The Direct Voice Physical Mediumship

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The direct voice is most certainly one of the most impressive forms of mediumship whereby the people present at a sitting, the sitters, are able to very clearly hear Spirits speak aloud in their normal voices, exactly the same voices as they were known by in physical life, and to engage in long conversations with them. This was particularly reassuring for the relatives of the deceased ones as they then knew beyond any doubts whatsoever from the accent, style of speaking, phraseology, words used and information received that they really were in direct communication with their loved ones speaking to them in person from the “beyond”.

As with materialisation, the direct voice involves the use of ectoplasm. Spirits draw ectoplasm from the throat chakra of the medium and to a lesser extent the sitters, and then form the ectoplasm into an “Etheric voice box” through which they are able speak from the Spirit side of the channel, manifesting in the physical world as a Spirit voice. This Etheric voice box functioned by making use of the ectoplasm to reduce the higher thought vibrations of the Spirits communicating through the “voice box” to a much lower rate of vibration that could translate to physically audible sound.

These Spirit voices were very often so clear and loud it was exactly as if speaking to a physical person in the same room. Although direct voice sittings needed to take place in darkness as with materialisation sittings due to the sensitivity to light of ectoplasm, the sitters could sometimes easily observe the whitish coloured ectoplasm exuding from the throat chakra area of the medium. The ectoplasm could also be very clearly observed and photographed by means of infrared viewing equipment that did not affect it.

From the Spirit side of the channel the ectoplasmic “voice portal” could be seen as a large glowing disk of Energy into which they would “speak”. It should be noted that Spirits do not actually physically “speak” in the absence of a physical body, but rather communicate by means of a projection by the Mind of thought towards the voice portal which then translates the resultant thought vibrations into a clearly audible voice by means of the Etheric ectoplasmic voice box created from the ectoplasm of the medium and sitters.

One of the most extraordinary direct voice mediums was Leslie Flint, 1911-1994 whose permanent sitters recorded literally thousands of voices of discarnate Spirits on tape over the course of many years. When these discarnate Spirit voices first started appearing to Leslie Flint he was often expelled from cinemas and theatres as the voices were disturbing the quietness of the surroundings, and of course people had absolutely no idea of who the voices were or where they were originating from.

The voices channelled by Leslie Flint during his numerous and usually recorded sittings ranged from the Souls of the deceased relatives of the sitters, through to people who were once famous on Earth who came to deliver important messages, usually involving evidence for the continuity of life after physical death.

Of course there were the usual groups of sceptics who believed Leslie Flint was a fraud. Leslie Flint often therefore agreed to conduct sittings in the presence of researchers who had carte blanche to carry out more or less whatever experiments they needed to in order to prove or disprove that Leslie Flint and the Spirit voices were indeed genuine or otherwise. In one such particular experiment as reported in the Psychic News edition of 14 February 1948, Leslie Flint was physically tied to a chair with sticking plaster stuck over his lips thus sealing them together completely, and with bandages placed over his mouth over the sticking plaster. The researchers observed the Spirit voices still arriving with their usual volume and clarity. There were twelve people present during that particular sitting and all agreed the voices were most definitely not those of Leslie Flint but were in fact rather those of the Spirits who had arrived in order to communicate with the sitters. At the end of the sitting everything previously applied by the researchers, including the ropes, the bandages and sticking plaster were all still totally intact and completely untouched, just as they were when originally applied by the researchers.

The information received directly from Spirits by means of the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint was not simple vague information of the type that could easily apply to anyone, but was rather extremely specific and accurate as you would expect to be the case coming directly from the Spirits who were in possession of and conveying the information. One such typical example involved an airman who was killed in action during the second world war. This airman originally appeared at a sitting being attended by Lord Dowding, giving his name as Peter William Handford Kite. The Spirit asked if his parents could be contacted at an address he supplied, and be invited to attend a sitting where he would be present for them.

The parents duly accepted the invitation to attend the sitting with Leslie Flint and for nearly forty minutes the airman communicated with his parents in his own clearly recognisable and normal voice. His parents were able to confirm everything he had said was totally true and accurate in every respect. Among the things he spoke of to his parents during the sitting was a joke about buying an Alsatian dog, that his mother had put photographs of his grave in Norway in her bag that very morning, that he liked the cherry tree in the memorial garden they had planted for him, that his bedroom had not been changed in the six years since he had “died”, that he had not liked the wallpaper in his bedroom and that his father was still driving his car although it was too small for him.

Unfortunately, sceptics still tried absolutely everything possible in order to attempt to discredit Leslie Flint, just as they had previously tried to discredit many other well-known and totally genuine mediums. In 1971 Leslie Flint had this to say about this situation:

When I first began to allow myself to be tested I was naive enough to believe that if the tests were successful the scientists and researchers who had carried them out under their own conditions would proclaim to all the world the truth of life after death. All too soon I learned the hard way that many of those who call themselves researchers have immutable values of their own which preclude belief of a meaning or purpose in man’s existence or the possibility of a life after death. Their concern was to disprove the reality of my voices and they would postulate any alternative, however far-fetched or absurd, sooner than admit the implication of their own successful experiment”.

Some of the more ludicrous explanations put forward by some of these so called researchers included suggestions the voices were not real but rather the result of some hypnotic power accompanied by mass hallucinations. This was later disproved when a throat microphone was attached to the throat of Leslie Flint during a sitting such that the slightest sound made through his larynx would be magnified enormously, while the researchers continuously observed him at the same time through an infra-red telescope. When Leslie Flint proved them wrong yet again, the best suggestion the researchers could come up with is that he must have the ability to talk through his stomach.

One impartial, open-Minded expert who did investigate Leslie Flint very thoroughly indeed was Professor William R. Bennett, professor of electrical engineering at Columbia University in New York City. As engineers are usually regarded as highly practical and level-headed people, his evidence was widely regarded to be of particular value. Professor Bennett had this to say of his own personal experience during a Leslie Flint sitting:

My experience with Mr. Flint is first hand; I have heard the independent voices. Furthermore, modern investigation techniques, not available in earlier tests corroborate previous conclusions by indicating the voices are not his. But to be thorough, one should consider the possibility of live accomplices. This suggestion became untenable to me during his visit to New York in September 1970, when, in an impromptu séance at my apartment, the same voices not only appeared, but took part in conversations with the guests.”

The direct voice Spirit voices channelled by Leslie Flint are still available as recordings available on the Internet website established in his name and for his work, and anyone can judge for themselves both the authenticity of the voices and the value of the information received.

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