state where the physical senses "switch-off" and the Astral senses take-over.

Often this process occurs so quickly that it is not noticed. However, if the sleep entry process is slowed down, very often a "window" appears at the position of the "brow chakra" or "third eye", that is like a movie screen upon which vivid, colorful moving images can be seen of scenes, people, locales such as vast cities and much more that often defies description.

These are very real images of the Astral worlds viewed by means of the Astral sight, and practice it is possible to project into these scenes and become part of them; a process known as "phasing"; a type of Astral projection.

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