The Crown Chakra, Brow Chakra And Throat Chakra

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The Crown Chakra: This chakra as the name implies is located around the crown of the head, and relates to Consciousness as pure awareness. The Crown chakra is our Divine connection to the inner realms of reality, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When well developed this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, Spiritual connection, and bliss.

The Brow Chakra: This chakra is located directly between the eyebrows and is often known as the “third eye”. It is related to the ability of seeing, both psychically and intuitively, being closely associated with “clairvoyance” or “clear seeing”. A clairvoyant can perceive, usually visually within the “Minds eye” inner realms of reality beyond the physical world, particularly the Astral worlds, and can also perceive things in the physical world beyond the reach of the normal five physical senses.

Thousands of years ago everyone had a highly developed brow chakra thereby enabling the people of the time to maintain full contact with, and awareness of the inner realms of life and reality. Over the course of tens of thousands of years however, as mankind has become increasingly focussed upon the material world of the five physical senses, the perception and use of the brow chakra has steadily diminished to the point where it is unfortunately largely unknown and unused today. It is however quite possible to redevelop the brow chakra to the level of clairvoyance and other related abilities, as we will discuss later.

The Throat Chakra: This chakra as the name suggests is located in the region of the throat and is related to communication and creativity. By means of the throat chakra the world is experienced symbolically through vibration, for example as the vibration of sound representing language. It is also therefore the chakra of “listening” to the inner realms by means of the more subtle vibration of communications. The mediumship ability known as “the direct voice” involves physically audible, often even loud communications from the Astral worlds utilising ectoplasm in conjunction with the throat chakra as the gateway to produce the “Spirit voices” which can be physically heard, often very loudly and clearly without any special equipment.

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