The Beatitudes Part 3 - Blessed Are Those That Mourn

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I would like to take the opportunity of discussing the second of the Beatitudes of the Gospels of the Bible, following on from the first Beatitude that we discussed very recently.

I decided to discuss this second Beatitude so soon after the first for a very good and appropriate reason.

Of all the messages I receive, a good many are from people who have recently, or sometimes not so recently experienced someone close to them making a sometimes sudden transition to the non-physical realms during the natural change that humans know as "death.

The second Beatitude then is a particularly appropriate and powerful way of reassuring bereaved people as to the immediate destiny of the person recently "passed on", while showing them just how empowering such a situation can be with an enlightened perspective.

Before commencing, I would like to mention, for the benefit of all new members, that in discussing various aspects of what is known as the Bible, there is absolutely no religious, dogmatic or theological implications intended whatsoever in my decoding of the inner meanings of the Bible.

There is not a single word of theology in fact in the entire Bible, the teachings in which, as Jesus himself said, are for only those who would understand.

The Bible is a book of Initiation, Spiritual Growth and Metaphysics.

That said - let us then take a look at the second of the Beatitudes:

"Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted" -- Matthew 5:4

The condition known as "mourning", although understandable, is not a natural condition, and this Beatitude teaches this truth.

Source, The Universe, God, knows only Perfection, Abundance, Joy, Service, Unconditional Love and many other positive and Perfect states of Being.

Any other state, however understandable from a human perspective, is unnatural.

So how then may "mourners" be "comforted". Or to put it another way - how then may those who have lost someone close to them be comforted?

Quite simply by knowing the Truth about the change known as "death".

Knowledge is power.

The condition known as "death" is one of the most feared aspects of humans living in the physical world, but yet one which is absolutely inevitable. Many humans therefore live their lives in fear of the inevitable, their quality of life, and reason for their current incarnation being seriously compromised as a direct result.

Much of this misery can be attributed to religious doctrines that propagate the dogma that each and every person has a choice of going to "Heaven" or "hell" depending on how devoted to their religion they have been. These doctrines were created by orthodox religion for one purpose only - control and power over the congregations to prevent them from straying from the fold.

So what will free people from these beliefs, thereby enabling them to take a proper perspective about the change known as "death", and in particular the "fate" of loved one upon "passing on"?

The answer is straightforward and consists of one word - "Knowledge".

Once we discover and understand the Truth about the change known as "death", then life itself takes on a whole new significance and meaning. It is in fact to most people truly liberating.

Those who have lost someone close will no longer "mourn", but will instead be joyful and at peace in the knowledge of the destiny of their loved ones. This is the natural state of Being.

As an aside it has to be said that there is something rather sad about the notion, commonly held though it surely is, that we are "put on this Earth" by a benevolent God, each within his own "station in life" as decided by God based on some arbitrary factors, to toil and be "obedient" to this benevolent but stern and sometimes vengeful God, to show gratitude by pandering to the Ego of this "God" through "worship", only, at the end of it to "die" and either be consigned to oblivion, or alternatively to a fictitious "Heaven" or "hell" depending on the forgoing factors.

No wonder then that people are miserable in life, and in the presence of "death".

This second Beatitude teaches that those that mourn will come to be comforted, because frequently it is during the darkest moments of human experience, especially when striving to discover a meaning for that experience, that the Truth is realised - often from within.

A person thereby realising the Truth is thus blessed by being freed from their misery.

There have been truly countless situations where it has been when a person ios at their very lowest, when all seems hopeless with no way forward, that the glorious realisation arrives and their lives are changed forever. Indeed I have received numerous messages from those who have experienced these events, sometimes from a point of near suicide.

I know of many cases of people who have been at the deepest extremes of poverty, including enduring extreme hardship with no prospect of improvement, who have simply relented and turned themselves over to God, only to find, having placed their Faith in Divine Providence, becoming an open expression of Source, they suddenly enjoy great Abundance and their life is changed forever.

Totally relinquishing all fears, worries and thoughts of hardship enables Source, Divine Providence, God, to shine through as an expression of the natural state of the Universe - Abundance.

The same applies to the state humans call "death".

The Beatitude teaches that when all seems darkest for the mourner, and if the mourner relents and allows God to express through them instead of creating a Mind barrier, the Light will shine through and the Truth will be known, sadness being replaced by joy for the transitioned loved one.

Of course not everyone wishes to find themselves in an extreme situation to receive these profound realisations, and neither were we meant to be.

Truth is empowering, and everyone recognises the Truth for what it is - once it is placed before them.

This indeed is a major reason I was inspired to write my book, Our Ultimate Reality - to empower through what I personally know to be the Truth.

As well as removing all fears through Knowledge, my book also teaches you how to prove the truth of the continuation of Life after the "death" of the physical body through such abilities as Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences and Clairvoyance - all valuable abilities.

Through Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection in particular, you can visit the "afterlife" to see for yourself at first hand what "life after death" is like, and will never fear "death" again. You can also actually meet "deceased" relatives and know, beyond doubt, that they are safe, well and extremely happy.

Clairvoyance is not a projection of consciousness in the same way, but rather more like a "window" into the inner realms of reality.

A true Clairvoyant, which means "clear seeing" has vision that extends beyond the limitations of the physical eyes to include the inner Etheric and Astral realms.

This is typically experienced through what can best be described as a "TV Screen", the other side of which can for example be the Astral Worlds, the Clairvoyant viewing the "afterlife" in much the same way as you would watch the TV.

At an Etheric level a Clairvoyant can observe "deceased" people who have either recently passed on and not yet made the full transition to the Astral Worlds, or those remaining close to the physical world for some reason, being those Beings commonly known as "ghosts".

It is not at all unusual for a person with Clairvoyant abilities, or sometimes transient abilities, to see a "deceased" person attending his or her own funeral as often happens.

In conclusion The Beatitudes, once their full inner meanings are understood and acted upon, are among the most important verses in the entire Bible, being comparable for example to the Eightfold Path of the Buddhists. The Beatitudes hold the key to both physical and Spiritual empowerment - but again - only when their inner meaning is understood, otherwise the words are simple empty theology to be recited mechanically, without any true comprehension of the meaning - as with The Lord's Prayer for example.

For these reasons, and these reasons only we will continue our decoding of the Beatitudes in future newsletters, as indeed we will with the Parables and Lord's Prayer.

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