The Akashic Records Or Akashic Library

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Every single thought, every action and every event happening now, has ever happened, and ever will happen anywhere in the entire Universe in all dimensions of reality are instantly “recorded” in the causal sphere of the Universe, often known in Eastern mysticism as the “Akasha”, another name for the Ether or The All, an aspect of the Universal multi-dimensional continuum that is God. This repository of Universal information is often known as the “Akashic Records”, or sometimes even conceptualised as the “Akashic Library”.

On an individual level, this record holds every minute single detail of every single life of each and every person without exception. This information will when a person has progressed far enough along the path be made available, at which time the full details of all lives will be revealed in perfect context.

Although Akashic Library is frequently conceptualised as a vast library with shelves upon shelves of record books, it exists in reality, as with everything else in the entire Universe as pure Energy of the Ether. This library of the Universe can be accessed by humans having the necessary psychic abilities, such people often discovering highly detailed information relating to past events going back over any number of years as measured in Earth time, and also even of future events. Very often prophets predicting the future are doing so by accessing the Akashic record and “viewing” details of such probable future events. One such famous person was Edgar Cayce, sometimes known as the “sleeping prophet”, who over the course of many years while in a state of deep trance channelled a considerable amount of information on a very wide range of subjects in direct response to questions addressed to him by those present, much of which was recorded. It is quite probable that other famous prophets such as Nostradamus also obtained predictions of future events by directly accessing the Akashic records.

There are several advanced psychics who can also obtain information and predictions directly from the library, some of whom for example work with police forces in the search for missing people or to solve unsolved crimes. It should be pointed out once again however that not all people who claim to be psychics have this level of ability, but might well nevertheless claim the ability or to seek to impress people simply by mentioning the Akashic record. As ever therefore before spending money or relying on any psychic for any purpose, whatsoever, always gain testimonials and evidence of their claimed abilities first; this vital but precaution simply cannot be stressed enough. Any genuine psychic would be pleased to produce such testimonials; any not pleased to do so or take offence at the request should be completely avoided. Genuine psychics, particularly those with the ability to access the Akashic records will usually be Spiritual people who will therefore not be motivated by mere materialistic or commercial gain, indeed most genuine psychics will fully understand the detrimental effects of such materialism and commercialism and therefore will most certainly not be motivated by mere money.

It is quite possible that many cases of afterlife regression, clairvoyance, remote viewing and other forms of psychic access are also achieved by means of access to the Akashic Library, although this might not always be the case. There are people however with advanced psychic abilities who can proactively access the Akashic records with such a high level of accuracy, the information they access, record and make available has the potential to alter the course of science or even the whole of the planet such is its importance. These people are however usually very secretive and understandably so, fearing the negative backlash, ridicule and cynicism they might be subjected to by science, religions and the materialistic world generally. The time is arriving however whereby access to the Akashic records will become fully accepted, and those with the abilities to do so will be respected for the service they provide for the benefit of mankind.

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