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To be in tune with the flow of life and the Universe is to live in, and with Spirit. The Source, The All, The Prime Creator, The First Cause, God is absolute perfection and which perfection includes every aspect of the Universe including every human being. Most people tend to force their lives in one direction or another by physical means, very often driven on by the relentless urgings of the ego and by the subconscious Mind, while ignoring the promptings and counsel of the inner voice. Your inner voice is your Divine connection to the ultimate perfection and order of the Universe, and as we have already discussed should never, ever be ignored.

Many people also allow negative thoughts and emotions to dominate their existence, which again will work against the perfection of the Universe by influencing Energy in a negative way, which will in turn manifest as correspondingly negative situations in accordance with immutable Universal Laws, in particular the Law of Attraction. The more a person ignores the guidance, wisdom and natural flow of the Universe, the more negative will be the impact on the life of that person, eventually resulting in a vortex of negativity and negative situations caused by disharmony in the flow of Universal currents.

To know the Universe is perfection and to know beyond any doubt that your Higher Self is always connected to the perfect order of the Universe is to know that your entire existence is in the best possible hands. It is extremely important therefore, with Unconditional Love and unconditional trust, to allow God and your Higher Self to guide your life in the direction that you always intended it to be before you even commenced your current incarnation on Earth. Many people, after being born into the physical word, become so steeped in the material world so rapidly, and become so influenced by the ego and the expectations of others, that their real purpose for the current physical life on Earth is almost completely subsumed. The most powerful force, Energy, vibration in the Universe and therefore of God is Unconditional Love, and it is with Unconditional Love that your entire being will be guided within the immutable flow of the Universe.

Living in Spirit, going with the flow of life not only includes listening to and obeying the inner voice of your Higher Self, but also being constantly vigilant for those promptings and impulses that seem to be pushing you in a certain direction. On a simple level it might well be for example that you are looking for something specific on a shopping trip. You have just decided to go into a particular shop when a sudden impulse causes you to continue walking, and instead of going into this first shop, further down the street you find another shop with exactly what you are looking for. This is a very basic example of something that happens to most people, and although most still do not recognise it they ascribe these situations to luck, chance, coincidence or other such intangibles, none of which exit in the perfection of the Universe.

Of course there are much more important examples of such guidance involving every possible aspect of life. A more far-reaching example might for example be in buying a new home. After many weeks of searching you finally find a home you really like and make the decision to place an offer with the agent; an offer that is subsequently accepted. Suddenly you feel an impulse to withdraw the offer and not proceed with the purchase of the home. Again, your Higher Self with its connections to the Universe is guiding you away from this situation, in this case the new property, and the wise thing to do would be to take heed and to therefore withdraw your offer. You might well never know why you were compelled to not proceed with the purchase of the home, but had you failed to follow your intuition and had proceeded to purchase the home anyway, you would most surely sooner or later have found out the reasons the hard way.

Going with the flow of life, living in Spirit should become a way of life, always being consciously aware of the forces guiding your life in the right direction and always obeying such guidance. Always live for the present moment rather than being tempted to plan your life ahead as so many people like to do. The Universe, The Source, God is the Eternal Now, existing beyond the temporal confines of space and time. Your Higher Self exists in the Eternal Now having a complete perspective of your past present and future, of all physical lives you have lived and ever will live, as well as all probabilities that might result from any particular action, decision or thought.

Living for the present moment, always listening to your inner voice and obeying without question the inner promptings, intuition and guidance received is therefore extremely important, always knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever that your destiny is in the very safest possible hands, those of absolute perfection. Follow your Energy, your instincts, your intuition, your impulses, and therefore your inner guidance with complete confidence and joy, always knowing your very best interests are being cared for with Unconditional Love, as an integral aspect of the flow of the infinite Universe.

Never let anyone or anything distract or persuade you from following the flow of your own life; it is your own life and accordingly your own path to follow onwards, to realise freedom, peace, harmony, success, and the ever onwards journey through the inner spheres of reality to your ultimate destiny with The Source, The First Cause, with God, and will very soon enjoy the freedom of going with the flow of life. Freedom from having to plan your days and weeks ahead, freedom from the pressures of being forced to make decisions, freedom to fulfil your own purpose and ultimate destiny while always knowing, beyond any possible doubts that you are an integral aspect of the stream of Universal life, and you are going with its immutable natural flow of complete perfection.

Going with the flow of life, living in Spirit, does not only mean doing so in the context of your own life, but also with the flow of nature and therefore of the entire Universe. Everything in the Universe has natural rhythm; there is no place for chaos in the perfect order of the Universe. When you are enjoying the countryside or anywhere in nature, sit down, relax and allow your Mind to become silent. Feel the powerful Energy around you and integrate it into your being. Become aware and know that everything around you is Energy and has Consciousness as aspects of the ultimate Mind; everything you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell is an integral aspect of the magnificent Universe, all existing within the infinite Mind of the Divine Source, The First Cause, God. We already know the entire Universe is Energy, vibration; feel those vibrations and tune your own vibrations in harmony with the glories of nature around you. Always be completely Mindful of the present moment feeling the peace and harmony and the most powerful vibration of all Unconditional Love, sustaining you, nature and everything in the Universe.

Focus your attention on something that catches your eye or you feel particularly attracted to. Send to it positive Energy and Love and await the response. The response might arrive in the form of a feeling such as warmth, or you might see colours or hear music. However you personally perceive the response always know beyond any possible doubt that you are connected to each other, and in turn with everything and everyone else in the magnificent, infinite Universe.

Now find a plant and feel its unique Energy. As we know, absolutely everything in the Universe is Spirit, Consciousness and everything is life as an expression of the infinite Mind of God. Hold your hands together, side by side, palms facing downwards a few inches above the plant and relax as much as possible. Soon you will feel the Energy of the plant as a warm glowing feeling over the palms of your hands. Attune yourself to the Energy of the plant and know it too is every bit as much an aspect of the Universe, The Source, of God as you are. Repeat this whenever you have an opportunity, whether in nature or your own home or garden. You will soon know beyond any doubts whatsoever that you are indeed an immortal Spiritual being, existing in the infinite flow and perfection of the Universe, of God, and to go with the flow of life is to live with complete harmony with Spirit, and everything that “is”.

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